Innocence Fraud Killers Sion Jenkins & Michael O’Brien – Part 18d©️

Joan Albert’s Killer
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst at large and wanted by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

Abuser Sandra Lean & Her Lies, Deliberate Manipulation, Smear Campaigns & Gaslighting

& The Rebranding Of Dangerous Predator’s Into Faux Victims & The Toxicity, Triangulation, Projection & Informal Fallacies Which Go Hand In Hand With Innocence Fraud

Under a September 2008 blog headed ‘Sion Jenkins and Michael O’Brien’ Sandra Lean stated;

We need to wake up. Every innocent person is imprisoned on our behalf – yours and mine. Is that what any of us really want? Rather than live with the discomfort of knowing that the police haven’t found the real perpetrator of a terrible crime, we’ll settle for the fake security that “someone has been caught.” Your son or daughter? Your husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister? And meanwhile, the real killer is walking amongst us, undetected and undeterred.

Sandra Lean – 1st of September 2008 here

Joan Albert’s killers murder conviction was referred to the court of appeal (CoA) by the criminal cases review commission (CCRC) on the 14th of October 2009, as mentioned in Part 15 here.

It is still not known how the CCRC were able to be seen to magic away the Hall families concocted evidence, which again Graham Parkin described to the jury in his closing speech as follows;

We did not know that his defence would include some material, and I’m going to say this, I’ll use the word deliberately and explain to you why I say it in a moment. We couldn’t know that his case was going to involve material, which has been concocted. Made up. If you find it so to be you’ll have to ask yourselves the question why has it.
Because concocted means deliberate and dishonest. To be woven into the general framework of the case, the general framework of his movements on that particular weekend of his lifestyle and those of his family generally.
It is a serious submission that I make to you. That Simon Hall aided by members of his family his rehearsed story, which they know in important parts not to be true. He’s done it for an obvious reason the Crown say to escape proper justice. To stave a conviction for murder.

Excerpts from the prosecutions closing speech by Graham Parkin – Read here

David Jessel, a journalist and CCRC commissioner, appeared on TV on the 14th of October 2009 to announce the news of the murder conviction referral. And then on the 21st of January 2010 Jon Robin’s wrote an article for The Times headed Criminal Cases Review Commission comes under fire.

The next line of Jon Robins article read ‘What, if anything, does it say about our criminal justice system that undergraduates are sorting out judicial errors that lead to innocent people being locked up?’. (The CCRC’s statement of reasons can be read here)

Simon Hall’s then wife Stephanie (Hall) barely used the Internet around this time, as she relied on libraries or Internet cafes for access to the World Wide Web until she was given an old laptop quite sometime after the October 2009 CCRC referral.

Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton, who would later go on to announce (In early November 2010) they were in a relationship, drove around parts of the UK in 2010 in an old red post office van.

Sandra had stripped the seats out of the back of the van and made the space into a sleeping area. Billy Middleton referred to the van on Facebook as ‘Hotel Justicia’.

This was commented on by someone using the alias Con on an Internet forum. They stated;

Well from what I can read online, which is not bound by disclosure, both Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton seem to be touring around like Cliff Richard from Summer Holiday on a big red bus which they have named Hotel Justicia. So from that I can assume they are sleeping in the bus.

Quite what they are doing is not clear because they keep posting that they are in undisclosed places in UK but they were at Simon Halls hearing and not at Luke Mitchells hearing. So if as Lydia says, Mrs Mitchell is ill and possibly could not attend then Luke Mitchell was left on his own at his appeal while his campaigners run around in a red bus in England.

Simon Halls hearing was a procedural hearing, as was Luke Mitchells. Yet the campaign for Luke Mitchell is shoved into second place or lower in their priorities. Which is appalling when you think of it, because he is a 21 year old boy who needs as much support as he can get yet his supposed biggest supporter who would indeed have known the date of Mitchells appeal could simply not be bothered to be there. Yet could travel to England for an appeal.

Makes me wonder what their motives really are in this field of work.

Con – 12th of March 2010

A preliminary appeals hearing was announced with a date set for the 10th of March 2010.

Following on from this announcement Stephanie Bon* posted a statement to her website here.

*Stephanie Bon is referred to in Part 2 of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 7 here, Part 9 here, Part 9a here, Part 9b here and Part 10a here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 12a here, Part 14 here, Part 16 here, Part 17c here, Part 17d here, Part 17e here, Part 17f here, at page 52 of the criminal cases review commission’s statement of reasons here and in Part 3 of The #InnocenceFraud Scam of Jodi Jones🌻 Sadistic & Psychopathic Schoolboy Killer & His Abusive Enablers blog series here.

Stephanie Bon stated the following;

UPDATE on Justice 4 Simon – March 2010

Dear all,

I hope this finds you all well.
It seems like a lifetime since I last wrote for this website (J4S) but I feel that the time has come to update everyone. 

You will all be aware that Simon has been granted his appeal and has his first Directional Meeting on the 10th of March 2010. The actual Appeal should follow soon after.

The legal system is all-powerful and it takes nothing short of human miracles to overturn wrongful convictions. The pressures to surmount are huge and people rarely know how to act or cope with the consequences attached to Miscarriages of Justice.

I am extremely proud of the years I spent fighting with Simons Mother to try and overturn his conviction but unfortunately, after so long, the pressures and frustrations got to us all and abruptly brought our alliance to an end. 

This was a very sad and difficult time for us. After Simons conviction, I believed the experiences wed been through would seal us all together forever. 

Luckily for us all, the wheels of justice were in motion by then and we had established such a powerful legal and support team for Simon that I could rest a little in the knowledge that it was then only a question of time before he came home. 

On the day that Simon was granted his appeal by the CCRC, the emotions were so powerful that the pressures and disagreements the family and I encountered seemed to evaporate.

Our shared goal brought us back together and we congratulated each other on our achievement. None of us had ever taken our eyes off the ball and it could only end this way. 

Since the announcement was made in Oct 2009, Simons mother and I have worked very hard at reigniting the flame that was between us when we gave up our lives to fight for justice. Did it ever really go out?
Im not sure but the most important thing is that we are getting ready to unite again and support each other for the final hurdle.

Simon Hall was convicted for a crime he didnt commit, and that is the reason why his family, friends and I fought so hard for so many years. I believe that we reached a point where Simons credibility was restored and where he was finally recognised as an innocent man by much of the public. How far we have come..

This is a situation, like so many others, where it is very difficult for anyone to understand the dynamics and motivations unless they have themselves been through it. Before I met Simon Hall, I had no idea that Miscarriages of Justice happened.

I am disappointed that my relationship with Simon has broken down as far as it has but I have to take into account the fact that he has been isolated for so long and may have a limited understanding of our reality on the outside. I hope Simon realises that nothing has changed and that we all still want justice.

I am not trying to take away from Simons suffering or the fact that he has been the one locked up for so many years now. However, I believe that there is more than one victim when Miscarriages of Justice happen.

Lets not forget Mrs Albert. I pray that the police finally start looking for the real criminal so that she can rest in peace. She and her family were always in our hearts when we ran Justice 4 Simon.

I had no contact with Simon since leaving his campaign and then on the news of his appeal, I wrote to him to congratulate him on this and his wedding.

I felt very sad when I received a phone call a few days ago from Simons new wife, requesting that I do not attend the appeal and still wonder about the reasons behind this. The words you have hassled Simon and injunction were mentioned and I was completely taken aback by these comments.

I will be announcing the date of the appeal on Insidedoubt and hope to see as many familiar faces there as I can. It has been a long and rocky road and we can finally see the end. The appeal hearing is the final stage and I know I speak for all of Simons supporters when I say how glad we will be when his day comes. 

Everything that is about to unfold in front of us is down to all of us. Fighting this awful Miscarriage of Justice has been an incredible experience and I pray that the next few months reveal the truth and nothing but. 

I have no doubt in my mind that Simons conviction will be quashed on the day of the appeal and that he will be free to live his life again. 


Thank you all again for your support over the years and below is my personal list of thanks.

I couldnt have done it without you all

Thank you to, my Family, Mum, Dad, Oli, I love you more than words can say 
My friends, Andy, Danya, Steve, all the kids/family, you are my world and I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you.
Carl, our baby angel in the sky for showing me light. 
Mr D, my saviour, my inspiration, my force, my Ray Winston J. 
Keith and Barri, for giving me hope. Ill never forget your day in court. 
Paul B, I love you forever
Mike OBrien, my wonderful Welsh friend 
Thank you to Simons family, we had some great times and there are more to come 
Lee, you understand me
Phoebe, supa gal, love you baby girl
John Hatton aka tonton John, you had faith in me from the word go, youre amazing, amazing, amazing!
Andrew and Ann at Innocent, so much advice, so much comfort and support.
Mr Campbell Malone, no words can describe you or how grateful I am
Mr Peter Bull, the forensic for dummies really helped, thank you for everything
Mr Allan Jamieson, a generous and kind man.
Chris Mole, Bob Russell and Chris Magee, for the support, the work, the faith and the credibility
Mr Naughton, my moody mate J and the students for their hard work
Mr Michael Mansfield, Simon does not look like Beckham! 
Nick Rigby, my pal at the BBC
Danielle Nutall, a tough cookie to crumble. Like me
My old colleagues and my boss Sue, for letting me do work when I needed to and for all the support.
To every single supporter who ever wrote to me and comforted me, trusted me and in turn, Simon, thank you.

Stephanie Bon via her now defunct website called Inside Doubt

Joan Albert’s killer Simon Hall appeared at the court of appeal on the 10th of March 2010 for a preliminary appeals hearing. Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton attended the hearing.

Link to Part 18e here


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