Killer Luke Mitchell: More Lies From Fantasist & Blagger Scott C Forbes & Charlatan & Fraudster Sandra Lean (Part 49)

Facts v’s Myths

During a recent rant between charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean, fantasist and blagger Scott Forbes stated the following;

Now there now I get drawn to the attention after channel 5 I got drawn to the attention of half a dozen Twitter accounts, Facebook, blogs they are all run by the same people – two or three – you can join them – Stephanie Hall

Scott Forbes

Scott Forbes clearly cannotjoin them’ as he claimed because Stephanie (Hall) only has the one twitter account and does not post to Facebook.

Therefore Scott Forbes nonsense of ‘they are all run by the same people’ is wrong and yet further evidence of his defamation, smears and blatant lies, very much like the defamation, smears and blatant lies he makes when he talks about the case of sadistic and psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell.

Scott Forbes lies and smears continued when he stated;

Now anyone who doesnee know, Stephanie Hall married erm a convicted murderer, rapist of an old age pensioner Simon Hall who claimed he never done it

Well I never looked at the case personally so I don’t know why she’s got a beef with me

If Scott Forbes claims to have ‘never looked at the case personally’ why then does Scott refer to killer Simon Hall as a rapist?

Killer Simon Hall was wrongly convicted for his murderous crime in 2003 on the basis that his murder of Joan Albert was committed following ‘a burglary gone wrong’.

It wasn’t!

Although this fact didn’t become apparent until 2013.

Therefore blagger Scott Forbes’ faux claim of ‘well I never looked at the case personally’ suggests yet more blagging and smoke and mirrors from Scott Forbes because by using the term rapist, Scott Forbes suggests he knows a bit more about the case than he lets on.

Jane Hamilton pointed out in her Daily Record article headed The hard facts that prove Luke Mitchell murdered Jodi Jones in cold blood in March 2021;

Jodi was NOT sexually assaulted in any way.

Excerpts by Jane Hamilton from an article headed The hard facts that prove Luke Mitchell murdered Jodi Jones in cold blood for the Daily Record dated the 21st of March 2021

There was also no forensic evidence to suggest Joan Albert had been sexually assaulted, therefore Scott Forbes description is once again factually incorrect and misleading.

Rough Justice

Like psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell, Simon Hall appeared on a TV show called Rough Justice (Which is currently not available to view online) although a brief clip can be viewed here from approximately 54:00.

Allan Jamieson

Allan Jamieson, who is referred to in Part 17e of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here, and who appeared during the ‘one sided’ TV show on killer Luke Mitchell, also appeared in the Rough Justice TV show on killer Simon Hall.

Cover of Sandra Lean’s discredited book ’No Smoke’ published in 2008 by Stephen T Manning/Checkpoint press

And like psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell, Simon Hall had a lot of people supporting his claims of being a miscarriage of justice, including people like charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean, who wrote about him in her discredited book No Smoke, and a man called Michael Naughton from Bristol university, who founded the first (and now defunct) UK Innocence project.

Michael Naughton

Michael Naughton is also referred to in Part 17e of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here and also in Part 17f here.

Michael Naughton has previously been referred to as a ‘leading expert on miscarriages of justice’ and it was claimed in 2021 here that ‘Michael was not convinced’ of killer Simon Hall’s guilt.

For anyone interested in the facts, killer Simon Hall’s murder of Joan Albert appears to have been a ‘lust type murder similar to schoolboy killer Luke Mitchell’s sadistic and murderous crime.

Piquerism was also a word used during the investigation into Joan Albert’s murder due to the knife injuries inflicted by killer Simon Hall post mortem, and again similar to killer Luke Mitchell’s post mortem piquerism and paraphilia.

Read Part 6 of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here for some more details.

Blagger Scott Forbes also stated:

Erm Simon hall in jail I think 13 years he claimed he’s innocent he gets released from prison and he marries Stephanie Hall and I think the two years in he commits suicide and Stephanie Hall then ..

Scott Forbes

Sandra Lean interjected at this point by stating;

He he he actually married her in prison he was never released. He died in prison yeah 

Sandra Lean

Scott Forbes then stated;

Wasn’t he – Arh and then he kills himself right

Scott Forbes

At around which point Sandra Lean again smirks;

Sandra Lean then stated something like the vocal disfluencies of ‘Uh hum’ and Scott Forbes stated;

And she claims he made a confession so he’s made a fool of her by telling her he’s really an innocent man and then years later he tells her he done what he did now I don’t know what happened I’ve not examined the case to pass it

Scott Forbes

Scott Forbes also stated;

Now she’s telling me I gave you a special key 

Scott Forbes

Again Sandra Lean and Scott Forbes appear well rehearsed in adding arms and legs to the actual facts, which in turn distorts reality. And this behaviour appears to be something they both do intentionally.

In reality however Part 1 of this blog series stated (here) of the key;

What the above annual report did not mention is that it was around the time Scott Forbes was apparently ‘working 3 days per week’ with MOJO or Graham Mann solicitors, when Sandra Lean (See Part 17d of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here and Part 17f here, Part 18 here, Part 18a here, Part 18b here, Part 18c here, Part 18d here and Part 18e here) claimed she had obtained a ‘key’ to an ‘office’, where she was able to gain access to Jodi Jones killers case files, which she had not seen before.

Excerpt from Part 1 here

There was no mention of a ‘special’ key, or ‘magic’ key, which is another word Scott Forbes added on – only the word key was used.

The next paragraph of Part 1 of the blog read;

Was the real reason Scott Forbes ‘didn’t want his name all over the Internet’ anything to do with him giving Sandra Lean access to sensitive and confidential case files which he wasn’t authorised to do?’

Excerpt from Part 1 here

So why did Scott Forbes threaten a former RUC officer with legal action (Read more here) because apparently back then ‘as a prospective lawyer he didn’t want his name all over the Internet’?

Or could it have been something to do with Sandra Lean’s association with predator and unconvicted baby killer Billy Middleton?

Billy Middleton is referred to in Part 18b of the The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam blog series and Part 18c, both of which can be read by tapping on the links below;

Towards the end of Sandra Lean and Scott Forbes diatribe (At approximately 57:10) Sandra Lean stated;

I would say to them I would say to anybody and I always have

There is no shame in saying I made a mistake I got it wrong

Again in Part 13 of this blog series here it included a copy of Sandra Lean’s skeleton statements which she put together and wrote up to publish following the court of appeals judgement on killer Simon Hall’s murder conviction in January 2011.

Simon Hall’s murder conviction was ‘upheld’ and the following is what Sandra Lean stated about the judges decision;

Conviction Upheld
This decision is an affront to justice. The CPS knows that there was another burglary that evening in Capel. They know that the SOCOs went directly from that crime scene to the murder scene. They know that there was DNA on the knife that did not belong to Simon, that the original fibre investigation concluded no match for the fibres, and that the jury was misled into believing that the knife that was used to kill Mrs Albert must have come from an opened drawer in her own kitchen.
They also know that another man confessed to this murder. So why do they insist on keeping an innocent man in prison, and refusing to acknowledge the existence of this other evidence? What can possibly be gained by allowing the real perpetrators to remain free and unpunished?
We will not rest until the whole truth of this case has been made public, and that includes the collusion and cover-up which has allowed this gross miscarriage of justice to persist for so long, and which, sadly, in light of today’s decision, will be allowed to continue.
We will never give up the fight for justice for Simon. The truth will come out – all of it. The DPP himself said that without the fibre evidence, there was no case. The fibre evidence has now been discredited – why is Simon to remain in prison for another man’s crime?
Sandra Lean, who featured Simon’s case in her book “No Smoke” said this morning, “This is a dark day for British Justice. This decision tells us that the justice system in this country would rather allow murderers to walk among us, and innocent men to languish in prison for crimes they did not commit, than simply admit, “We got it wrong.” Any other industry behaving in this way would be closed down – the justice industry is answerable to no-one. The fight for Simon Hall’s freedom goes on

Sandra Lean – January 2011

So again, when does Sandra Lean plan to admit she GOT IT WRONG and address everything she got wrong, and explain how and why it was she got so much so wrong and over so many years?

Link to Part 50 here

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