Killer Luke Mitchell: What Was The Sadistic Murderer Doing For Those 18 Minutes (Part 220)

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From Aliice Walker’s court testimony.

She says: “The only place I could think to go was the path because that was the last place Jodi was going. Judith texted or phoned to say Luke was at the other end of the path”

Take that in… “that was the last place Jodi was going”

Why would Alice think that? Who had told her that? Not Judith surely as she allegedly thought Jodi was ‘mucking about up here ( Easthouses)’?

You really do just keep on giving – Luke on path, no show, usual meeting place at the path, head to the area after phone checks made, because, Luke on path, where else? Last place, usual meeting place, no show, Luke on path. Now let us look at 10:59-11:18pm. But first. 

10:40 – 11:34pm – Luke Mitchell to Luke Mitchell, not seen Jodi to dialling 999. 

10:40 – Not seen
10:50pm, less than 10mins later he has instantly initiated an actual physical search directly to the path, nothing of that 5min walk to there, just that path.
10:59pm – Tells Jodi’s mother he is on that path.
10:41 – 11:05pm – All contact/communication to Alice Walker (three), directly to her house landline, switching to mobile after 11:05pm. Calls to police, checks made by phone to others. Jodi’s mother is awaiting the arrival of the police any moment. The three leave to head to the path, by that point Luke Mitchell had been on the path around 5mins alone.

11:18pm – Important time, last mobile contact, before the arrival of the police, before the three arrive at the path, before the 4 meet. 

11:20 – 22pm – The police are in Jodi’s house, the three arrive at the path, where is Luke Mitchell? Around 2/3 up. Take him back to 11:18pm, to cover that distance to 2/3, where is he? Around that V break area. 

10:59pm enters that path, by 11:18pm he is still around the bottom area, around that V break area, around the area where that young girls body had been hidden on the other side of that wall. Alice Walker and why to the path? Really!

No dear, we want to know what Luke Mitchell was doing in those 18mins, that had him not move up from that V break area until after the last mobile contact, when knowing the others were about to arrive at the path. 

10:40 – 11:20-22pm – Luke Mitchell told Jodi’s mother he had not seen her, instantly initiated search directly to the path, leading others to the area, held back around one given area, moving on from this around 11:18pm, meets with others, they walk down to be in his presence physically, they head off together around 11:24pm. 

After going directly to the path, instantly into physical search mode, holding back, bringing others to the path, what does he do? He wades through several feet of undergrowth directly to that wall at the Gino break, up and shines his torch directly to the back of that wall, to later claim he had a “hunch“. 11:25-26pm. –

Initiated search directly to locus, brought others there, directly to the wall, initiating and planting that seed of his “something” being directly behind that wall. –

We are 46mins in now, from not seen, directly to path, holding back, directly to that wall – Luke, Luke, Luke, and on it goes.

Position, nothing else counts for anything, 4 people, very first accounts, three directly to the V break from the east, one not quite 60ft past.

Only the three can be correct in their account, those descriptions which could only have been given exactly as stated, from the east to that V break, Luke Mitchell was lying, and he lied because he had to try and give reason for knowing exactly where to go behind that wall, he lied about the position and the position is the very essence of Luke Mitchell knowing exactly where that young girls body had been hidden, some 43ft west of that V break within that woodland strip. 

And he lied some more, for he attempted to claim he had walked more that his actual 10ft behind that wall, naming types of trees, that bobble, clothes etc.

Sticking himself fast in his own web of deceit.

54mins Luke to Luke, every step of the way.

Around 5mins together heading down that path, straight to the wall, and again straight to the next break as with the first. The lie, the change in account by those three people from Jodi’s family was of who was leading who, always directly to those breaks, position, position, position.

So, why instantly into physical search mode, why directly to the path and nothing of those 5mins, why holding back about around that V break? why directly to that wall at the Gino break then the V break? Police? Control? Kicks? cocksure?

And why the incessant lies from Sandra Lean and co, those enablers who are in absolutely no doubt whatsoever of the truth here? 

So, instead of harping on about absolute nonsense here –

Get the lot up and out there, let us see those changes in accounts you speak of, let us see what was still adopted at trial from those very first accounts –

Oh wait, that is correct, it will be, we can’t possibly do any of this, of course you can’t –

Far better to live in a world of fallacy and constant deception to place irrelevant focus elsewhere away from Luke Mitchell. Dog? Nothing to do with that dog and that is exactly why suspicion fell upon him, four accounts, three singing from the same hymn sheet whilst the 4th just lied and lied –

Position. Context and NOT just dog and wall whilst ignoring and avoiding like the plague the rest. 
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The Victim Of Violent Rapist & Parasitic Predator Andrew Malkinson Aka Andrew Strugnell Is Ghosted (Part 18)

Someone called Falsely Accused? on Twitter, who has a link to a website called tweeted the following on the 26th May 2023;

Dangerous sex offender Andrew Malkinson’s conviction(s) have been referred back to the court of appeal (CoA) on technicalities by the criminal cases review commission.

Therefore if the CoA deem his conviction(s) “unsafe” he will have indeed “got off with a technicality”!

Maybe Falsely Accused? will explain in another tweet how a minute speck of undated circumstantial DNA on a piece of clothing belonging to his victim would equate to his ‘innocence’ and erase all the other evidence pointing to forensically aware Andrew Malkinson;

Why violent rapist Andrew Malkinson went on the run from the area the day after it was made known his victim was helping police compile an E-Fit of him;

And also explain what happened to the clothing and footwear he wore to work as a security guard at Ellesmere shopping centre, Walkden;

And why in 2015/16 Andrew Malkinson claimed (via Bob Woffinden) his victim was never attacked and raped;

And why he still continues to get caught in the lie;

Killer Luke Mitchell: Partial Transcript of James Hunter & Alan Carrick From United SK8S Ltd Podcast & Gaslighter Sandra Lean On The “Weird” Story About The Note Through The Door, The Wee Saturday Girl & Her May 2023 Excuse For Why She Couldn’t Attend The Murderers November 2004 Trial (Part 219)

Did The Group From Work Who Went For A Drink After Work Include The Wee Teenager Who Worked On Saturdays?

The first warning bell sounded loud and clear one evening in a local pub. A group of us had gone for a drink after work and everyone was talking about the murder. I voiced my concerns and a spirited debate continued amongst me and my friends for the best part of an hour. A man, who had been sitting at the bar throughout, abruptly thumped his glass onto the bar and walked over to our table. He stood for a moment, ensuring everyone was aware of his presence, before bending towards me. “You’d better watch what you’re saying around here,” he growled, before straightening and walking out. We sat in silence for a few moments – there was no mistaking the threat. I was both upset and angry
– my friends and I had had many debates regarding the murder, the investigation, the focus on the boyfriend and we were always willing to hear each other out and respect each other’s right to individual points of view. Until this point, none of us had ever been threatened for expressing our opinions.
It was to be the first of many. I became intimately involved in the case when Luke’s mother, whom I had never met, put a note through the door of the Natural Health Centre I ran, saying she had heard about my approach to the case and wondered if I could help her family

Excerpts from Sandra Lean’s 2nd innocence fraud book IB (foot of page 18, top of page 19)
James Hunter & Sandra Lean
Alan Carrick & James Hunter

The Other Side Of This Case Has Been Hidden Away By Psychopathic Killer Luke Mitchell & His Gaslighting Enablers For Almost 20 Years

Sandra Lean was on a podcast in late May 2023 with Alan Carrick Aka Just Another Monkey and James Hunter Aka The Fly Fifer.

The following statements were made by Sandra Lean during the podcast;

It’s not difficult now to find out the other side of this case

It’s not, you know

Hidden away

Statements by Sandra Lean published on 28th May 2023 from 6:13 here

Sandra Lean Did Not Attend The Murderers Trial & Is Only Aware Of The Snippets Reported On By The Media & The Snippets She Has From The Killer & The SCCRC

Yeah, so, so that what the start of it

I knew nothing about the law for a start

Hadn’t, I had never had any dealings with the police, the criminal justice system

Nothing, I knew nothing about it

Erm and Corinne

It was a really weird story, so, so

In the natural health centre we had a, a teenager who helped out on a Saturday

Erm you know, she just

She was fascinated by, by what went on there

And she helped out on a Saturday

And it turned out that a relative of hers knew Corinne

So you know, we were, we were having this discussion in

Statements by Sandra Lean published on 28th May 2023 from 6:37 here

That’s Luke’s mum

Alan Carrick from United SK8S Ltd podcast


We, we were having this conversation in the natural health centre

Between the therapists and thing

And of course you’ve got the, the, the

One side that, the guys gone

Sandra you’ve lost your mind

Like what are you talking about

Erm, and then this note comes through the door

It was a Saturday morning I’ll never forget it

Came in, opened up and this beautiful handwritten envelope

(Sandra Lean says quietly) What’s that

And opened it and it was a note from Luke’s mum

Saying I’ve heard what your take on this is

So, so, so

The wee Saturday girl had gone and said

And then they’d gone to Corinne and said

Erm can you help us

So of course the, the rest of the guys came in

And this letter got passed round

And they’re all going

Don’t get involved

Do not call that number

I knew the minute I picked it up I was gonna call it

And I’m saying to them

Yeah, you’re right it’s nothing to do with me

And then when everybody left I picked up the phone and called her

Erm, and that was how I got involved in the first place

Erm (Sandra clears her throat), meeting Luke for the first time

It was clear he was shell shocked

Now we’re a good few weeks down the line here

And he came in

Statements by Sandra Lean published on 28th May 2023

Right so you met him a way, was back then

Before he was even charged

Statements by Alan Carrick AKA Just Another Monkey published on 28th May 2023

Yeah, he came in

And, he, th, the head was slightly down

Because obviously was I friend or foe

Erm back then there was a 99% chance I was foe

Erm and then once, once we realised I was not foe

So polite

And, and everybody that knows him will, will say that

You know, he’s so well mannered

He’s so polite

And even in spite of what was going on at that stage

Not laid back but gentle

That’s the word I’m looking for, gentle

Erm, so fast forward

It’s now coming up towards the April

So, so Jodi’s funeral and all the nonsense with the Sky interview

Erm, where I mean that, that was a trick

And it was disgusting

That guy was asking Luke questions that a police would have had to ask under caution

And then they used it against him at trial

I mean it doesnae get dirtier than that

But you know we’ve got that first Christmas out the way

And we’re hearing things from the, the defence

Not the defence, there wasn’t a defence team then

Erm, but lawyers had got involved like

Because Luke couldn’t go back to school

And Stuff like that

And then I got one morning in the April to take the girls to school

Turned the radio on

A 45 year old woman, a 15 year old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons has been arrested and charged with the murder of Jodi Jones

A 45 year old woman, and I can’t remember what age Shane was

Have also been remanded

And, I mean, you know

I’d been down to Corinne’s house

I’d been down to her business

I’m like what do I do

How do you get in touch with somebody who’s been arrested, you’re like

What do you do

I just had to wait until she called later that night

After she was, after Shane

Luke’s brother were released

And they’d kept Luke so

Statements by Sandra Lean published on 28th May 2023

Sandra Lean Makes No Mention Of The Other People Who Were Taken Into Custody On The 14th April 2004

Tap on the button below to read about a 14 year old girl (Now Woman) who claimed on Facebook; “CID came into my work on the day Luke got arrested took me away

Sandra Lean Was A Self Employed Carer By The Time Of Killer Luke Mitchell’s November 2004 Trial

It has been claimed the reason Sandra Lean did not attend killer Luke Mitchell’s 2004 trial was because her sister and brother-in-law were in fear for Sandra’s daughters safety.

Sandra Lean told Alan Carrick and James Hunter the reason she did not attend the trial was because she could not “afford to close the business for 6 weeks”,

When, when

So, obviously fast forward and

We’re at the trial


And I couldn’t


Statements by Sandra Lean published on 28th May 2023 from around 16:58

I, I couldn’t go to the trial because I was running my own business

Erm and I, I couldnae afford to close the business for 6 weeks

Statements by Sandra Lean published on 28th May 2023 from around 19:06

Link to Part 220 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: Debunking Criminal Profiler Pat Brown’s Perceptions, Deception & Barmy, Child Like Tittle Tattle & Projections’s & False Allegations About Innocence Fraud Watch (Part 218)

21st May 2023 (3:11pm)

After watching and listening to a video by Pat Brown on charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean and her 2nd innocence fraud book, Innocence Fraud Watch wrote and published a blog (published on the 21st May 2023 at 3:11pm) which can be read by tapping on the button below;

The blog (Part 215) was included in the ongoing blog series on sadistic teen killer Luke Mitchell and his abusive enablers fraudulent public relations campaign. The index for which can be found by tapping on the link below;

Innocence Fraud Watch tweeted a link to Part 215 of the ongoing blog series, which was subsequently retweeted by Roberta Glass from the True Crime Report.

Innocence Fraud Watch made a tweet underneath Roberta Glass’s tweet, indicating disappointment with Pat Brown for choosing to promote charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean and her 2nd innocence fraud book.

Innocence Fraud Watch also tweeted to indicate the blog (Part 215) had been updated since it was first published

Pat Brown Stated (on 24th May 2023) “Erm and interesting enough the Innocence Fraud guy went after me on Twitter, viciously saying I had, I, I had fallen, you know to, to the attacks on me and that I wasn’t coming clean about eh Sandra Lean

Innocence Fraud Watch Has Never Done A Podcast, Ever! So Why Did Pat Brown State “You listen to him and erm, eh and Roberta Glass had him on and they talk together and I made, and they say oh you just copy wha, Roberta Glass, and he said”?

Pat Brown “Not Exactly Handling Things Well

Pat Brown Stated Of Innocence Fraud Watch (on 24th May 2023) “..And he did all these kind of, ah eh outrageous attacks on me

22nd May 2023: Innocence Fraud Watch Published Part 216 Of The Blog Series After Listening To Sandra Lean’s Response Video To Pat Brown

Red Flags In Pat Brown’s “Argument Style

Pat Brown Lied To Her YouTube Patron Hangout #90 Audience About Innocence Fraud Watch & Said Of The Following Polite Question “Erm he got so vicious I had to actually block him

Pat Brown’s Garble

On the 24th May 2023 Pat Brown published her Patron Hangout #90 YouTube video.

Innocence Fraud Watch has transcribed Pat Brown’s video from around 28:25.

The following statements were made by Pat Brown;

Alright let me go on to, Sandra Lean (laugh) ‘cos this, this is quite amusing

Erm Sandra Lean

So anyway if anybody knows that I, erm, I, I did two videos

One was a video on eh

Did I believe that Luke Mitchell was innocent of the murder of Jodi and Mitchell

Eh he’s been in prison many, many years and there’s a whole free Luke Mitchell brigade out there

Eh Jodi Jones was murdered, she was a teenager, she was 14, she was murdered in Scotland

Erm and Jodi, eh Luke Mitchell was her boyfriend and he was supposed to be meeting her that day and the prosecution presented a case that Luke Mitchell met her and then killed her, and then covered it up

And he was convicted

Alright, eh but there’s a bunch of, a huge group out there wanting to free Luke Mitchell

And the leader of that group, at the, this point in time is, is erm, is eh

The woman’s name here is doctor Sandra Lean, she wrote this book innocent’s betrayed

Eh she, she worked 15 years on this case and she is totally of the belief that Luke Mitchell is innocent

And after I did my first video I got a lot of attacks from that side, that said you didn’t even bother to read her book

You just watched those two documentaries and read some crap online

Eh, there’s a, there’s a group, a guy called, runs a group called, eh I think it’s just him

Innocence Fraud

You listen to him and erm, eh and Roberta Glass had him on and they talk together and I made, and they say oh you just copy wha, Roberta Glass, and he said

Which is ridiculous because I never even watched that till after I did the video

Erm and interesting enough the Innocence Fraud guy went after me on Twitter, viciously saying I had, I, I had fallen, you know to, to the attacks on me and that I wasn’t coming clean about eh Sandra Lean

And he did all these kind of, ah eh outrageous attacks on me

And I’m like, I’m kinda on your side, so what the heck (laugh)

So what are you talking about

Erm he got so vicious I had to actually block him

So I’m gonna point out that, I wanna point out this very, very clearly

Sometimes you have a side that says he’s innocent and a side that’s says he guilty and both sides are not exactly handling things well

A lot of times they both talk garble

They both don’t present proper evidence because they’re both so emotional that they fail to do it on both sides

So (sigh), ya, ya you know, even if some, you know, I

Same thing happened with Madeleine McCann by the way

Erm I believe that Madeleine McCann died on the night that, while the parents were at, I believe the evidence supports, while the parents were at the tapas restaurant

Madeleine died.

That is what I believe the evidence most likely supports, that night

And yet there’s a whole bunch of people out there who think that

The McCann’s and all their friends, three days before, did something to Madeleine and she died

And they’re carrying around a fake Madeleine and they’re, and there’s a fake this and a fake that and there’s a fake picture

And I said that’s just nonsense

And I got massively attacked for that

And people who used to think I was a really great person

Suddenly said I was a horrible human being

And I was a complete failure as a profiler

These are people that basically believe that Madeleine McCann was not abducted

Yet they suddenly turned on me

And this is what happened with Innocence Fraud

They suddenly turned on me, being very nasty and I’m like, what the heck

You know, did you, did you watch the whole video, I eh

So anyway they’re over there doing their crazy stuff, Sandra Lean’s over here..

Statements by Pat Brown published on the 24th May 2023 from around 28:25 here

Pat Brown Does Not Appear To Have Recognised The Fact That Charlatan & Fraudster Sandra Lean Has Never Admitted She’s Been Wrong

Innocence Fraud Watch has also transcribed Pat Brown’s YouTube video headed Patron Hangout #90 from around 51:58.

The following statements were also published by Pat Brown on the 24th May 2023, where she is referring to charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean;

Yes erm, she is big into the innocence stuff

Erm she, she, she goes gung-ho on innocence

What she believes people are innocent

She’s been wrong before

And again

Anybody can be wrong once or twice

And I’m not gonna

I, I don’t care if she was wrong before

What I care is (Pat Brown holds up Sandra Lean’s 2nd innocence fraud book IB)

At this point, she’s, she’s now (Pat Brown taps Sandra Lean’s book twice) come out with this book

And I don’t find her stuff valid

That’s my problem

I, I don’t care she messed up once before

So be it, I mean we all

But (sigh) this woman I just eh

You know, that’s, that my problem, a lot of red flags in the argument style

Erm (sigh) if she had presented a book with, with, with logical stuff in it

With, with proper supports

I might have said hey you know it was an unsafe conviction

Statements by Pat Brown published on the 24th May 2023 from around 51:58 here

Link to Part 219 here

Innocence Fraud Watch On Andrew Hammel & His II Part Quillette Article On The Wrongful Exoneration of Adnan Syed

Andrew Hammel
Psychopathic killer Adnan Syed

On the 22nd May 2023 Quillette online magazine published a long read article written by Andrew Hammel, who apparently is “an American writer, translator, and lawyer living in Germany.

Quillette’s about page here states in part;

Quillette is an Australian based online magazine that focuses on long-form analysis and cultural commentary.

We are politically non-partisan, but rely on reason, science, and humanism as our guiding values.

Andrew Hammel’s long read article was split into two Parts.

His first part was headed The Wrongful Exoneration of Adnan Syed Part I: A Straightforward Murder Case and can be read in full here.

His Part II was headed The Wrongful Exoneration of Adnan Syed Part II: The Legal and Media Circus and can be read in full here.

Hae Min Lee’s Killer Did NOT Have 23 Years Of “Excellent Prison Conduct”

Andrew Hammel stated here; can check my work yourself (corrections gladly invited)

Andrew Hammel – 22nd May 2023 @ 9:57 AM

In Part II of Andrew Hammel’s long read he stated;

Few observers would have objected had a remorseful Adnan been released on parole after 23 years of excellent prison conduct.

Instead, he was freed based on his own false claims and the biased media coverage they generated.

Statements by Andrew Hammel from The Wrongful Exoneration of Adnan Syed Part II: The Legal and Media Circus here

Andrew Hammel had already stated in Part 1 of his article;

Adnan Syed adjusted well to prison. Over subsequent years, he operated an illicit business, acquired an illegal cell phone, and even married a woman named Kanda, whom he presented with a $10,000 dowry (the marriage didn’t last). None of this is particularly damning. Maryland’s prisons were notoriously lax at that time, and any enterprising convict would have followed Adnan’s path. In all other respects, Adnan was a model prisoner. 

Statements by Andrew Hammel from The Wrongful Exoneration of Adnan Syed Part I: A Straightforward Murder Case

In reality Andrew Hammel does not know exactly what the killer got up to behind bars in those 23 years.

And operating an illicit business and acquiring an illegal cell phone can hardly be referred to as model prisoner behaviour and means the killer did NOT have “23 years of excellent prison conduct”!

Plus there could have been other criminal behaviours that the public were not made aware of, so it’s disingenuous of Andrew Hammel to claim he had “23 years of excellent prison conduct”.

Innocence Fraud Watch Questioned Andrew Hammel On His Latter Statement From His Part II

Young Lee Was Hustled

There is no doubt that journalists and the media gave a lot of attention to Hae Min Lee’s killer and in turn his conviction(s) but journalists, the media and Hae Min Lee’s killer played no part in his “wrongful exoneration” as Andrew Hammel claimed.

In September 2022, the State of Maryland; Marilyn Mosby and her office which included Becky Feldman, moved to vacate the killers conviction(s).

And as stated here;

Two days after the State’s motion was filed, the Court apparently conducted an in-
Chambers “meeting” at which counsel for all parties were present and at which the motion was discussed.

Mr. Lee was not notified of this proceeding, had no opportunity to attend or to be heard
at the proceeding.

Source here

Lawyers Freed Hae Min Lee’s Killer NOT The Media Or The Murderers Countless False Claims

It was Marilyn Mosby who dropped the changes against Hae Min Lee’s killer, claiming in October 2022;

There is no appeal.

It’s moot.

The case is over

Marilyn Mosby (reported here)

And it was associate judge Melissa Phinn (a lawyer) who made the decision to ”wrongly exonerate” and release Hae Min Lee’s killer from custody.

THE FIX IS IN! Greater Manchester Police & The Crown Prosecution Service Roll Over To The Spin Campaign Of Violent Rapist & Sex Offender Andrew Malkinson & His Enablers (Part 17)

Emily Dugan

In her article today (24th May 2023) for the Guardian here on violent rapist Andrew Malkinson, who was known as Andrew Strugnell up until his early twenties when he learned he was adopted, Emily Dugan stated;

Until this week it was thought that Greater Manchester police (GMP) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) might contest the case, but they said the DNA breakthrough meant they no longer considered Malkinson’s conviction safe.

It is in the interests of the CPS and GMP for any mistakes that may have led to a potential miscarriage of justice not to be investigated further.

Emily Dugan – 24th May 2023 here

There is no evidence of any mistakes that could suggest someone else was responsible for Andrew Malkinson’s rape on the 19th July 2003 near Little Hulton, Salford, Greater Manchester.

A minute trace of undated, circumstantial DNA found on a piece of clothing worn by the victim in this case does not erase all the other evidence which points to Andrew Malkinson and only Andrew Malkinson.

Some of the evidence that led to Andrew Malkinson’s convictions has been explored in this blog series, the index for which can be found by tapping on the link below;

Link to Part 18 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: Gossip & Conspirator Tom Halliday, Fraudster Scott Forbes, Lazy Reporter Iona Young & The 2022 Spin On The Knife In The Skip From 2003 (Part 217)

Tom Halliday
Scott Forbes

In August 2003 the Guardian reported here

Police hunting the killer of Midlothian teenager Jodi Jones are carrying out forensic tests on a knife discovered in skip near where her body was found

The article also stated that the knife was “found by a member of the public in Newtongrange

The member of the public in question appears to have been Tom Halliday, who yesterday (23rd May 2023) made the following tweet;

Tom Halliday foolishly communicated with pretend lawyer Scott Forbes, who then seemingly spoke to Douglas Walker at the Scottish Sun.

Iona Young at Edinburgh live then appears to have written and published her 21st of November 2022 article off the back of Douglas Walkers.

Iona Young stated of Tom Halliday;

The car mechanic is now speaking out now after recently finding out the blade was not even submitted as evidence during the trial of Luke Mitchell, who was convicted of killing his girlfriend. The weapon used in Jodi’s slaying has never been found.

Iona Young for Edinburgh Live article headed Midlothian car mechanic claims he found knife in a skip near where schoolgirl Jodi Jones died dated 21st November 2022

As already stated in Part 130 of this bog series (which can be read by tapping on the button below) the reason “the blade was not even submitted as evidence during the trial” was because the test results clearly did not yield anything of any value!

Tom Halliday stated in November 2022;

When I learned it wasn’t documented, it raised my suspicions the police may have tried to conceal the discovery

Tom Halliday – November 2022

Again, not only was the knife Tom Halliday spoke to fraudster Scott Forbes about documented, and reported on by Kirsty Scott for the Guardian in August 2003.

The knife was forensically examined in 2003 and the results of those tests yielded nothing of any value.

What point could the defence have made during the trial about a random knife found in a skip?

What They Found has recently published a video on the November 2022 spin on knife in the skip;

Link to Part 218 here

YouTube VIDEO: Killin’ time 3 – Luke Mitchell, teen killer! By What They Found

Killer Luke Mitchell: Sandra Lean Has Spent The Last 20 Years Gaslighting & She Is A Monstrous Human Being Who Appears To Have All The Personality Traits Of A Classic Psychopath (Part 216)

Pat Brown

In a video published on YouTube (on the 19th of May 2023) about charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean’s 2nd book, Pat Brown stated;

She wrote a book called No Smoke, eh about the truth about British justice

So she’s very much on the innocence side of things and proving people innocent

Pat Brown – 19th May 2023

If Pat Brown had carried out her due diligence she would have learned that Sandra Lean claimed in October 2019 that she had contacted fraudster Stephen T Manning/Checkpoint press, Ireland to have this book withdrawn.

The reason Sandra Lean claimed she was withdrawing her 1st book was because of what she referred to as “one typo”.

Reality Verses Fantasy

In reality – Sandra Lean’s 1st book was full of bare faced lies, misinformation, disinformation and misrepresented many of the facts of each case she wrote about.

Also her 1st book (like her 2nd book) omitted large swathes of evidence heard during the trials of the seven killers, that was never reported on by the media.

And Sandra Lean did not attend any of the trials of the seven killers; ergo she was not and never has been aware of all the facts of each case.

Some of Sandra Lean’s lies, misinformation and disinformation etc have been highlighted throughout this blog series. The index for which can be found by tapping on the below button;

In response to Pat Brown’s statement above, Sandra Lean stated in her latest video;

20 years work summed up in a couple of seconds

Proving people innocent

Sandra Lean – 21st May 2023

In reality – Sandra Lean has spent the past “20 years” gaslighting.

And she has most definitely NOT proved any of the killers she has shilled for “innocent”!

Pat Brown also stated;

Although I have heard that a couple of people she thought were innocent, actually weren’t

Pat Brown – 19th May 2023

In response to the above Sandra Lean lied and stated;

There’s only one case that I’ve been directly involved with, in which a confession was finally obtained

The circumstances of that confession were extremely dubious and questions remain to this day about the veracity of it

Sandra Lean – 21st May 2023

Sandra Lean and her former boyfriend and un-convicted baby killer Billy Middleton, were both involved in the innocence fraud campaign of psychopathic killer Adrian Prout.

Together with Billy Middleton, her former lover and now co director at the Wrongly Accused Person charity thingy they actively pursued and promoted the drivel that Kate Prout had run off and was hiding somewhere.  They actively promoted the false contention that Adrian Prout was innocent and provided a platform for Prout and his fiancee Debbie Garlick to attack Kate.

John – 14th August 2012 here

Killer Adrian Prout confessed to his then fiancé Debbie Garlic and in November 2011 he took police to the place where he had hidden Kate’s body. Read more here

Another innocence fraud campaign Sandra Lean was also involved with was that of psychopathic killer Simon Hall.

His guilt to his murder and innocence fraud campaign, began to be exposed from early November 2012 – around a year after killer Adrian Prout’s.

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