Killer Luke Mitchell: Hypocrite Allan Jamieson From The Innocence Fraud Propaganda TV Show Murder In A Small Town & His 2006 Warning On Circumstantial DNA (Part 181)

“Your DNA Can Get To Places You’ve Never Been”

DNA carries great kudos in the public eye and in court

When people hear the police have made a DNA match they think,

‘oh, he must have done it’

But your DNA can get to places you’ve never been.

If you shake someone’s hand, they take some of your cells with them

And (with LCN) we are now in the realm where a single cell is enough for police to create a DNA profile

In court, the requirement for additional, corroborative evidence may be reduced if we believe implicitly in the DNA results

Many, if not all, of these old cases occurred before DNA forced a rethink of the possibilities for contamination of evidence

Exhibits were collected with little regard for who was handling them

It is inevitable that as a consequence, they will be contaminated with the DNA of, for example, police officers and lab technicians

But with low-copy number DNA, there is often no way of verifying contamination as there is no second sample test

Excerpts by Allan Jamieson from a Herald article headed Guilty by a handshake? Crime-scene DNA tests may not be as accurate as we are led to believe dated 2nd May 2006

October 2006: Solicitor Nigel Beaumont

DNA found on the body of 14-year-old Jodi Jones will form part of the appeal by the teenager jailed for her murder, according to his lawyer.

His legal team will argue that the forensic material points to the involvement of an unknown third party.

Mitchell’s lawyers said a tiny sample discovered on the body of Jodi has never been matched to her boyfriend.

His solicitor Nigel Beaumont said the DNA evidence, which was heard at the original trial, would form one aspect of the appeal against Mr Mitchell’s conviction.

Investigators have failed to link the traces of DNA to anyone else close to Jodi who could have been in contact with her before she died.

Mr Beaumont said: “There are a substantial number of grounds of appeal, inter alia, DNA evidence, which was part of the original trial.

“There are considerable grounds for appeal and we hope all of them will be put before the appeal court.”

Excerpts from a BBC article headed Jodi killer’s lawyer in DNA claim dated 31st October 2006

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When Does Con Artist Sandra Lean Plan To ‘Attack’ The Wealth Of Circumstantial Evidence That Murderer Luke Mitchell’s Conviction Rests On & Why Does She Omit The Torrential Downpour Of Rain At 7:30pm? (Part 177)

Sandra Lean omits from her innocence fraud narrative, David Tulloch, David High and the other lad who killer Luke Mitchell was with on the evening of the 30th June 2003.

According to David Tulloch the four of them smoked cannabis in Newbattle Abbey College before they went for a walk – but Sandra Lean makes no mention of this in her innocence fraud book IB.

Where exactly did the four youths walk to?

Also there was a torrential downpour of rain at around 7:30pm that evening.

What did each of the youths say about this to police and where were each of them when this happened?

David Tulloch’s evidence was that the four of them walked past the Mitchell’s house in Newbattle Abbey Crescent but at what time was this?

They then ended up at the Tarzan swing, which has also been omitted from Sandra’s innocence fraud narrative.

Where was this Tarzan swing located and how long were they all there for?

Also what time did David High get home?

David Tulloch’s evidence was that he left with the other lad at about 9:00pm but what about David High?

What time did David High leave killer Luke Mitchell?

And did David High have a alibi?

And if he did have an alibi, who alibied him and what time did they say he got home?

Charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean stated in her innocence fraud book IB;

The sad reality is that, in spite of more than 12 experienced officers attending the scene between midnight and 8am the following day, Jodi’s body lay, uncovered, in the rain, throughout that whole period.

Sandra Lean (p.181)

Yet Sandra fails to highlight here the fact of the torrential downpour of rain, which occurred that evening at around 7:30pm.

And she also makes no mention of the fact Jodi Jones body has already ‘lay uncovered’ during this torrential downpour, apart from the leaves which were found on top of her body.

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Killer Luke Mitchell: Could David Wilson ‘Suffer’ From Hybristophilia? (Part 176)

To Commit An Outrage Against Someone

Photo of David Wilson from the Herald

The word hybristophilia was apparently derived from the Greek word hubrizein meaning “to commit an outrage against someone” and seemingly links back to a man called John Money who is said to have been a pro-pedophile pervert.

Hybristophilia appears to have been bastardized over the years and was used by David Wilson in a November 2021 article he wrote for the Daily Record headed We need to stop our caged killers getting fan mail from groupies where he stated in part;

Having worked with a number of high profile, media-savvy offenders in prison I became immediately aware of the phenomenon known as hybristophilia – the sexual interest that some women have for those who have committed violent crimes. 

Last month the Danes introduced a law to ban life-sentenced prisoners from receiving fan mail from new pen pals, and limiting their contact to friends that they had had before they were convicted for the first 10 years of their sentence.

As the Danish justice minister Nick Haekkerup said when introducing the bill, convicted criminals “should not be able to use prisons as dating centres, or media platforms.”

Excerpt by David Wilson from a Daily Record article headed We need to stop our caged killers getting fan mail from groupies dated 29th November 2021

Danish justice minister Nick Haekkerup also stated around the time;

We have seen distasteful examples in recent years of prisoners who have committed vile crimes contacting young people in order to gain their sympathy and attention

This must obviously be stopped

Excerpts from a Guardian article by Jon Henley headed Denmark to outlaw life sentence prisoners starting new romances dated 21st September 2021

In response to David Wilson’s article Innocence Fraud Watch tweeted the following;

What David Wilson @ProfDavidWilson omits to mention in his @Daily_Record article is the ‘fan mail’ of these killers also includes letters from lawyers, students, criminologists, authors, journalists & others

Do these individuals also suffer from the ‘hybristophilia’ phenomenon?

Cammilla Kurstein was a 17 year old schoolgirl who appears to have been exploited and groomed by psychopathic killer Peter Madsen after she apparently wrote to him wanting ‘to know what happened in the man’s head’

Interested to know why you would appear to attach the ‘hybristophilia’ phenomenon to a 17 year old school girl yet seemingly discount it (Or not recognise it) in some lawyers, students, criminologists, authors & journalists etc. who also write letters to killers

Excerpts by Innocence Fraud Watch here

‘Media Savvy’ Convicted Killer Luke Mitchell & His Vile Crimes

David Wilson has seemingly done a 180 degree turn on his “…convicted criminals ‘should not be able to use prisons as dating centres, or media platforms’ spiel in the past few days, and has added his support to 14 year old Jodi Jones killers fraudulent public relations (PR) campaign and written a bizarre article for the Scottish Herald.

In his article David Wilson made the following barmy statement;

..there is literally nothing – nothing – I could uncover that warranted Luke even being charged with Jodi’s murder, never mind being sent to trial

Excerpt by David Wilson for The Herald dated 12th April 2023

In January 2005 Rosalind McInness wrote an article for the BBC headed A uniquely hard case in which she referred to some of the difficulties reporters faced reporting on teenage killer Luke Mitchell’s 42 day trial.

This included ‘protecting vulnerable participants’, like the other young teenage girls who gave evidence about the violent assaults they had suffered at the hands of the then future killer..

After his murder trial, it came to light that other young girls had been threatened with a knife held to their throats by Luke Mitchell – who clearly had an undiagnosed conduct disorder with callous-unemotional traits.

Tap on the below link to read about some of the facts which came to light regarding the killers apparent undiagnosed conduct disorder with callousunemotional traits;

When Luke Mitchell decided to commit his murder on the 30th June 2003, he ‘repeatedly struck’ Jodi Joneson the head and body, compressed her throat and restricted her breathing and caused her to fall to the ground’.

He took one of his knives (thought to be a brown handled folding Jack Pyke knife or ‘something of this ilk’) and slashed Jodi Jones throat, ‘cutting the main artery in her neck seven-eights of the way through’.

Jodi Jones ‘jugular vein had also been cut right through and the main nerve had also been nicked’. The knife ‘slash’ had ‘gone through all three structures’, and according to Professor Busuttil (who carried out the post mortem) this was ‘fatal almost immediately’.

Tap on the link below to read more on sadistic killer Luke Mitchell’s murder TIMELINE;

Duplicitous Gaslighter & Fraud Sandra Lean Has Misrepresented The Facts Of The Case & Placed A False & Misleading Narrative Into The Public Domain

David Wilson started his Herald article with;

I’ve never needed to be convinced that miscarriages of justice happen in Scotland.

Excerpt by David Wilson for The Herald dated 12th April 2023

Jodi Jones killers PR campaign is yet another example of the very real innocence fraud phenomenon, NOT the outdated ‘miscarriage of justice’ phenomenon.

There has NOT been a ‘breach of the carriage of justice’ in this case!

The PR campaign is one of fraud ie; intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

There are many examples in Scotland of the innocence fraud phenomenon and the sadistic killer of Jodi Jones’ fraudulent PR campaign is up there as one of the worst examples.

The PR campaign has been headed up by a duplicitous gaslighter and fraud called Sandra Lean (Who did not attend the 42 day trial). And for around 16 years or so Sandra Lean has misrepresented the actual facts of the case, which is something she has form for in several other cases and PR campaigns.

This 175 Part blog series has debunked a lot of Sandra Lean’s nonsense and propaganda. The Index for the blog series can be found by tapping on the link below;


What is interesting about David Wilson’s article for the Herald is that he omitted to mention Sandra Lean’s name and instead claimed;

I have been able to: read transcripts from Luke’s trial; consult various appeals that were made on his behalf; looked at a range of newspaper commentary (some of which supported his conviction); watched Murder in a Small Town and also part of the Trials that Shocked Scotland series; listened to a podcast about the case – which also devoted most of an episode to Luke Mitchell speaking from prison (and he clearly is an intelligent man); and delved into some social media – which I can assure you is not for the faint-hearted.

Excerpt by David Wilson for The Herald dated 12th April 2023

Was David Wilson telling porkie pies when he stated;

I have been able to: read transcripts from Luke’s trial

Excerpt by David Wilson for The Herald dated 12th April 2023

What transcripts could David Wilson have possibly been able to read, given the fact there are no transcripts available to read in the public domain.

And a large volume of evidence heard during the 42 day trial has never been transcribed.

Innocence Fraud Watch are of the firm opinion David Wilson was/and is blagging.

David Wilson’s following statement was also interesting, as it appears to have been about Jane Hamilton and he appears to have attempted to throw her under the bus;

…looked at a range of newspaper commentary (some of which supported his conviction)

Excerpt by David Wilson for The Herald dated 12th April 2023

Jane Hamilton wrote a few articles in 2021, calling out the two part innocence fraud propaganda TV show called ‘Murder In A Small Town’, referred to by David Wilson.

As a result Jane Hamilton was subjected to a malicious and fabricated smear campaign orchestrated by Sandra Lean – something else she has form for.

The TV show rewrote history and the narrative told was based on the false and misleading narrative told by Sandra Lean in her second book which she callously called ‘Innocent’s Betrayed’ (David Wilson published a book in 2002 called ‘Innocence Betrayed’).

The podcast David Wilson referred to, was also based on Sandra Lean’s false and misleading narrative – which Innocence Fraud Watch will be addressing in due course;

It would be interesting to learn what ‘social media’ David Wilson was referring to, as it is clear he did not carry out any meaningful due diligence. Because if he had of done, he too would have recognised the main protagonist (Sandra Lean) behind this fraudulent PR campaign is not a reliable narrator and source and has told no end of lies.

Although David Wilson does appear to have noticed one of the lies perpetuated by Sandra Lean (and killer Luke and Corinne Mitchell) as he stated;

..nor is it true that his clothing was destroyed by his mother after the event

Excerpt by David Wilson for The Herald dated 12th April 2023

On page 34 of her innocence fraud book Sandra Lean stated;

..according to the prosecution..

Luke then coolly returned home and had his mother destroy a parka jacket he wore during the attack, in a log burner in the back garden and between them, they arranged for the disposal of the murder weapon

Sandra Lean – Page 34 IB

The prosecution never told the jury, nor did they imply that Corinne Mitchell had burned her sons parka jacket in the back garden.

This was another manufactured innocence fraud narrative of the killer, his mother and Sandra Lean (See below);

Alan Turnbull prosecuting, also told the jury at the High Court in Edinburgh that Mitchell, 16, thought he was ‘untouchable’.

He said Jodi’s injuries had been “inflicted with calm deliberation

He added:

“Her killer had a cold, calculating presence of mind and it is not difficult to look to Luke Mitchell as her killer. He discussed these awful events in a TV interview with not a tear, not a quiver, not the slightest indication of upset”

He said Mitchell even had the presence of mind to plot his defence immediately after the murder by phoning Jodi’s home and burning a parka he had worn during the attack.

Excerpt from the Daily Record by Ian Dow article headed Murder jury hear of morbid interests dated January 2005

DS Craig Dobbie stated;

We know clothes were missing from Luke’s wardrobe and we know the burner was used

Was the clothing burned? It’s a distinct possibility

Statements made by DS Craig Dobbie reported by Jack Mathieson for the Daily Record dated 22nd January 2005

Another despicable lie told by Sandra Lean in her book is as follows;

Judith’s claim that she woke Joseph at around 10.30pm, because Jodi was missing, was clearly mistaken – it was not until 10.40pm that Judith discovered Jodi had not been with Luke

Sandra Lean – page 89 IB

Judith Jones sent a text message to killer Luke Mitchell’s phone at 10:20pm. This fact was reported by the Herald here directly from the trial.

Sandra Lean also stated in her book on page 142;

Something is very wrong here. Judith did not know and could not have told anyone else that Jodi had not been with Luke that evening, until after she hung up the call with Luke at 10.42:40pm

Sandra Lean – page 142 IB

Sandra Lean’s bare faced lies about Jodi Jones loved ones are abhorrent and they aren’t mistakes. They are intentional lies told to mislead, deceive and gaslight anyone who doesn’t have a basic comprehension of the facts of the case against killer Luke Mitchell.

On page 150, Sandra Lean repeats her lies as if by repeating them, she can turn her lies into facts;

In a nutshell, prior to 10.40pm, no-one in Jodi’s family knew she had not been where she was supposed to be that night 

Sandra Lean – page 150 IB

Again – Judith Jones sent a text message to killer Luke Mitchell’s phone at 10:20pm, as was reported directly from the trial here.

David Wilson appears to be an egomaniac with no scruples who has jumped on the bandwagon of a lost cause and has used his waning ‘celebrity’ status in an attempt to keep himself relevant.

David Wilson is a hypocrite who has committed an outrage to Jodi Jones memory, to Jodi Jones loved ones and he has committed an outrage to all the other innocent people caught up in this blatant innocence fraud PR campaign.

Link to Part 177 here

TIMELINE Of Almost 15 Year Old Scottish Killer Luke Mitchell’s Murder (Part 174)

With every new victim, his predatory skills were sharpened, and he became craftier at luring his targets to the metaphorical stove with the giant pot of water

Excerpts from a 10th June 2015 article by Bree Bonchay headed Happily Never After: Decoding Narcissistic Devaluation 

Luke Mitchell Apparently Walked Home From School On The 30th June 2003 But It Is Not Known What Happened To His Other Bike

16:00-16:05: Luke Mitchell Apparently Arrived Home To Newbattle Abbey Crescent

16:24 – 16:38: Series Of Text Messages Between Jodi Jones🌻& Luke Mitchell (Jodi’s🌻phone was broken, so Jodi🌻 borrowed her mother Judith Jones phone, then deleted her messages)

16:28: (Approx): Luke Mitchell Goes To Meet Jodi Jones🌻

16:43: Jodi Jones🌻Leaves Her Home To Meet With Luke Mitchell

16:48: Andrina Bryson Sees Jodi Jones🌻 & Luke Mitchell At The Easthouses Entrance Of Roan’s Dyke Path

16:54: Luke Mitchell Telephones The Speaking Clock

16:55: Luke Mitchell Apparently Phoned His Mother Corinne Mitchell’s Work & Speaks To His Grandmother Ruby Guetta

16:58-17:10: Brother Shane Mitchell At Home In Newbattle Abbey Crescent On The Internet In His Bedroom Watching Pornography, Including ‘Gay Sites’ (“By Accident”) & Masturbating

Killer Luke Mitchell Is Said To Have “…repeatedly struck her (Jodi Jones🌻) on the head and body, compressed her throat and restricted her breathing and caused her🌻 to fall to the ground🌻He is alleged to have applied a ligature around her (Jodi Jones🌻) arms and repeatedly struck her🌻 on the head, mouth and body with a knife or similar instrument and murdered her🌻Killer Luke “Mitchell is accused of striking Jodi🌻 on the head and body with a knife or similar instrument and in particular her🌻 face, ear, mouth, breast and abdomen.
He is also charged with carrying a
knife or knives at various places in Dalkeith and in Kenmore, Perthshire, and supplying cannabis to 20 people, including Jodi”🌻  

17:00-17:05 (Approx): Leonard Kelly Heard A ‘Strangling’ Sound Behind The Wall.  “There was a noise like someone had someone else in a headlock. It was a strangling, human sound. “It came from the other side of the wall which ran on my left” “I slowed down and kept listening but I never heard anything else so I continued onMr Kelly admitted that he had been haunted ever since by his decision not to do anything’. Leonard Kelly arrived home at around 17:10-17:15

Professor Busuttil, Who Carried Out The Post-Mortem On Jodi Jones🌻, Told The Jury During Trial: ‘..the cheek wound penetrated the skin to a depth of around half an inch and adds it would have occurred “around the time of death”🌻 ‘..the main artery in the neck had been cut seven-eighths of the way through’ “The jugular vein had also been cut right through and the main nerve has also been nicked… the slash has gone though all three structures”. Alan Turnbull QC asked Professor Busittil: “That sort of damage would be fatal?” Professor Busuttil replied: “That would be fatal almost immediately”. ‘..there were a minimum of 12 superficial and deep cuts to the neck area and a hole had been cut in the windpipe’, ‘the tissue around Jodi’s🌻 eye had also been cut and says there were other cuts to her🌻 ear, forehead, arm, abdomen and breast’. Alan Turnbull QC asked Professor Busuttil ‘if the injuries were caused by a knife’. He replied: “Provided it was stout enough and sharp enough the answer is yes”. Professor Busuttil was shown a folding knife and agreed it was “something of this ilk” which caused the damage. Professor Anthony Busuttil also told the jury ‘that Jodi’s🌻 killer had been careful and deliberate when mutilating her🌻 body “At that stage, he or she knows exactly what they are up to” “They want to cut certain parts of the body and are taking time and effort not just to cut once but more than once, in the areas they intend to mutilate Professor Busuttil added ‘that there had been ‘no attempt made to dismember‘ Jodi’s🌻 body’

17:07: Corinne Mitchell Captured On CCTV Exiting Scott’s Caravans

17:07 (Approx): Leonard Kelly Heard Something At The Top Of The Path Also “As I got to the top of the path I heard something in the undergrowth. It gave me a fright too” “It sounded like something had moved to my left on my side of the wall. It was as if an object had landed in the growth””I heard a motorcycle in the woods on the other side of the wall. It seemed quite far away from the wall

17:15: Shane Mitchell Is Not At Home At This Time (CoA Judgement Para 28)

17:15: Corinne Mitchell In Morning Noon & Night Shop

Forensic scientist Derek Scrimger told the High Court in Edinburgh Jodi🌻, 14, may have crawled or been dragged to the spot where she was found. But he added that there was no evidence the attacker would have been bloodstained after the assault. Mr Scrimger said the pattern of bloodstains was consistent with an artery being severed. Blood was also found on sticks and the branches of trees in the area. Mr Scrimger said: “Possibly the assailant would have been behind, standing for example.What many people fail to realise is that at the time of the assault there may not have been much blood there. There wouldn’t necessarily be any blood on the assailant🌻

17:25 (Approx): Killer Luke Mitchell Hides Jodi Jones🌻 Body & Stages His Crime Scene

17:27: Corinne Mitchell Arrives Home In Newbattle Abbey Crescent

17:32: After Committing His Murder, & Possibly While Still Behind The Wall Or Near To It, Killer Luke Mitchell Used His Mobile Telephone To Call Jodi Jones🌻 House, But He Terminates The Call Before It Is Answered

17:40: Killer Luke Mitchell Telephones Jodi Jones🌻House Again Pretending To Allen Ovens That Jodi🌻 Had Not Turned Up To Meet Him

17:40-17:45: Killer Luke Mitchell Seen At Westend Of Roan’s Dyke Path (CoA Judgement Para 92)

17:50-18:20: 6 Witnesses See Killer Luke Mitchell On Newbattle Abbey Road

18:28: Killer Luke Mitchell Burns Incriminating Evidence In His Back Garden At Newbattle Abbey Crescent

18:30: Patricia Frankland Becomes Aware Of Smoke From The Mitchell’s Garden. She Also Noticed The Smoke Later That Night At Around 22:00hrs

18:30: School pal David High, 16, says that (Luke) Mitchell called him at about 6.30pm on June 30 last year and invited him round

19:00: David Tullock & Another Lad Meet Up With Friend David High At Newbattle Abbey College

19:05: Killer Luke Mitchell Telephoned David High Back To Tell Him He’ll Meet David At Newbattle Abbey College Instead of David & The Others Coming To His House

19:30: Torrential Downpour Of Rain

19:30: Killer Luke Mitchell Meets With David High, David Tullock & One Other Lad At Newbattle Abbey College. David High Stated: I asked him where Jodi🌻 was because it was unusual for them not to be together”. Killer Luke Stated Jodi🌻“Couldn’t” Come Out

David High Saw Killer Luke Mitchell With His ‘Folding’ Knife On The Night Of 30th June 2003

David Tullock (Who was David High’s Friend) Stated: “Luke wasn’t that talkative that evening

Killer Luke Mitchell, David High, David Tullock & Another Lad Leave Newbattle Abbey College & Go For A Walk.

At Some Point During Their Walk, The 4 Youths Walk Past Killer Luke Mitchell’s House. It Is Not Known What Time Exactly Killer Luke Mitchell, David High, David Tullock & The Other Lad Walked Past The Mitchell’s House In Newbattle Abbey Crescent

David High, David Tullock, Killer Luke Mitchell & One Other Lad End Up At The “Tarzan Swing

It Is Also Not Known What Witnesses Contacted The Police To Say They Had Seen The 4 Youths On Their WalkaboutBetween Newbattle Abbey College, The Mitchell’s House In Newbattle Abbey Crescent & The Tarzan Swing

It Is Also Not Known Where Exactly The Tarzan Swing Was Located, Especially In Relation To Killer Luke Mitchell’s Home Address

21:00: David Tullock & ‘One Of The Other Lads’ Leave The ‘Tarzan Swing’ And Go Home

It Is Not Known Where Killer Luke Mitchell & David High Went Or What Time David High Got Home Or Who Alibied Him Arriving Home

22:00: “The appellant was seen returning home from the area of Newbattle Road at around 2200 on the night of the murder” (Para 20 CoA Judgement)

22:00: Neighbour George Ramage Saw The Wood Burning Stove In The Mitchell’s Back Garden Alight

22:00: Killer Luke Mitchell Burns Incriminating Evidence In His Back Garden At Newbattle Abbey Crescent

22:00: The Mitchell’s Next Door Neighbour Nicholas Frankland Also Saw The Wood Burning Stove Alight In The Mitchell’s Back Garden

22:00: Nicholas Frankland Also Heard Voices But Could Not Be Sure Who’s Voices They Were

22:00: Killer Luke Mitchell Told Police It Was His Mother Corinne Mitchell’s Suggestion That He Go Looking For Jodi Jones🌻 Alone

22:00: Killer Luke Mitchell Was Observed Walking Outside His House By Next Door Neighbour Nicholas Frandland

22:20: Judith Jones Sent Killer Luke Mitchell’s Mobile Telephone A Text Message Reading “2 wks grounding toad . . . Say bye 2 luke”🌻

22:30: Judith Jones Began Ringing Round Her Daughter Jodi Jones🌻Friends

22:38: The Time Killer Luke Mitchell Claimed To Have First Seen Judith Jones Text Message.

22:41: Killer Luke Mitchell Claimed His 22:41 Telephone Call To Judith Jones ‘Did Not Connect

22:43: Killer Luke Mitchell Telephoned Judith Jones. Judith Stated: ‘He said he hadn’t seen Jodi🌻 all night. I said: ‘What do you mean you haven’t seen her? She was with you?’ If I recollect, I just put the phone down. There was something really wrong

22:48: Judith Jones Telephoned Killer Luke Mitchell & Told Him No One Had Seen Her Daughter Jodi Jones🌻& That She Was Calling The Police. Judith told him: ‘‘I just want the truth. If she is with you, I don’t care. I just want to know. He said: ‘I haven’t seen her”. Killer Luke Mitchell Pretended To Judith he would “Go Up The Path To Search For Jodi🌻 & If HeDidn’t Find Her🌻He Would Make His Way To Judith’s House

22:49: Judith Jones Telephoned The Police To Report Her Daughter Jodi Jones🌻 Missing

22:50-23:17pm: Judith Jones Telephoned Killer Luke Mitchel Four Times During This Time Period

Killer Luke Had Told Judith Jones He Had Been On The Path On His Bike

23:00 (Approx): Corinne Mitchell’s Evidence During The Trial Regarding Her Killer Son Luke Mitchell Was: “I kept trying to phone him as he was late and in trouble

23:05: Killer Luke Mitchell Is Still In The Woodland

23:14: Steven Kelly, Alice Walker & Janine Jones See Killer Luke Mitchell – He Is Still On The Path

23:30 (Approx): Killer Luke Mitchell Pretended To Find Jodi Jones🌻 Body, Which He Had Partly Covered In Leaves

23:30 (Approx): Killer Luke Mitchell Stayed Over On The Other Side Of The Wall (Nearest To Jodi Jones🌻 Body) While Steven Kelly & Alice Walker Climbed Over The Wall

Janine Jones:I heard my grandmother scream and I started screaming. I assumed that Jodi🌻 was there”, “My gran came back over to the path. She was a mess. She said she didn’t know if it was Jodi🌻 but she was shocked”, “The only time Luke showed any emotion was when he was on the phone talking to the police and we were shouting at him. He then started to raise his voice

23:34: Killer Luke Mitchell Telephoned 999 Telling The Operator He Had “Found Something

23:37: Police Telephone Killer Luke Mitchell On His Mobile

22:38: Killer Luke Mitchell Finally Climbs Back Over The Wall To The Roan’s Dyke Path Side

23:42: Killer Luke Mitchell Receives A Text Message From His Mother Corinne Mitchell

23:44: Steven Kelly Telephoned 999 & Told The Operator They Had Found Jodi Jones🌻Body

00:27: Killer Luke Mitchell Telephones His Voicemail

00:29: Killer Luke Mitchell Received A Text Message From His Mother Corinne Mitchell Reading “You will tell me right now what is wrong. I’m on my way up to find you

00:30: Killer Luke Mitchell Deletes His Mobile Telephone Call History, Including Text Messages

00:31 Killer Luke Mitchell Telephoned His Mother Corinne Mitchell To Tell Her “Stop Fucking Phoning” (According To ‘Lawyer’ Scott Forbes)

00:39: A Telephone Call From Killer Luke Mitchell To His Mother Corinne Mitchell Is Registered As Having Been Made From His Mobile

Dalkeith Police Station/Police Interview: Killer Luke Mitchell Blames Garden Fire/s On His Mother Corinne Mitchell & Brother Shane Mitchell

During his 1st July 2003 interview, he was asked by the police whether he went back over the wall. Killer Luke Mitchell said “there was “no way” he would go back over the wall’ – even though he was the only one out of the group to have spent so much time over the other side of the wall

1st July 2003: Killer Luke Mitchell Had Described To Police Jodi Jones🌻 Distinctive Hair Bobble, Which Was Not Readily Visible When Jodi Jones🌻 Body Was Found. Also His Description Of Jodi Jones Clothing Implied He Had Seen Jodi🌻That Day Later Than At School

Link to Part 175 here

The Innocence Fraud Of Sadistic Killer Luke Mitchell: Mizaru With Sonia Poulton & Sandra Lean & The Ramage Inc Gig & Missing Jacket (170)

*Guest Blog*

The latest this morning – Seriously, same old over and over again. 

We can’t appeal around “hidden” samples from a murder victims body because only testing will reveal if it is new evidence. Shall we have that again?

We can’t appeal around “hidden” samples from a murder victims body because only testing will reveal if it is new evidence! –

Oops, forget the part where the claim is that they were never tested, seriously, samples taken from a murder victims body never tested –

As, bloody if, and these are samples gathered in the first instance, the morning of July 1st. 

Gullible – Seriously?

You won’t know what the samples are if they were never tested or hidden?’ –

We do, there is semen and sperm! Damn those clever little blighters, they do not need testing, they self identify! 

Of course the samples were tested, of course they were NEVER hidden from anyone –

Let us apply reality here, IF there was actually the discovery of undisclosed forensic samples it would be massive, it would open up many floodgates, it is bollocks, as per. 

The naughty policeman said “Oops” we destroyed those!

And again, the only thing illegal to happen here, without a doubt, by any form of admittance, is the destruction of someones property. Several times I have asked the question now and do so again – 

Did the police destroy personal belongings of Luke Mitchell or his family without consulting with him first?

For I would bet my bottom dollar there lies that fragment truth of illegal destruction of anything, a civil matter where new legal representation would gain legal aid to help with this –

It really does all fit into place, for NOTHING else does. no wrong doing where it counts. 

And again, there was no putting a stop to samples in a lab being destroyed, they would not have been up for destruction in the first place. 

Full disclosure still to date – Here is our list, our long long list All intact for you all to see! –

Those loud bells!

To add – The latest again via Luke Mitchell, to just keep letting it all out there, because there is no inroad for any legal action, the usual hype to keep focus on support. The forever claims of keeping it all under wraps for future legal proceedings, mmmmm. 

What will NOT all be let out there of course, is anything to do with him directly, not his long statement on July 1st, not those actual forensic reports for all to see for themselves. Just the bog standard usual selections to suit ———-

And not the accurate reports from the SCCRC.

Samples “believed to be —-” Just like those within those lists, odd that! 

That gig on the 13th of June, and as has been confirmed, not one but two people who actually recorded it –

Front of stage far right in front. Luke Mitchell with Philip Mitchell by his side, he is wearing that army style, khaki jacket! –

Perhaps now with all falling flat yet again, that footage may very well make its way into the public domain, fully! 

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But it is not the one taken from Woodburn, tested one would assume for that very reason, to eliminate all possibility of Luke Mitchell making any such claims. Just a thought —- 

It is however been spoken of more and more, only this morning posted on Twitter – I had said before, whilst many people fall under the spell of the hype, here are many more who doubt the whole lot because of that jacket alone, the many people who knew it existed pre-murder.

If one is denying all knowledge of that then it stands to reason no trust can be placed anywhere else –

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Killer Luke Mitchell: Video Journalism Tutor At Harlow College Naomi Channell – TV Producer For Curve Media @curvemediatv (Part 160)

Video Journalism Tutor At Harlow College Naomi Channell

On the 3rd of February 2023, three days after the following was published (tap on below link to read more);

the Innocence Fraud Watch website received a comment at 23:06hrs (3rd February 2023) by someone calling themselves Jeff Toxic.

Jeff Toxic used the email address and chose to leave their comment under the blog headed Fraudulent Public Relations Campaign – Part 16

Jeff Toxic’s comment read as follows;

The IP address used by Jeff Toxic to make the above comment links back to an IP address in Harlow, Essex with the IP provider being Virgin Media Limited.

An IP address, or internet protocol (IP) address, is a numerical label such as that is connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. An IP address serves two main functions: network interface identification and location addressing.

More on this & Naomi Channell COMING SOON…

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Killer Luke Mitchell: ‘Pro Knox Woman’ Michelle Moore Moderator For Cult-Like Sadistic & Psychopath Killer’s Facebook Group (Part 82)

A media article by Nick Pisa, headed Pro-Knox woman ‘told prosecutor he is evil’, was published in 2011 and stated some of the following;

A supporter of Amanda Knox has been questioned by police after shouting: “You are evil,” at one of the main prosecutors in the American student’s appeal case.

Michelle Moore sought out Giuliano Mignini during a break in court proceedings in Perugia, Italy, where Knox, 24, and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 25, are appealing against conviction for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

Witnesses said Mrs Moore marched over to Mr Mignini and shouted: “You are evil, you have no conscience.” Others said she told him: “You have no heart.”

A shocked Mr Mignini asked police to identify her after the outburst. She was asked to show her US passport and provide officers with her details. She was then taken away but was not arrested.

A file on the case will now be sent to prosecutors who will decide if there is enough evidence to proceed to a full charge of offending an official of the court, which carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail.

It happened yesterday, the same day as a lawyer for bar owner Patrick Lumumba, wrongly identified by Knox as the killer, had described her as a 
“diabolical, demonic, Satanic, she Devil”.

Today Mrs Moore, one of the most vociferous pro-Knox campaigners, was not in court as the case resumed with Sollecito’s lawyers starting their summing up. However, her husband Steve, a former FBI agent said: “She didn’t mean to show 
any disrespect to the court.”

He said the outburst had come about because she was angry over pictures of Miss Kercher’s mutilated body during an earlier hearing. “We have a daughter the same age and someone tried to strangle my wife when she was 20, so it was a reaction to all that, she was just shocked,” he said.

“She thought it was Mignini who had shown the photographs – she just got a bit emotional.”

By Nick Pisa for the Evening Standard article headed Pro Knox woman ‘told prosecutor he is evil’ dated 27th September 2011

Michelle Moore Aka Michelle Celestial-Easterly Moore

List of moderators

The same Michelle Moore is one of the seven ‘moderators’ (since 9th May 2022) for the cult-like Facebook group promoting the innocence fraud of sadistic and psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell.

Michelle Moore’s Abuse & Evil Comments Persist

Michelle Moore appears to have listened to Roberta Glass’ recent podcast featuring William Ramsey (which can be listened to below) and chose to make a comment on the podcast.

It is not know how much of the podcast Michelle Moore listened to, if any, and if she has ever bothered to carry out any due diligence. But her published comment suggests Michelle Moore does not have a basic grasp of the facts of the case against the sadistic and psychopathic killer.

In reality the Marilyn Manson CD and bonus DVD (which Michelle Moore mentioned) was ‘not for sale to anyone under 15’ but was purchased by Luke Mitchell for £11.99 from a Sainsbury’s supermarket two days after his murder of Jodi Jones – when he was still 14 years of age!

What is ‘disturbing’ is it appears Michelle Moore is projecting and it is her ‘who cannot possibly care about truth’ by choosing to promote her deluded lies and nonsense.

Michelle Moore has previously stated (in relation to another innocence fraud campaign);

Because people like HIM, people on HIS team are weird stalker internet trolls, who literally hunt out any and every information in attempt to harm them or stop them om doing what they don’t want them to do (sic)

Michelle Moore

Link to Part 83 here

Killer Luke Mitchell & Damien Echols: Killer Comrades?

With Roberta Glass @RobertaGlassPod & William Ramsey @WilliamRamseyIn

William Ramsey Wrote & Published Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders, Children of the Beast: Aleister Crowley’s Shadow over Humanity & Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order..

Hae Min Lee’s Killer’s Murder Conviction Magically Disappears

Hae Min Lee

Roberta Glass @RobertaGlassPod Speaks To Martin Prieb @thewatch42 & Sean Fitzgerald @IamSean90 About #AdnanSyed’s & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud

Roberta Glass @RobertaGlassPod

Martin Preib Wrote & Published Burn Patterns, Crooked City & The Wagon and Other Stories from the City

Martin Preib is a Chicago writer and cop. His first book, The Wagon and Other Stories from the City, was published by the University of Chicago Press.

In 2006, he began investigating wrongful conviction cases in Chicago and determined that many of these exonerations were false. His work led to undermining the most influential wrongful conviction case in the state’s history, chronicled in his second book Crooked City.

In this, his second book about a Chicago murder case in which an offender walked out of death row, award-winning writer and police officer Martin Preib documents his journey from doubt to certainty that the offender in this case should not have been released from prison.

Preib’s earlier book, Crooked City, undermined the central so-called “wrongful conviction” case that was seminal in generating an industry in Illinois aimed at overturning convictions. Now Preib moves beyond that case to the Madison Hobley arson, meticulously unraveling, strand by strand, the convoluted tapestry of Chicago’s corruption that led to a 2003 pardon of Hobley by Illinois Governor George Ryan, allowing Hobley to walk free from the 1987 arson on Chicago’s South Side that left seven people dead, including his own wife and child

In this second collection of connected essays, Chicago cop Martin Preib takes on seemingly unrelated murder cases, all dating from one year, 1982, including some in which offenders were released as part of the wrongful conviction movement. 

This book shatters reader assumptions—about the workings of justice, the objectivity of the media, and the role of the police in the city of Chicago, even calling into question allegations of police torture in the notorious cases against Jon Burge.

Excerpts from the Crooked City Blog here

Michael Naughton of Lewis Legal & False Allegations Forensics Ltd (FAFL)

Michael Naughton
Sean Brown

Aka Lewis Legal Miscarriage Of Justice Investigations @lewis_legal

More On Michael Naughton

Michael Naughton was also known as @LEWISLEGALMISC1

Read more on Michael Naughton and his involvement in the innocence fraud of Killer Robin Garbutt by Neil Wilby media in his blog headedA wolf in sheep’s clothing’