Killer Luke Mitchell: ‘Dangerous Clowns Living Off The Back Of People Suffering’ (Part 3)

Scott Forbes

The above words were written by Scott Forbes and published on Twitter on the 27th of February 2021, although Scott Forbes only used one ‘F’ instead of two for the word ‘Off’, presumably due to his alleged dyslexia.

For some context, Scott Forbes appeared to have been responding to a tweet made by a person named Brian, under a tweet made by Jane Hamilton, a crime writer for the Daily Record here.

Jane Hamilton had tweeted a link to an article she had written on Jodi Jones killer. The headline of the article read;

Luke Mitchell won’t say he’s guilty of killing 14-year-old Jodi Jones but he doesn’t have to because a jury already did

Below is a screen shot of some of Scott Forbes tweets with some replies.

As referred to in Part 2 here, Scott Forbes recently stated;

Statement by Scott Forbes

Yet Scott Forbes stated;

one follower, a troll that hangs about prison, married a convicted murderer(heinous crime)12 yrs in jail pleading innocence, 2yr with her, ‘confessed’ to crime he had denied for years, then killed himself. You and her are dangerous clowns living of the back of people suffering

The person who Scott Forbes referred to as a ‘troll’, was a secondary victim of Joan Albert’s killer, called Stephanie (Hall). Stephanie was groomed, conned and exploited by Joan Albert’s killer, and others.

Links to the ongoing Quite A Hall Tale blog series on the innocence fraud of Joan Albert’s killer, and the enablers and fraudsters who helped him, can be found here.

Sandra Lean

Scott Forbes foolish attempt to trash Stephanie (Hall’s) name by falsely claiming she ‘hangs about prison’ appears to have been made because Scott Forbes might be ‘afraid’ that Stephanie ‘will tell the truth’ and show Scott Forbes and charlatan Sandra Lean* for the ‘dangerous clowns’ there are, and also how it is really people like Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean who are ‘living off the back of people suffering’, in this case Jodi Jones family and friends and all the people the pair of them have attempted to blame for the convicted, psychopathic sadist who chose to murder Jodi Jones.

*Sandra Lean referred to in Part 17g of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here

Stephanie Bon

Charlatan Sandra Lean communicated with another ‘dangerous clown’ called Stephanie Bon, who assisted Sandra Lean with the content for her first book ‘No Smoke’, for Sandra’s chapter on Joan Albert’s killer. Sandra Lean’s first book was published in 2007.

Front cover of Sandra Lean’s first book ‘No Smoke’

Stephanie Bon is referred to in Part 2 of Quite A Hall Tale here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 7 here, Part 9 here, Part 9a here, Part 9b here and Part 10a here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 12a here, Part 14 here, Part 16 here, Part 17c here, Part 17d here, Part 17e here, Part 17f here and at page 52 of the criminal cases review commission’s statement of reasons here

Sandra Lean did not communicate with Stephanie (Hall) until early 2009.

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