Innocence Fraud Killers Sion Jenkins & Michael O’Brien – Part 18d©️

Joan Albert’s Killer
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst at large and wanted by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

Abuser Sandra Lean & Her Lies, Deliberate Manipulation, Smear Campaigns & Gaslighting

& The Rebranding Of Dangerous Predator’s Into Faux Victims & The Toxicity, Triangulation, Projection & Informal Fallacies Which Go Hand In Hand With Innocence Fraud

Under a September 2008 blog headed ‘Sion Jenkins and Michael O’Brien’ Sandra Lean stated;

We need to wake up. Every innocent person is imprisoned on our behalf – yours and mine. Is that what any of us really want? Rather than live with the discomfort of knowing that the police haven’t found the real perpetrator of a terrible crime, we’ll settle for the fake security that “someone has been caught.” Your son or daughter? Your husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister? And meanwhile, the real killer is walking amongst us, undetected and undeterred.

Sandra Lean – 1st of September 2008 here

Joan Albert’s killers murder conviction was referred to the court of appeal (CoA) by the criminal cases review commission (CCRC) on the 14th of October 2009, as mentioned in Part 15 here.

It is still not known how the CCRC were able to be seen to magic away the Hall families concocted evidence, which again Graham Parkin described to the jury in his closing speech as follows;

We did not know that his defence would include some material, and I’m going to say this, I’ll use the word deliberately and explain to you why I say it in a moment. We couldn’t know that his case was going to involve material, which has been concocted. Made up. If you find it so to be you’ll have to ask yourselves the question why has it.
Because concocted means deliberate and dishonest. To be woven into the general framework of the case, the general framework of his movements on that particular weekend of his lifestyle and those of his family generally.
It is a serious submission that I make to you. That Simon Hall aided by members of his family his rehearsed story, which they know in important parts not to be true. He’s done it for an obvious reason the Crown say to escape proper justice. To stave a conviction for murder.

Excerpts from the prosecutions closing speech by Graham Parkin – Read here

David Jessel, a journalist and CCRC commissioner, appeared on TV on the 14th of October 2009 to announce the news of the murder conviction referral. And then on the 21st of January 2010 Jon Robin’s wrote an article for The Times headed Criminal Cases Review Commission comes under fire.

The next line of Jon Robins article read ‘What, if anything, does it say about our criminal justice system that undergraduates are sorting out judicial errors that lead to innocent people being locked up?’. (The CCRC’s statement of reasons can be read here)

Simon Hall’s then wife Stephanie (Hall) barely used the Internet around this time, as she relied on libraries or Internet cafes for access to the World Wide Web until she was given an old laptop quite sometime after the October 2009 CCRC referral.

Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton, who would later go on to announce (In early November 2010) they were in a relationship, drove around parts of the UK in 2010 in an old red post office van.

Sandra had stripped the seats out of the back of the van and made the space into a sleeping area. Billy Middleton referred to the van on Facebook as ‘Hotel Justicia’.

This was commented on by someone using the alias Con on an Internet forum. They stated;

Well from what I can read online, which is not bound by disclosure, both Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton seem to be touring around like Cliff Richard from Summer Holiday on a big red bus which they have named Hotel Justicia. So from that I can assume they are sleeping in the bus.

Quite what they are doing is not clear because they keep posting that they are in undisclosed places in UK but they were at Simon Halls hearing and not at Luke Mitchells hearing. So if as Lydia says, Mrs Mitchell is ill and possibly could not attend then Luke Mitchell was left on his own at his appeal while his campaigners run around in a red bus in England.

Simon Halls hearing was a procedural hearing, as was Luke Mitchells. Yet the campaign for Luke Mitchell is shoved into second place or lower in their priorities. Which is appalling when you think of it, because he is a 21 year old boy who needs as much support as he can get yet his supposed biggest supporter who would indeed have known the date of Mitchells appeal could simply not be bothered to be there. Yet could travel to England for an appeal.

Makes me wonder what their motives really are in this field of work.

Con – 12th of March 2010

A preliminary appeals hearing was announced with a date set for the 10th of March 2010.

Following on from this announcement Stephanie Bon* posted a statement to her website here.

*Stephanie Bon is referred to in Part 2 of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 7 here, Part 9 here, Part 9a here, Part 9b here and Part 10a here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 12a here, Part 14 here, Part 16 here, Part 17c here, Part 17d here, Part 17e here, Part 17f here, at page 52 of the criminal cases review commission’s statement of reasons here and in Part 3 of The #InnocenceFraud Scam of Jodi Jones🌻 Sadistic & Psychopathic Schoolboy Killer & His Abusive Enablers blog series here.

Stephanie Bon stated the following;

UPDATE on Justice 4 Simon – March 2010

Dear all,

I hope this finds you all well.
It seems like a lifetime since I last wrote for this website (J4S) but I feel that the time has come to update everyone. 

You will all be aware that Simon has been granted his appeal and has his first Directional Meeting on the 10th of March 2010. The actual Appeal should follow soon after.

The legal system is all-powerful and it takes nothing short of human miracles to overturn wrongful convictions. The pressures to surmount are huge and people rarely know how to act or cope with the consequences attached to Miscarriages of Justice.

I am extremely proud of the years I spent fighting with Simons Mother to try and overturn his conviction but unfortunately, after so long, the pressures and frustrations got to us all and abruptly brought our alliance to an end. 

This was a very sad and difficult time for us. After Simons conviction, I believed the experiences wed been through would seal us all together forever. 

Luckily for us all, the wheels of justice were in motion by then and we had established such a powerful legal and support team for Simon that I could rest a little in the knowledge that it was then only a question of time before he came home. 

On the day that Simon was granted his appeal by the CCRC, the emotions were so powerful that the pressures and disagreements the family and I encountered seemed to evaporate.

Our shared goal brought us back together and we congratulated each other on our achievement. None of us had ever taken our eyes off the ball and it could only end this way. 

Since the announcement was made in Oct 2009, Simons mother and I have worked very hard at reigniting the flame that was between us when we gave up our lives to fight for justice. Did it ever really go out?
Im not sure but the most important thing is that we are getting ready to unite again and support each other for the final hurdle.

Simon Hall was convicted for a crime he didnt commit, and that is the reason why his family, friends and I fought so hard for so many years. I believe that we reached a point where Simons credibility was restored and where he was finally recognised as an innocent man by much of the public. How far we have come..

This is a situation, like so many others, where it is very difficult for anyone to understand the dynamics and motivations unless they have themselves been through it. Before I met Simon Hall, I had no idea that Miscarriages of Justice happened.

I am disappointed that my relationship with Simon has broken down as far as it has but I have to take into account the fact that he has been isolated for so long and may have a limited understanding of our reality on the outside. I hope Simon realises that nothing has changed and that we all still want justice.

I am not trying to take away from Simons suffering or the fact that he has been the one locked up for so many years now. However, I believe that there is more than one victim when Miscarriages of Justice happen.

Lets not forget Mrs Albert. I pray that the police finally start looking for the real criminal so that she can rest in peace. She and her family were always in our hearts when we ran Justice 4 Simon.

I had no contact with Simon since leaving his campaign and then on the news of his appeal, I wrote to him to congratulate him on this and his wedding.

I felt very sad when I received a phone call a few days ago from Simons new wife, requesting that I do not attend the appeal and still wonder about the reasons behind this. The words you have hassled Simon and injunction were mentioned and I was completely taken aback by these comments.

I will be announcing the date of the appeal on Insidedoubt and hope to see as many familiar faces there as I can. It has been a long and rocky road and we can finally see the end. The appeal hearing is the final stage and I know I speak for all of Simons supporters when I say how glad we will be when his day comes. 

Everything that is about to unfold in front of us is down to all of us. Fighting this awful Miscarriage of Justice has been an incredible experience and I pray that the next few months reveal the truth and nothing but. 

I have no doubt in my mind that Simons conviction will be quashed on the day of the appeal and that he will be free to live his life again. 


Thank you all again for your support over the years and below is my personal list of thanks.

I couldnt have done it without you all

Thank you to, my Family, Mum, Dad, Oli, I love you more than words can say 
My friends, Andy, Danya, Steve, all the kids/family, you are my world and I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you.
Carl, our baby angel in the sky for showing me light. 
Mr D, my saviour, my inspiration, my force, my Ray Winston J. 
Keith and Barri, for giving me hope. Ill never forget your day in court. 
Paul B, I love you forever
Mike OBrien, my wonderful Welsh friend 
Thank you to Simons family, we had some great times and there are more to come 
Lee, you understand me
Phoebe, supa gal, love you baby girl
John Hatton aka tonton John, you had faith in me from the word go, youre amazing, amazing, amazing!
Andrew and Ann at Innocent, so much advice, so much comfort and support.
Mr Campbell Malone, no words can describe you or how grateful I am
Mr Peter Bull, the forensic for dummies really helped, thank you for everything
Mr Allan Jamieson, a generous and kind man.
Chris Mole, Bob Russell and Chris Magee, for the support, the work, the faith and the credibility
Mr Naughton, my moody mate J and the students for their hard work
Mr Michael Mansfield, Simon does not look like Beckham! 
Nick Rigby, my pal at the BBC
Danielle Nutall, a tough cookie to crumble. Like me
My old colleagues and my boss Sue, for letting me do work when I needed to and for all the support.
To every single supporter who ever wrote to me and comforted me, trusted me and in turn, Simon, thank you.

Stephanie Bon via her now defunct website called Inside Doubt

Joan Albert’s killer Simon Hall appeared at the court of appeal on the 10th of March 2010 for a preliminary appeals hearing. Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton attended the hearing.

Link to Part 18e here

Killer Luke Mitchell: The Appeals To Credentials Fallacy & Innocence Fraud (Part 4)

Scott Forbes

When someone dismisses advice by stating that whoever gave it doesn’t have proper credentials, so their advice must be wrong or unimportant. Here’s why you should never make this dismissal again:

First, a definition.

Credentials are any qualification, degree, or achievement that demonstrate suitabilty to comment on something, generally because they imply expertise. For example, having a PhD could be viewed as approporate credentials in the scientific field.

So, why is this dismissal problematic?

It’s problematic because credentials ≠ expertise.

Just because someone doesn’t have tangible proof of their expertise in a field doesn’t mean that they don’t have expertise in that field.

You can be an expert without credentials.

Society has become obsessed with credentialism.

This is the phenomenon of over-reliance on credentials in situations where they aren’t relevant or necessary.

Remember: You can pay for credentials but you can’t pay for expertise. One is bought and one is earned.

Advice should be treated on logic and merits, not on the source.

Dismissing advice because of who it originates from is a fallacy. To avoid using this fallacy, you should focus on addressing arguments rather than the credentials of those who made them.

By Alex Brogan here

Logic & Merits

Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean’s ‘expertise’ is to confuse the unsuspecting public with as much information, misinformation and disinformation as possible in relation to Jodi Jones sadistic and psychopathic killer and the case against him.

When and how did Sandra Lean ‘finally get access to the case papers’?

On the 28th of March 2021 Sandra Lean stated here (from approximately 10:44);

Next thing on this weeks agenda

Scott Forbes

Now I’ve seen so much stuff about Scott all over the place some of it very disparaging so I’d like to set the record straight on Scott’s involvement in all of this

So in 2006 this man walked into Scott’s caravans to speak to Corrine about some information that he had that he’d been trying to give to, initially the police and laterally Luke’s legal team, and nobody was listening to him

So that was where Scott Forbes involvement began

He was, obviously, trashed by the prosecution erm they they made up all sorts of utter nonsense about him to discredit his story and that that in itself was bad enough if you like

Now fast forward a couple of years and I’m studying for my PhD at Stirling university and Scott’s also studying at Stirling university so we started we we’d meet up for coffee now and again ‘cos I wasn’t up in Stirling very often we we’d meet up for coffee and we’d chat about the case

And then Scott became involved with Luke’s legal team as a trainee solicitor

He also became involved in another case in Scotland that he did some absolutely fantastic work on

Erm so yes Scott was involved both voluntarily and as a trainee solicitor with Luke’s legal representation and all these people saying that you know that he’s making it up

No no it’s absolutely true

Erm some people were talking about potentially a conflict of interest with Scott working on Luke’s case after he’d pointed out this information about Mark Kane

Now what I have to tell you is when I finally got access to the case papers every single thing, with the exception of the essay, every single thing that Scott Forbes said was backed up by the informa information in the case papers 

So the scratches on Mark Kane’s face

Scott Forbes was not the only witness to those

The agitated behaviour he was not the only witness to those 

Mark Kane being on the Newbattle Road that night which Scott actually didn’t say because he said Mark Kane couldn’t remember where he was

The information about him being on the Newbattle Road that night was in the case files from other witnesses

So I wanted to get that absolutely cleared up once and for all

Erm because I think erm doing the right thing, which Scott did, actually cost him dearly and to see him still being slagged off to this day for doing the right thing I thinks says everything that needs to be said about this case if we’re being totally honest (Sic)

Statements by Sandra Lean on the 28th of March 2021

But on the 1st of September 2022 Scott Forbes, using one of his numerous aliases Ambedker here on Twitter contradicted what Sandra Lean stated in March 2021 (above), and claimed Sandra Lean gave him ‘the paperwork in 2006’ as can be seen in the below screenshot;

On the 8th of February 2010 using the alias Angeline, Sandra Lean stated;

Trial transcripts are not “public documents” here in Scotland. It is possible to apply for transcripts, but it is very costly to do so, and given the length of Luke’s trial, you could be looking at a small mortgage for transcripts of the whole thing.

In England and Wales, following conviction, the paperwork relating to the case is returned to the convicted person or someone chosen by them (family, etc).

In Scotland, the only way an individual can get access to their own paperwork is if they choose to try to represent themselves – so long as a solicitor is working on the case, the documents officially are the property of the solicitor, and not the client. Many people find this quite shocking – the solicitor can choose not to show his/her own client paperwork relating to their case, and furthermore, is forbidden to disclose any documents to a “third party.”

This, of course, makes getting paperwork to journalists rather tricky, since solicitors face action by the law society if they are caught passing documents to anyone.

Angeline aka Sandra Lean – 8th of February 2010

And on the 11th of April 2010 Sandra Lean, using the alias Angeline stated;

The extent of the DNA evidence was not known to the family until they changed legal teams, following the failed appeal, as the previous team had not disclosed it to them. The DNA from Falconer was known about, as was the match to Kelly. Kelly was brought up at trial, and the presence of his DNA allowed to be “explained away.” 
For reasons which were never explained, the team dropped interest in Falconer during the appeal. As Corinne has pointed out, they were not told a great many things that they should have been told.
The family did not know, until after the failed appeal, that there had been a “misunderstanding” between SLAB and the defence team – they were told that the DNA could not be tested for the defence because SLAB had refused to fund it. Numerous questions regarding paying for testing themselves were ignored.
The rest of the DNA evidence has come to light since legal teams have changed.

Angeline aka Sandra Lean

Scott Forbes also made the following claim via Twitter on the 2nd of March 2021;

And Scott Forbes recently stated of Graham Mann;

In 2010, solicitor, Graham Mann and myself tracked Ms Bryson to a house in Newtongrange. After making inquiries at her old property, she called our office. She was angry that we were trying to trace her but agreed to meet with us.

We assured her we only wished to ask a few questions regarding the identification of Luke Mitchell. When we arrived at her home, her husband and mother-in-law were in attendance. They were angry that we had been looking for them and Graham Mann reminded them that it was our job.

Scott Forbes – August 2022
Graham Mann

Scott Forbes above statement, ‘and Graham Mann reminded them that it was our job’ adds yet further weight to Mark Kane’s statement below where he refers to Sandra Lean;

Anytime I contacted her on the ‘Luke Mitchell’ is innocent website she got right onto her cronies and I would receive death threats over the phone, be visited n public places by he man with the long and hash criminal record who would make threats against and my family. He even went to my mothers door, she is her Sixties and disabled  just to show me she could be got at! What type of human being does such a thing? He assaulted me in full view of half a dozen people after I had left a comment on Ms.Leans web pag. All of this I reported to the police. 

Mark Kane Aka Mr.Rabbit

Why hasn’t Scott Forbes published his own statement(s), along with Mark Kane’s statement(s), and when does he, or Sandra Lean, plan to do so?

Link to Part 5 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: ‘Dangerous Clowns Living Off The Back Of People Suffering’ (Part 3)

Scott Forbes

The above words were written by Scott Forbes and published on Twitter on the 27th of February 2021, although Scott Forbes only used one ‘F’ instead of two for the word ‘Off’, presumably due to his alleged dyslexia.

For some context, Scott Forbes appeared to have been responding to a tweet made by a person named Brian, under a tweet made by Jane Hamilton, a crime writer for the Daily Record here.

Jane Hamilton had tweeted a link to an article she had written on Jodi Jones killer. The headline of the article read;

Luke Mitchell won’t say he’s guilty of killing 14-year-old Jodi Jones but he doesn’t have to because a jury already did

Below is a screen shot of some of Scott Forbes tweets with some replies.

As referred to in Part 2 here, Scott Forbes recently stated;

Statement by Scott Forbes

Yet Scott Forbes stated;

one follower, a troll that hangs about prison, married a convicted murderer(heinous crime)12 yrs in jail pleading innocence, 2yr with her, ‘confessed’ to crime he had denied for years, then killed himself. You and her are dangerous clowns living of the back of people suffering

The person who Scott Forbes referred to as a ‘troll’, was a secondary victim of Joan Albert’s killer, called Stephanie (Hall). Stephanie was groomed, conned and exploited by Joan Albert’s killer, and others.

Links to the ongoing Quite A Hall Tale blog series on the innocence fraud of Joan Albert’s killer, and the enablers and fraudsters who helped him, can be found here.

Sandra Lean

Scott Forbes foolish attempt to trash Stephanie (Hall’s) name by falsely claiming she ‘hangs about prison’ appears to have been made because Scott Forbes might be ‘afraid’ that Stephanie ‘will tell the truth’ and show Scott Forbes and charlatan Sandra Lean* for the ‘dangerous clowns’ there are, and also how it is really people like Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean who are ‘living off the back of people suffering’, in this case Jodi Jones family and friends and all the people the pair of them have attempted to blame for the convicted, psychopathic sadist who chose to murder Jodi Jones.

*Sandra Lean referred to in Part 17g of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here

Stephanie Bon

Charlatan Sandra Lean communicated with another ‘dangerous clown’ called Stephanie Bon, who assisted Sandra Lean with the content for her first book ‘No Smoke’, for Sandra’s chapter on Joan Albert’s killer. Sandra Lean’s first book was published in 2007.

Front cover of Sandra Lean’s first book ‘No Smoke’

Stephanie Bon is referred to in Part 2 of Quite A Hall Tale here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 7 here, Part 9 here, Part 9a here, Part 9b here and Part 10a here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 12a here, Part 14 here, Part 16 here, Part 17c here, Part 17d here, Part 17e here, Part 17f here and at page 52 of the criminal cases review commission’s statement of reasons here

Sandra Lean did not communicate with Stephanie (Hall) until early 2009.

Click here for Part 4 of ‘Warped Minded Abuser, Gaslighter, Con Artist & Hypocrite Scott Forbes & His Blatant Lies’

Killer Luke Mitchell: The Grift & Lies of Warped Minded Abuser, Gaslighter, Con Artist & Hypocrite Scott Forbes (Part 2)

Scott Forbes

According to Scott Forbes;

No one trashes your name, more than someone who is afraid you will tell the truth

Scott Forbes

Scott Forbes has chosen to trash Mark Kane’s name, and many other peoples names, not because these people are ‘afraid’ as he claims, but because Scott Forbes thinks he is entitled to do this.

Scott Forbes also thinks he is entitled to say or write whatever he wants to, about the family members of Jodi Jones (All of whom were ruled out as suspects!), and anyone else he chooses to target or who disagrees with the ‘trash’ he chooses to talk and write about.

There will be more on Scott Forbes statement; ‘No one trashes your name, more than someone who is afraid you will tell the truth’.

But to reiterate from Part 1 here, Scott Forbes has chosen to not publish copies of any, or all, of the witness statements he made to the police about Mark Kane or indeed Mark Kane’s police statement(s), which is a massive red flag and there are numerous red flags regarding Scott Forbes behaviour; far too many to count.

Scott Forbes showed no real interest in Jodi Jones sadistic and psychopathic killer’s innocence fraud until around 2006.

If Scott was really concerned about his ‘friend’ Mark Kane’s behaviour, why did he leave it so many years before he finally tracked down and spoke to Jodi Jones killer’s mother?

And why did Scott Forbes choose to speak with Jodi Jones killers mother?

If Scott Forbes was so sure Mark Kane was responsible for Jodi Jones actual killers sadistic and murderous crimes, why didn’t Scott speak to a police officer, or numerous police officers or a journalist, or numerous journalists for example?

Why did Scott Forbes wait so many years before speaking out?

And why did Scott Forbes only jump on Jodi Jones killer, and charlatan Sandra Lean’s*, fraudulent public relations innocence fraud campaign in/around 2006?

*Sandra Lean referred to in Part 17g of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series here

More importantly, why did Scott Forbes contact the former RUC officer on the confidential hotline number here when he did (And as referred to in Part 1 here) and why wasn’t he seemingly speaking to Sandra Lean?

Was the reason Scott Forbes chose to speak to the former RUC officer, anything to do with Sandra Lean’s involvement with unconvicted child killer and sexual deviant Billy Middleton?

And again, where is the hard evidence that Scott Forbes has ever been a practicing lawyer in Scotland and has anyone bothered to ask Scott Forbes to provide documentation to back up his numerous assertions?

Instead of publishing his own statements, along with Mark Kane’s, what Scott Forbes has chosen to do is manufacture stories, seemingly from his warped imagination, or the warped imagination of others, and he has attempted to attribute these manufactured stories to people like Mark Kane, who passed away in May 2018.

Mark Kane obviously cannot defend himself against Scott’s, and Sandra Lean’s, false allegations, manufactured stories and preposterous nonsense.

And they are false allegations, manufactured stories and preposterous nonsense because if they weren’t, innocence fraudster Scott Forbes (or Sandra Lean) would have published copies of his own police witness statements, along with Mark Kane’s, long before now.

But Scott Forbes won’t do this, because to do so will cast yet further doubt on the false, malicious and manufactured allegations Scott has chosen to make, and add arms and legs to over the years.

Personality V’s Character

And they will also cast yet further doubt on Scott Forbes true character and his personality.

Many of the people who have chosen to listen to, or read, Scott Forbes false and malicious claims and manufactured stories, know very little about Scott’s history and previous actions in Jodi Jones killer’s fraudulent public relations campaign.

And for all those people reading this who do not understand the innocence fraud phenomenon, like in the case/campaign of Joan Albert’s killer (See the ongoing Quite A Hall Tale blog series here), which Sandra Lean was also involved with, if might be an idea to give journalists like Roberta Glass* of the Roberta Glass True Crimes Podcast Playlist on Innocence Fraud a listen, or alternatively think about Jodi Jones killers innocence fraud like any other type of fraud.

*Roberta’s podcasts on the innocence fraud of killers focus on US campaigns and cases, but highlight the plethora of deceptive, malicious and distractive tactics and psychological mind games, propaganda and brainwashing used in UK innocence fraud campaigns.

Scott Forbes has also recently stated;

Reading statements from staff at Newbattle Abbey College I couldn’t believe just how pathetic the police were. One statement from an English teacher, Ms. McGillivray, who was asked if she had a copy of an essay about a man killing a ‘woman in the woods’ written by Mark Kane, denied having one and this somehow confirmed Kane wrote no such essay.

John Beckett, QC argued to the appeal court that a lecturer who receives thousands of essays in her career and who couldn’t remember receiving one essay, “confirmed Kane wrote no such essay”. This wasn’t even challenged by the defence.

Total Lack of Reasoning

It is not surprising Scott Forbes appears unable to recognise his own lack of reasoning.

But it is unlikely a female English teacher, or any female, who could have read and received hundreds of ‘thousands of essays in her career’, would forget about one of her students writing an essay about ‘a man killing a woman in the woods’, or ‘a man killing a woman’ anywhere for that matter.

It is also not surprising why someone like Scott Forbes does not appear able to recognise or understand why an essay by a student about ‘a man killing a woman in the woods’ would stand out to most females reading it.

The below photograph is a screenshot from a promotional video for Newbattle Abbey collage, and the person playing snooker is the late Mark Kane.

Mark Kane

According to another tweet made by Scott Forbes he claimed Mark Kane was ‘on methadone, valluim, speed, hash and alcohol on day Jodie was murdered’ (sic);

Does the footage of Mark Kane from the Newbattle Abbey college promotional video here look like Mark Kane was clean from drugs like his mother Norma stated in 2021, as per below;

OK, he was a drug addict years ago but he was turning his life around. He got off the drugs completely and was accepted into college.

Statement by Norma, Mark Kane’s mother, taken from an article by Sarah Vesty for the Daily Record headed Mum’s fury at Jodi Jones documentary makers after wrongly suspected son’s ‘name blackened’ dated the 22nd of June 2021

In reality, it sounds like Mark Kane may have got drunk on that particular night and might of fallen over and got a tiny scratch on his face from falling.

Again Mark Kane stated in 2014 here;

All of this I reported to the police. Just to set a couple of things straight I never had big cuts on my face the day after the murder I had a tiny scratch is all, he did not drive me to the police station the day after

Mark Kane – 1st of August 2014

If Scott Forbes has nothing to hide, he would have no problems publishing all of his police witness statements, along with Mark Kane’s, in full with no redactions so the public can see for themselves what he did and didn’t tell the police.

It’s easy to attempt to trash and tarnish someone’s name when they have passed away but if Scott Forbes is telling the truth, then he won’t be afraid (Like he claims other to be) to publish his own statements, along with Mark Kane’s.

On the 2nd of March 2021 Scott Forbes tweeted the following;

Screenshot of statement made by Scott Forbes on Twitter on the 2nd of March 2021

The same Newbattle Abbey collage promotional video here also includes footage of Scott Forbes.

Still of Scott Forbes taken from the Newbattle Abbey college promotional video

Behaviour Patterns of A Sexually Deviant & Dangerous Adolescent Killer

Jodi Jones killer didn’t have any real hobbies around the time he chose to commit his murder of Jodi and instead appears to have been fixated on having sex with numerous girls and threatening and harming them with knives.

Some people reading this may view this as normal behaviour for a 12 year old boy, and some people reading this may think it’s normal for a 12 year old boy to threaten an 11 year old girl with a knife for a kiss.

It isn’t and it’s disturbing!

These patterns of behaviour in a young boy are not normal and alarm bells should be ringing loudly, especially to all the parents with young children of their own, who have chosen to blindly support Jodi Jones killers fraudulent public relations campaign.

None of the people who are blindly being taken in by Scott Forbes stories and charlatan and innocence fraudster Sandra Lean, knew or have full knowledge of all of the intimate details and behaviour patterns of Jodi Jones killer, and a few photos of him as a young child with a pony don’t paint the picture of the killer he was turning into.

Jodi Jones convicted killer had a warped mind, a fixation with knives and a sexually deviant streak, who had been showing signs of sexual aggression since at least the age of 12.

Again, you won’t hear about these behaviour patterns from people like abuser Scott Forbes and fraudster Sandra Lean, because they choose to play these behaviours patterns and facts down and pretend they didn’t happen or that they are insignificant.

They aren’t!

Excerpts from a 2005 media article, which has been reproduced in full here read;

The girl, who was just 11 at the time, was visiting Mitchell’s father Philip, a family friend.
Mitchell, who was only 12, was also staying in the house in Livingston and the two youngsters were sharing a twin bedroom.
In the middle of the night, he climbed on top of her, held a knife to her throat and demanded she kiss him. Last night she said: ‘I just can’t tell you how I feel about the verdict.’ 

Excerpts from a Daily Mail article by Grace McLean dated the 22nd of January 2005

The above wasn’t an isolated incident, although even if it were, showing signs of sexual aggression at the age of 12 and holding a knife to an 11 year old girls throat to coerce her into submission for a kiss is a violent act.

Other young girls made similar allegations, which demonstrated a pattern of behaviour that was developing over time with Jodi Jones killer.

Also Jodi Jones was thought to have believed her relationship was exclusive, but it wasn’t.

The sadistic adolescent killer was seeing many girls at the same time, and playing them off against Jodi.

Maybe when taken in isolation, this behaviour could be deemed as excusable adolescent behaviour, but it wasn’t in isolation and anyone choosing to play this behaviour down isn’t seeing or understanding the bigger picture.

A Killers ‘Well Being’ & His ‘Token of Remembrance’

The below photograph shows a memento Jodi Jones almost 15 year old, sadistic and psychopathic killer chose to inscribe and keep.

Photograph of Jodi Jones killers ‘memento’

Excerpts from a blog headed A killer and their trophies reads;

Many types of criminals will keep “trophies” or “Souvenirs” as a memento of their crime.

In most cases these same items will be used against them later as evidence and direct links to their involvement of the crimes.

But why do criminals do this? It seems like a strange thing to do especially in cases where the person has made extra efforts in other areas not to get caught, such as clearing evidence from the crime scene that may link them to it, or disposing of other evidence such as the weapon used or clothing worn during the crime itself.

Well the answer to this has many reasons behind it, and the types of trophies kept will vary from criminal to criminal.

Humans as a species are known to collect items we put value onto. This value can vary from sentimental or sexual value to monetary value.

Many adults will collect things that remind them of their childhood for example or will have a passion or hobby for something that requires them to accumulate a collection over time such as a coin or card collection.

A person may have no real use for such items to get them through daily life, however having these items will give them a sense of well-being.

This is a permanent reminder of the events leading up to that persons death, its a personal connection to them for the Killer and in many ways is symbolic of the perceived relationship they have with their victims.

Their successful crimes are achievements, in the eyes of a criminal they are worth remembering and what better way to remember than to keep a piece of it for yourself that you can look back on and relive the moment.

The items are valuable to the criminal in some way, as discussed above it could be to relive the moment, it could be for pride to display, it could be for gratification or even comfort.

Photograph of Jodi Jones killers ‘memento’

Click here for Part 3

Murderer Robin Garbutt & MP’s Jump On Nick Wallis’s ‘Great Post Office Scandal’ Bandwagon (Part 9)

Nick Wallis

Diana Garbutt’s killer jumped on Hornswoggler Nick Wallis’s ‘Great Post Office Scandal’ bandwagon at some point.

Diana Garbutt was murdered by her psychopathic husband Robin Garbutt in the early hours of Tuesday the 23rd of March 2010.

While Diana Garbutt was sleeping, Robin hit her over the head three times with an iron bar.

Photo of the front aspect of the Melsonby village shop and post office, following Diana Garbutt’s murder at the hands of her husband

As part of his premeditated murder of Diana and his plan to attempt to cover his tracks, Robin went on to serve around 60 customers in the Melsonby post office and shop, his wife Diana and he had owned and ran.

Robin then decided to phone 999 and attempted to pretend he had been held up by non existent armed robbers. He also pretended his make believe armed robbers had stolen £10,000.00. A brief extract of Robin Garbutt’s 999 call to the emergency service’s can be heard here.

It was reported in April 2011 here by the Daily Mail that the judge believed Robin Garbutt’s murder of his wife Diana was motivated by ‘fear of being exposed for stealing from the Post Office’ and the judge was also reported to have stated, ‘there was no struggle, she never awoke’.

Bizarrely the same article also stated, ‘Robin Garbutt tried to cover his tracks from the moment he dialled 999’.

Killer & Psychopath Robin Garbutt

Detective superintendent Lewis Raw, was reported to have stated;

It is satisfying that we have been able to secure justice for Diana Garbutt and her family in this most tragic and distressing of cases

I hope the murder conviction of her husband Robin Garbutt will provide a measure of comfort and closure, allowing her family to start rebuilding their lives after a very traumatic year

The murder of Diana – and the subsequent arrest and charge of Robin Garbutt – has also caused a great deal of upset and distress to the residents of Melsonby

The murder of Diana – and the subsequent arrest and charge of Robin Garbutt – has also caused a great deal of upset and distress to the residents of Melsonby

In particular the original circumstances that she was killed during an armed robbery which turned out to be a bogus scenario made up by Garbutt to cover his tracks

I would again like to reiterate North Yorkshire Police’s sincere thanks to local residents who have supported the police throughout the investigation

As for Robin Garbutt, he has shown himself to be a calculating and deceptive individual who attempted an elaborate cover-up after he violently ended his wife’s life as she lay asleep in bed

His actions that morning not only killed Diana, they also devastated the lives of Diana’s family and plunged a small, close-knit community into fear.

That he did not have the decency to admit his guilt from the outset and therefore spare Diana’s family the pain of reliving the tragic events in full during a trial, demonstrates the type of selfish and deluded individual that Robin Garbutt really is

Excerpts from a York Press article headed Post Office murder: Killer was “calculating and deceptive” say police dated the 19th April 2011

And Xanthe Tait, the then deputy chief crown prosecutor for North Yorkshire and Humberside, was reported to have stated;

Diana Garbutt’s life was cut brutally and tragically short. Her family is left to forever mourn her loss

She was violently bludgeoned to death by her husband as she lay sleeping. It was a callous crime motivated by the basest of human characteristics

Robin Garbutt went to great lengths in creating a cover story involving a robber with a gun, bludgeoning his wife to death: a story which he maintained throughout the trial – lying about his finances, lying about his relationship with his wife and lying about the robbery – to conceal his appalling crimes

We have worked closely with North Yorkshire Police to build a robust prosecution case and secure justice for Diana. Our thoughts are with her family and we hope that today’s conviction will bring them some measure of comfort and peace

Excerpts from a Telegraph & Argus article headed Statements from Xanthe Tait, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for North Yorkshire and Humberside and Detective Superintendent Lewis Raw dated the 19th of April 2011

Killer & His Enablers Fraudulent Public Relations (PR) Campaign

Some of killer Robin Garbutt’s family members, including his mother Joyce Brook, his sister Sallie Wood and her partner Mark Stilborn, once headed up Robin’s fraudulent public relations campaign.

However at some point Jane Metcalfe, who had apparently been a friend of Sarah Bradley, a defence witness at Robin Garbutt’s murder trial, and one of his previous girlfriends, now heads up the fraudulent PR campaign.

Sadly Jane Metcalfe has been (And is being) conned, groomed and exploited by psychopathic killer Robin Garbutt, and many other people.

One of the people who appears to have chosen to exploit Jane, is charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean, who is briefly referred to in Part 17c of The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam blog series, Part 17d here, Part 17h here and through out the The Fraudulent Public Relations Campaign & #InnocenceFraud of Psychopathic (Then Schoolboy) Killer Luke Mitchell His Toxic & Abusive Enablers blog series, which begins here.

Sandra Lean

On the 6th of June 2020 Sandra Lean published a YouTube video here in which she stated;

Hi I’m Sandra Lean and this is the truth seeker project

Imagine being accused, publicly named and shamed for a terrible crime that you didn’t commit

Imagine being locked up for the rest of your life for a terrible crime that you didn’t commit

Nobody’s listening nobody believes you nobody cares

I’ve been working with people in exactly those circumstances since 2003

Ordinary people just like you just like me going about their ordinary lives until this nightmare engulfed them

I’ve launched the truth seeker project to try to highlight and raise awareness of just how easily a wrongful accusation or conviction could happen to anyone of us

Every Sunday round about three O’clock I’ll be broadcasting interviews with families battling wrongful accusations and convictions, exonerees, media personnel, legal experts to show how many threads weave together to create the circumstances that make it possible for wrongful accusations and convictions to happen

I also want to show how difficult it is to stop the runaway train that is a wrongful accusation or conviction once those fields are in motion and the enormous battle people caught in that nightmare face

You’ll be hearing from families of school boys to men of the church, from single mums, to nurses to postmasters because wrongful accusations and convictions don’t just happen to one type of person they could happen to anybody and that includes you

There is a website with much more information about the people you’re going to be hearing from in the coming weeks with the links below it’s W W W dot the truth seeker project dot org and there’s also a patron page if you would like to help support this work so that it can continue, the links also are below

Unfortunately due to a glitch with YouTube which I’m trying to get sorted out the live interviews can’t be streamed directly to the truth seeker project channel

So the live steams will be shown here on my doctor Sandra Lean account and then will be uploaded for anyone that missed the live stream to watch on the truth seeker project channel

We’ll be kicking off on Sunday 7th June at 3pm with Jane Metcalfe whose going to be telling us all about the case of Robin Garbutt

So I look forward to seeing you there thanks for listening

Sandra Lean

It is not known who the alleged ‘postmasters’ Sandra Lean claimed her podcast audience would be hearing from, however Sandra published another video eight days later (Link here) which she called ‘How you can support the TruthSeeker Project’.

This video differed slightly from Sandra’s first video to launch her new YouTube channel, and was shorter. Sandra Lean stated;

Hi I’m doctor Sandra Lean and this is the truth seeker project

Imagine being accused, publicly named and shamed for something that you didn’t do

Imagine being locked up for the rest of your life for something that you didn’t do

Nobody’s listening nobody believes you nobody cares

Since 2003 I’ve been working with people in exactly those circumstances, ordinary people, just like you, just like me going about their ordinary lives until a wrongful accusation or conviction plunged them into a living nightmare

I’ve launched the truth seeker project to try to raise awareness of what happens when the justice system gets it wrong and how difficult it is to put it right

The project aims to give a platform and a voice to those already caught in this nightmare

Every week I’ll be uploading new video interviews with those people to allow them to tell their stories in their own words so that the truth can be shared and I’ll also be campaigning for change so that innocent people can no longer be railroaded into wrongful convictions

I need your support to allow me to continue to do this work

There are so many people who need help and so few people to help them

I know that some people are wary of the way patreon is set up to take recurring monthly payments so on each tear I’ve given an explanation of how to cancel if you only want to make a one off donation and I’ve also said if you leave me an email address I will send you a reminder to do that and if all else fails and a second payment or another payment is taken out – drop me an email and I will refund it (laugh)

You can also follow the progress of the project at our website W W W dot the truth seeker project dot com

Thanks for your support

Sandra Lean

Nick Wallis “Wanted To Cover Robin’s Case”

On Sunday the 7th of June 2020 Jane Metcalfe appeared alongside Sandra Lean on her Truth Seeker Project podcast but by the 19th of July 2020 Sandra’s project appeared to have run it’s course.

However Neil Wilby had Sandra Lean’s interview with Jane Metcalfe transcribed, which can be read in full under Neil’s blog headed Dr Truthseeker loses her moral compass.

Sandra Lean stated during her video with Jane, which can be viewed and listened to here (Extracts below begin at approx 48:28);

One other thing that I wanted to bring in, the Post Office – so, there’s been this big case about all these people that were accused, some of them convicted for stealing from the Post Office

It was actually the Post Office’s own software that had introduced that was miscalculating and making it look like there was money missing when it wasn’t, and they’ve had quite a success in the courts, the Postmasters that took that case that case to court.  So, just to clarify, was that the system

That was in place in Robin and Diana’s Post Office?

Sandra Lean

Jane Metcalfe responded by stating the following;

Yeah. Yeah, exactly the same system.  And at appeal we were able to prove there was no – at appeal we were able to talk about that. But the Post Office Horizon case is massive.  I don’t want to say too much about it really because it’s kind of ongoing.  Because Robin had – Robin’s team – Robin has – another application has gone into the CCRC, the Criminal Case Review Commission, with lots of new evidence in it.  And hopefully this time the CCRC will see that this man is innocent and even though they’ve had previous applications, this one’s got more clarity in it.  The lawyers are as we speak, preparing an addendum, which is in addition to the CCRC application because Robin’s application went in in December and the judgment didn’t come through for the Post Office Horizon until after the application had gone in.  So there’s another being prepared now.  But the CCRC have referred loads of cases, which is fantastic.  Loads of Post Office Masters – and as you say, some of them went to prison.  Their lives were ruined by – and the most troubling thing of all is the Post Office knew, the Post Office knew for ten years what the – and they used to tell individual Postmasters.  They’ve had a massive programme on Radio 4, anyone can find it now, it’s out there.  It’s called The Great British – The Great Post Office something or other, it’s been on Radio 4 everyday.  Nick Wallis is one of the investigators who worked on it, a journalist, I’m not sure if he’s a journalist but, anyway, he’s a documentary maker.  He’s a great guy.  I think there’s a programme coming in the next few nights on television about it.  In fact, he wanted to cover Robin’s case.  He contacted me and said ‘How come we’ve never known about this case of Robin Garbutt? I can’t believe I don’t know about this case.’  And there’s hope that sometime we’ll do something on the case.  He’s just been so wrapped up in what they’re doing now with the Post Office Horizon – that at some point there’s a chance that he will do a piece on Robin’s case as well, because it all ties in.

Jane Metcalfe

It is not known exactly on what date in 2020 Nick Wallis ‘contacted’ Jane Metcalfe about Diana Garbutt’s psychopathic killers fraudulent public relations campaign, and although Jane has been/and is sadly being duped, conned and exploited – she was right when she claimed to Sandra ‘…it all ties in’..

Dupe ~ Lord McNicol of West Kilbride (Lab) Aka Iain McNicol

Iain McNicol

On the 25th of February 2020, Iain McNicol had raised Diana Garbutt’s psychopathic killers name during a House of Lords debate (Transcript here), an excerpt reads;

There were other cases influenced by Horizon’s problems. Its records were used as evidence against Robin Garbutt, who was accused of stealing money and murdering his wife.

Iain McNicol

Part 10 ~ Dropping Soon..

Killer Simon Hall: Lynne Hall, The Cover Up & Attempting To Rewrite History – Part 7©️

Lynne Hall – 2011
Photo courtesy of BBC

Killer Simon Hall and the Hall family members, Shaun, Lynne and Phil Hall utilised a plethora of diversionary tactics to help Simon avoid responsibility for his murder of Joan Albert.

The Hall families deceptive tactics started with their initial contact with Suffolk police, their police interviews and witness statements and continued through Simon Hall’s February 2003 trial.

Their lies, deceptive and diversionary tactics also permeated their fraudulent public relations campaign which followed.

Simon Hall’s adoptive mother Lynne Hall gave numerous conflicting accounts to Suffolk police and used various types of lies, distractions and manipulative tactics in an attempt to deflect away attention and cover up for her adoptive son.

This included in relation to when killer Simon Hall arrived at her and her husband Phil’s house on the morning of Sunday the 16th December 2001, having literally just committed murder.

In Lynne Hall’s first police witness statement, two days after her friends murder, she shared a new memory.

Lynne Hall offered up two possible new suspects, in what appeared to be an obvious attempt to draw attention away from her youngest adoptive killer son.

Lynne Hall told police;

I have since remembered an incident that I found disturbing at the time.

On the Monday or Tuesday of the previous week the 10th and 11th December I was rushing to get home.

I was walking past the village bar which is part of the village hall. I had been to see my friend Barbara ****** who lives in Longperry.

I was walking back home and took a short cut across the village green and past the village hall and bar. It was very dark. I think the time would be around 5.30pm.

I wasn’t expecting to see anybody. Suddenly I noticed a youth jump off the roof and he landed right beside me, almost immediately a second youth jumped down almost landing on the first.

The first one who jumped was 19 into his early 20’s. I got the impression he had short dark hair and was wearing dark clothing. I got the impression that he had a pleasant face, he seemed to look at me before moving off.

Again I got the impression they seemed guilty but I thought they had possibly been smoking up there. Both were white men.

The second one was thinner and of the same age, he was wearing a casual white jacket and either a white hood or a hat. The second man looked at me but not full in the face. The second man actually looked back at me.

None of them said anything. I don’t think I did. I just exclaimed out loud. I don’t think that I would recognise them again.

I did think about ringing the barman Trevor ***** who is a builder in the village, in fact I didn’t do that. That roof is quite high with a flat roof. I believe from that roof Joan’s house could be seen

Excerpts from Lynne Hall police witness statement dated 18th December 2001

It is not known if Lynne Hall also got the impression her youngest adoptive son Simon Hall seemed guilty when she first saw him at 6.28am, when he turned up at 8 Snowcroft on that Sunday morning in the black larey and loud shirt with the red splashes over it.

Lynne Hall would not see this shirt again after it was disposed of on the Monday morning.

In her second police witness statement Lynne Hqll appeared to want to expand on what she had told police on the 18th December 2001. Lynne stated;

Further to my original statement I would like to add the following information.

As I was such good friends with Mrs Albert and would often be in her house I saw her bedroom on several occasions.

Joan had a bedside table that was built in the headboard in a complete unit. Usually next to her bed she would have a reading book, reading glasses, usually a drink either water or tea, a mobile phone, although I think that may have changed towards the end.

I think her tablets were also there, she was on both heart and water tablets, the tablets made her get up quite often at night.

Joan also kept Rusty’s tablets by her bedside table but only when the dog was playing up and had not taken them.

Joan did suffer from indigestion and when she was suffering would get her Gaviscon out. It was her indigestion that would often mean she would have a light snack at around 5pm and maybe a dry biscuit later in the evening

Going back to the week before Mrs Albert’s death, I think that on the Tuesday night, the 11th of December, I went round to my friend Barbara ******’s house, she lives at Long Perry in Capel.

I know (sic) Barbara years as we used to work together at Boots and I now take her dog to agility, I think I walked Molly, her dog, before it got dark maybe around 3.15 to 3.30 pm. I spoke to Barbara at her house for some time but I remember I wanted to be home by 5 pm as I was collecting for the RSPCA that evening.

I walked home via the pathways, I have marked a map of Capel area with my route between Long Perry and my home address, I produce the plan as exhibit RLH/1.

As I walked down the side of the bar which is at the back of the village hall two youths jumped down off the roof almost onto me.

There is a footway down there and it was almost at the point where the path joins the alley that runs between Vine Walk and Boydlands. I have marked my plan with a cross at this point.

I cannot remember the exact time this was, but I was only a few minutes from home, so I think it would be about 5pm. When I got home Philip was at home because I used the car to collect so I think it was definitely that Tuesday.

The youths jumped from the flat roof above the door to the Vine Lounge, that is about 7-8 feet off the ground and has asphalt on the top, above that there is a much bigger roof which again is flat but has a wall round it so people can, and do, go up there.

These two youths were aged from 19 – early 20’s, they were certainly not the group that had been bothering Joan. The first one jumped off and landed almost beside me startling me, I exclaimed out loud ’You made me jump’ the youth did not say anything, but looked at me and moved away towards the front of the village hall, the second one jumped down a few seconds later. I got the impression because the roofs were staged the second one had been coming down from the higher level when the first was jumping down.

Now I seem to recall two thuds from him. The second man did not say anything either but they both walked round the corner together. I cannot add anything further regarding their descriptions from my first statement.

From that corner of the roof of the village hall you would have a clear view into Joan Albert’s rear garden, which diagonally would only be 15-20 yards away.

Excerpts from Lynne Halls police witness statement dated 14th February 2002

On the 7th of February 2002 the Evening Star newspaper ran a story headed Truck Driver Clue in Murder Hunt. It read;

A pick-up truck driver might have vital information that could help track down the killer of murdered Suffolk pensioner Joan Albert.

Detectives hunting the killer of the 79-year-old from Capel St Mary are anxious to speak to the driver of a white, flat back truck seen parked in the village’s shopping precinct, near to the church hall, at around 4.50am on Sunday, December 16, last year.

Widow Mrs Albert was found dead in the hallway of her Boydlands home at around 10am the same day. Her body was peppered with stab wounds.

Detective Superintendent Roy Lambert, who is heading the murder hunt, said: “Several people have said that a white truck, similar to a Ford P100, was parked in the car park near the church hall in the very early hours of Sunday morning.

“I would like to emphasise that we have no reason to believe that the driver of this vehicle was involved in the attack on Mrs Albert. However, we urgently need to speak to them as they may have seen something that could prove to be important to our inquiry.

“The truck is of a fairly common type and could belong to a local farmer, builder or other trades person. I would like to appeal directly to whoever was in that truck to contact the inquiry team so that we can check if they saw anything and then eliminate them from our investigation.”

It is almost eight weeks since Mrs Albert was killed and since the launch of the murder inquiry, police have received more than 450 calls from members of the public offering information which have generated more than 1,400 lines of inquiry. Officers have taken over 360 statements.

Det Supt Lambert said:

“This inquiry has received a great deal of support from the community, media and the general public and this is reflected in the volume of information that has been generated to date.

“However, we still need to hear from anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious in the area of the Boydlands between 9pm on Saturday, December 15, and 9am the following day.

The pick-up truck driver, or anyone else with information, should contact the murder incident room on 01473 613777 .

The Evening Star and Capel businesses are offering a £5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer.

Excerpts by Lisa Baxter for the Evening Star from an article headed Truck driver clue in murder hunt dated the 7th of February 2002

Lynne Hall jumped on the police appeal and in response went on to tell police;

I have recently seen a press release where the police were appealing for a white vehicle.

In the early part of the week prior to Joan Albert’s death I saw what I thought was a small white grubby workmans type van in the Co-op car park facing the childrens swings level with the Chinese Takeaway.

The vehicle had a small cab with a flat back, which had low sides, I think it was about dinnertime because there was a two men in the cab and I remember thinking they would be having dinner.

I got the impression that they were in their 30 or 40’s, both men were white and looked like workmen. The van was not signwritten, I did not look in the back.

I saw the same vehicle again later on in the week, either the Thursday or Friday, this time there was nobody in the cab. I think it was again during the day and it was parked in the village hall car park facing towards the swings and the Co-op car park, in fact almost opposite where I had seen it before. I got the impression it was empty, there was nothing over the sides and I did not see any building material

I am willing to assist police in this matter and will attend court if required

Excerpt from Lynne Hall’s police witness statement dated 14th February 2002

However an excerpt from page 36 of the judges summing up from Simon Hall’s February 2003 trial read;

A white pickup was reported by one villager as seen at 4.50 in the morning of Sunday the 16th, Superintendent Lambert told you there was then an effort to trace it, although there was no suggestion at all that it had been involved and whether or not it had ever been there at all, whether the lady was accurate or mistaken as to date.

The effort the police made with the help of the media was not only so as to try and find it, but also so as to keep up the publicity momentum, hoping to encourage the emergence of other potentially useful information

Excerpt from page 36 of the judges summing up

Although Lynne Hall may or may not have seen the grubby workmans type van, as she described it the police would no doubt have been interested in what she told them.

It is not known how many informants contacted the police following their appeal about the white pickup truck but it’s possible Lynne Hall’s story may have also sparked police suspicions regarding her behaviour.

On the same day her adoptive son Simon Hall was asked to make a formal police witness statement as a TIE suspect, Lynne Hall was also asked to make a third statement, in full it read;

Further to my previous statements in relation to the night of Saturday 15th December 2001 in which I described being ill and spending most of the day and night in bed.

Quite early on the morning of Sunday 16th December 2001 I got up to make a cup of tea.

I was in the kitchen the time was approximately 6.00am to 6.30am when Simon my son came home

We had a brief conversation in which Simon mentioned about being in Ipswich that night and he then went to bed

Lynne Hall’s police witness statement dated 7th March 2002

On the day of her adoptive sons arrest however, Lynne Hall stated;

I was up making a tea when he got in, he seemed happy and said he had had a good time, I remember he said he was tired and asked if he had time to get an hours sleep.

I can’t remember if he did.

We certainly had a cup of tea and a chat, it was not unusual to see him come in then.

I don’t remember what he was wearing when he came in.

In any event he got changed before going out for the day.

I don’t remember what he was wearing but we did take several family photographs of the day.

If he was wearing a jacket it would have been a cream designer shiney type jacket with a warm lining.

I was up in the kitchen when Simon got in but I do not recall the time.

The phone is in the lounge and if it does ring I usually wake up.

We did talk and he wanted to know how I had been, I got the impression a girl was involved and as his mum I did not want to dig too deep

Simon appeared to enjoy our family day and was his usual entertaining self.

When we left to go to Lincolnshire Simon’s black Audi was parked on the left of the drive towards the kitchen window.

When we got home that Sunday I was feeling ill again, I did not do any washing until the Monday or Tuesday.

Phil and I have a laundry basket in the shower room and I think that morning he put his clothes in there, often though he would leave them in his room and I would pick them up and wash them.

Going to Lincolnshire we rook Phil’s company Ford Mondeo and we actually left about 8.30am. I would say that over Christmas Simon was in a fairly good frame of mind even though he had had the problem with Zoe

I am willing to assist police in this matter and will attend court if required

Excerpts from Lynne Hall’s 25th July 2002 police witness statement

It is not known what Lynne and Phil Hall thought about their adoptive son Simon’s missing clothing, including his black leather jacket, new trousers, larey shirt and black office shoes or if there was ever a conversation had between them all as to where his clothing, shoes and jacket had disappeared to.

The clothing, shoes and jacket Simon had been wearing on the Saturday night and during the Sunday morning when he had murdered Joan Albert, ended up in an industrial waste disposal bin situated near to State Chemicals, where he worked at the time with his girlfriend Stephanie Bon in Colchester, Essex.

Simon Hall claimed he initially put these items in the bottom of the wardrobe of bedroom 3 at 8 Snowcroft and then at some point he put them in a bag.

Then early on the Monday morning, he left his parents house and had driven to his place of employment in Colchester to see his line manager to ask for a couple of days off, using the excuse his mother Lynne was upset following her friends murder.

Simon Hall’s line manager stated;

About 9.00am on Monday 17th December 2001 I was in my office at State Chemicals when I received a telephone call on my direct line from Simon asking if I could meet him downstairs. I remember the date because my father had a heart attack and had a triple bypass on the 17th December

I went downstairs and outside into the courtyard where we used to stand to have a smoke. I can’t recall the exact words Simon used but it was something like ‘could he possibly have a couple of days off as his neighbour had been found dead and his mum was upset’. I asked him if he was alright and he said ‘Yes, it was a bit of a shock’. I decided to let him have the time off as he seemed to be close to his mum although I had come to work myself with all the problems and my dad being unwell

Simon did seem a little upset he seemed more concerned about his mum

I believe he was wearing a pale silver and blue roll neck jumper that morning, he certainly wasn’t dressed as it he was coming into work. I cannot recall what else he had on

Excerpts from police witness statement of Simon Hall’s Line Manager at State Chemicals, Colchester dated 13th September 2002

Following her adoptive son Simon’s arrest in July 2002, Lynne Hall made a 10 page police witness statement.

Some further excerpts from Lynne’s statement read;

I would say Simon had a happy time at primary school and initially when he attended East Bergholt School. I have subsequently found that there was a bad element in Capel and at the school which centred around Simon and Shaun’s year. I think in the early stages it was a gang of local boys

The Russell family moved into the close well over 10 years ago, I am not sure of the number but from our kitchen window you can look at the side of their house. They had a family of three boys the eldest of which was around four years younger than Simon, at the moment I can’t recall their names but Mrs Russell is a nurse at Ipswich and Mr Russell, is in insurance. Initially I found W**** Russell to be quite pleasant but very soon we fell out or began to avoid them. Really this was because the eldest son caused trouble from the start, he kept urinating next to our house, caused trouble at playgroup, kicked the ball onto our garden and even cut bushes down by the side of the house. He was bullying younger kids, he got banned from Scout trips because he set fire to a tent. Eventually I came home one day at lunchtime and caught the boy throwing grass cuttings onto our lawn and when I confronted him he swore at me and called me names. I was so annoyed that I confronted *****, eventually she seemed to accept that it was down to her son, although she seemed quite nice we never ever got on after that and the relationship deteriorated very badly. All the boys seemed to follow the same pattern as the oldest Russell. After that there were all manner of minor problems and W**** Russell was always over complaining and usually it was about Simon. It got to the point where we would not even open the door to them. As the situation developed over the years it was clear that the family did not like Simon, the Russell’s meanwhile continued causing problems at school and the police were even called regarding the Russell children making false calls

Simon did okay at school and passed five or six GCSE’s, he began the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. He continued onto the Sixth Form and I think that’s where Simon’s drug problems began. The Sixth Form was actually at Chantry, when he began the Sixth Form he started to get really down on himself, he got moody, had moodswings became argumentative it seemed that it was directed against himself, he lost confidence and went into a downward spiral

It was about six months into the school year when Abbey who had been his girlfriend died of meningitis, at the time of her death they were just very good friends. Her death hit him very hard and I think he got depressed and his school work suffered even more. We went to see the headteacher and although he felt that Simon had the potential to get his A levels the problems had become too much, eventually it was decided that Simon should leave. Simon spent some time at home and Phil and I talked to him at length about his career

I can’t remember exactly when but both boys spent some time at the Little Chef on a part time basis. Over this period of time I was beginning to find items that I thought were related to drugs, I thought it was Shaun as he had been going to Raves and I spoke to him about it. I have subsequently thought about it and feel that Simon may have been taking illegal drugs at that time

At the time while Simon was on bail the Russells accused Simon of kicking their car in Snowcroft. I was at home with Shaun and we went over to speak to them, in fact Phil, Shaun and his girlfriend went over and I remained at home. Simon was not staying at home but I think Shaun had told him what had taken place. Subsequently Simon was arrested and convicted of assault on the Russell boy and sentenced to seventeen months in prison. I think Simon was released since November/October 1997, to my knowledge he has not been in trouble since

Excerpts from Lynne Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002

However the Russell boy who Simon Hall assaulted told police;

I attended Capel St Mary Primary School, which is where I first met Simon Hall. He was a couple of years above me at school

During my time at Primary school I did suffer a few problems with Simon Hall bullying me

On a couple of occasions I recall Simon pushing me into bushes on the way home or saying nasty things to me. One such time was when Simon became quite physical with me and the caretaker at the time had to intervene, I believe I was around eleven years old at the time

Things seemed to settle down and I did not suffer any further problems at school, until I reach (sic) East Bergholt High School. At the time I suffered bullying from another boy, by the name of Matthew ******. He was a year above me at school, and I admit now I was quite a cheeky youngster, but don’t know the exact reason he picked on me. I also remember that Simon Hall, who was a good friend to Matthew ******, was usually in the background. He didn’t seem to take an active part but would be present

Following this, my parents invited both Simon Hall’s and Matthew ******’s parents over to discuss the problems between us children. Fortunately after this meeting the bullying seemed to die down and I didn’t really suffer any further problems

It was on my 17th birthday, that my girlfriend, *** and I decided to go into Ipswich town centre to the cinema. Having just come out of McDonalds in the centre of town, we crossed over the road where I saw three people walking towards us. I recognised one male as Simon Hall, but it was dark and I couldn’t see the other two people. They blocked my path so I couldn’t walk through, and I started to get concerned. Simon spoke to me, and mentioned an incident, which had occurred between his brother and my dad. Although I recalled some detail about this incident, I denied all knowledge to Simon, as I did not want any trouble. I believe due to his language and aggressive behaviour, that he was either drunk or under the influence of drugs. I remember Simon approaching me, and receiving a blow to the head, my next memory was waking up in an ambulance with my girlfriend *** besides me. Police were involved and I believe Simon was sentenced to a term of imprisonment.

The next contact I had with Simon was shortly after he was released from prison. I was sitting in my car outside my parent’s house with my girlfriend *** chatting. Simon came over to the car, and initially I was quite apprehensive as (sic) unsure what he was going to say or do. When I found out he just wanted to apologise, I was quite shocked. Although I’m still not sure if it was his own choice, or whether his parents had encouraged him

Simon apologised for his behaviour and we actually had quite a good chat. It was quite nice, as it seemed to clear the air, and from then on whenever we saw each other we would stop for a short chat. It also improved relationships with his parents, as they would smile at me if they saw me

I also made amends with Matthew ****** having met him at the Jet garage in Capel St Mary. A group of friends all met up and Matthew ****** and Simon Hall were amongst them. We got on well and they even made a joke about not picking on me now due to my build

Excerpts from one of the Russell children dated 28th November 2002

Lynne Hall’s line manager made a statement to the police on the 28th November 2002, she told police;

I am employed by Boots opticians at 5 Tavern Street, Ipswich, Suffolk

I am currently the assistant manager on that department and have held this position in Ipswich for the past two years. I am responsible for twenty members of staff including a lady by the name of Mrs Lynn Hall who is a customer Service Advisor on our department

I am aware that Mrs’s Hall’s son, Simon Hall has been arrested in connection with the murder of an elderly lady in Capel St Mary, Suffolk

On Saturday 8th December 2001 I attended the Boots Christmas function at the County Hotel in Ipswich

I travelled with another colleague namely ***** ***** who was on maternity leave at the time. We collected Lynn Hall from her home in Capel St Mary

I loaned to Lynn one of my jackets which I shall describe as follows: “Black Ladies Evening Jacket labelled ”J-Taylor (100% polyester, 100% Acetate lining). This jacket is size 12 and has embroidery and black beading around the collar and lapels. Lynn wore this jacket the same evening

I have thought very hard about when Lynn returned this jacket to me and I have to say that I cannot remember when it was. I cannot remember where we were when Lynn returned my jacket to me. I can say that Lynn has never been to my house and I have only been inside Lynn’s house on two occasions. The first time being on the evening of Saturday 8th December 2001 when we collected her for the social function and the second being since July 2002 when I visited her in a welfare capacity as her Line Manager. Since loaning the jacket to Lynn Hall I have not worn it and neither have I had it dry cleaned. To my knowledge Lynn did not have the jacket dry cleaned prior to giving it back to me

At 12.30pm today (Thursday 28th November 2002) I handed to Dc 951 H***** of the Suffolk Constabulary the aforementioned jacket

I saw Dc H***** package the jacket within a brown paper sack which I placed directly into the sack. Dc H***** did not touch the jacket prior to sealing it in the bag

Excerpts from police witness statement of Lynne Hall’s line manager dated 28th November 2002

An excerpt from the prosecutions closing speech, during Simon Hall’s murder trial regarding Lynne Hall’s concocted evidence read;

Well members of the jury I’ve dealt with the shoes except in this regard.

Do you remember that very small piece of evidence given by Mrs Hall in what I described and as I underline as being an essentially concocted part of this case?

To mislead you away from the truth.

Given she’d been ill up and down during the night all the previous day, she now remembers she said to him as he past through can I clean your tan boots. 6.30am on a Sunday morning.

Do you believe it?

Excerpt from page 31 of prosecutions closing speech given by Graham Parkin

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Killer Simon Hall: Power & Control – Part 6 ©️

Joan Albert’s Killer.
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst ’at large’ and ‘wanted’ by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

Simon Hall spent the Saturday night and early Sunday morning hours of the 15th and 16th December 2001 frequenting a couple of pubs in Ipswich and then went on to a nightclub called Liquid.

He left Liquid nightclub at around 2am with Jamie Barker, who was then the assistant manager of The Old Rep public house.

Both men spent around 3 hours together in Ipswich town centre, before walking to the Woolpack public house, ran by Scott Doughty, where Simon had been earlier in the night and left his car keys.

After getting his car keys from Scott Doughty, Simon Hall drove Jamie Barker home to Jamie’s mother Angela’s house in Myrtle Road, Ipswich, arriving at around 5.30am.

Simon Hall then drove to his adoptive parents Phil and Lynne Hall‘s house in Capel St Mary.

It would have taken Simon Hall approximately 20 minutes to drive back to Capel St Mary from Jamie’s mothers house in Ipswich, as can be seen from the google maps image below;

Google maps image

The 2011 Court of Appeal judgment, which can be read here wrongly stated at paragraph 4 that Simon Hall’s drive back from Jamie Barker’s address in Ipswich to Capel St Mary was a journey of some 5 minutes.

It was not and it is not known how or why the court of appeal judges got the timings wrong.

After parking his car in Snowcroft, Capel St Mary, Simon Hall walked to Joan Albert’s home. 

He made claim he put his socks over his hands to use as gloves, which is something the prosecution had indicated he may have done during his trial, as can be seen from an excerpt from the prosecutions closing speech;

Our submission to you is that it’s obvious one. That this as I’ve described in careful burglar had covered his hands. Whether with gloves, socks, you remember Mr Swann hesitated a moment before agreeing to that. It may be he’s been out of the police force a very long time, but he accepted, yes he understands that sometimes socks are used. Any piece of material, pull down your cuffs if it goes long enough, will do (sic)

Graham Parkin QC (Page 13, B)

Simon Hall then claimed he used a long metal pole to smash Joan Albert’s ground floor kitchen window, located at the back of her property.

Broken kitchen window of 15 Boydlands, Capel St Mary

Pieces of glass were removed from the window frame and placed on the grass near a large frog ornament, as can be seen in the above crime scene photograph.

Simon Hall said he was able to climb through the window with ease as the black leather jacket he was wearing over his black larey or loud shirt with red splashes over itprotected’ him.

Once inside he said he looked for a “big looking” knife in Joan Albert’s kitchen drawer to “scare her” with, but it appears the noise of the breaking glass may have already disturbed Joan Albert.

Simon Hall went on to allege that when he turned from having taken the knife from the kitchen drawer, Joan Albert was standing there and allegedly said to him “What are you doing”?

There was further evidence at the crime scene suggesting Joan Albert may have awoken after hearing her kitchen window being smashed and went down stairs to investigate, as her large yellow torch was found in her hallway, laying on the floor near her feet.

One of Joan Albert’s feet still had a slipper on but the other slipper was off, presumably from when she was attacked and fell, or was pushed to the floor, or during some other event caused by Simon Hall.

A second torch was found laying on its side behind a silver framed photo of Joan Albert’s husband Cyril, on her hall table close by to where Joan’s body was found.

Lynne Hall told Suffolk police two months after her friend Joan Albert’s murder;

Joan also had either a yellow or orange torch, it was quite substantial because we actually joked about her hitting someone with it.

Joan bought the torch in the summer of 2001 when she was having the trouble with the kids.

The torch was beneficial as she let the dog out into the garden several times per night

Excerpt from Lynne Hall’s police witness statement dated 14th February 2002

Simon Hall claimed he did not stab Joan Albert in the back, as was suggested by the pathologist Dr Michael Heath and presented during his trial.

He alleged he had stabbed Joan Albert from the front and the knife had penetrated “all the way through” her slim frame. 

Diagrams indicating the position of some of Joan Albert’s injuries can be viewed here

The crime scene suggested evidence of a disturbance on Joan Albert’s stair landing, where ornaments had been knocked over.

It’s possible Joan Albert may have knocked these over on her way down the stairs, or possibly when she made an attempt to go upstairs, in order to flee from Simon Hall.

A scene of crime officer stated;

The premises are a three-bedroom link detached house in a small cul-de-sac road.

The from garden is an open plan garden with a path to the front door and a drive to the garage door.

The rear garden is enclosed with scrubs and a 6-foot wooden panelled fence.

The garden is surrounded by gardens from other premises. Entry to the rear garden is by a secure door between the garage and the main house.

The house has a main entrance door at the front, which leads into the hall, with doors off to the lounge, downstairs toilet and kitchen and stairway to the first floor.

The lounge leads through to the dining room, which leads through to the kitchen.

The kitchen leads back to a hallway and the rear door.

The stairs lead to a landing, which has doors leading to the three bedrooms, the bathroom and the airing cupboard

we carried out a visual examination of the outside of the premises, the footpath that runs down the side of 17 Boydlands and side of 3 Vine Walk and the garden of 3 Vine Walk.

On the outside of the wooden fence to 3 Vine Walk were two indented shoe impressions in the grass.

Inside the garden of 3 Vine Walk next to the fence was another shoe impression in the flowerbed.

This shoe mark corresponded to the other shoe marks on the other side of the fence.

At the bottom of the garden next to the fence which backs onto the garden of 15 Boydland’s of 3 Vine Walk is black plastic compost converter, which had traces of dirt smeared across the too edge of it.

In the garden of 15 Boydland’s on the other side of the fence, which corresponds to the black plastic compost converter was a shoe mark impression in the flowerbed.

We then carried out a visual examination of the house.

The rear kitchen casement window had been smashed, with most of the glass out of the frame, some of the glass lay on the lawn and some lay on the worktop inside the window.

On the grass outside was a white coloured concrete frog, which appeared to have been moved from its original position on the lawn.

Inside the hallway lay the deceased occupant of the house, Mrs Joan Albert.

She lay on her back with her head up against the downstairs cloakroom door.

She was dressed in a white coloured nightdress and a red coloured dressing gown.

The dressing gown was open exposing the nightdress.

There was blood staining to the nightdress around the abdomen and chest area.

Ornaments and a flower arrangement had been knocked off a small shelf at the bottom of the stairs.

An eight and a half inch kitchen knife lay on the kitchen floor.

The cutlery drawer in the kitchen was open and a similar kitchen knife to that on the floor was half sticking out of the drawer.

The only other disturbance in the house was the plant pots on the inside of the kitchen windowsill had been knocked off into the sink and draining board

Excerpts from police scene of crime officer witness statement dated 21st January 2002

After carrying out his brutal and violent knife attack, and when Joan Albert was finally laying down on the floor of her downstairs hallway, Simon Hall claimed he had masturbated whilst standing over her body. 

It was presumably also around this time Simon Hall had lifted up Joan Albert’s night wear. 

Simon Hall claimed he had put his hand into his under pants whilst he was still fully clothed, apparently to ensure he did not leave any traces of his semen or bodily fluids behind.

Simon Hall also made the claim he had defecated in Joan Albert’s garden after he had committed his murder.

It is not known if this incident did occur, although police forensics did remove faeces from Joan Albert’s garden as part of their crime scene forensic examinations. The faeces was bagged and labelled as ‘dog excrement’.

A police forensic document stated;

The body of Joan Albert was found in the hallway of her home when neighbours failed to make contact with her by telephone early on Sunday morning, 16/12/01.

A spare key was used to gain entry to the premises, whereupon they found her laid on the floor, wearing her nightdress, dressing gown and slippers.

The deceased’s legs were slightly parted and her clothing was up by her chest, leaving her naked below the waist.

Whilst the front and rear doors were believed to be locked securely, it was observed that a rear kitchen window had been smashed and pieces of glass picked out of the frame, creating a hole large enough to be used as a point of entry and exit.

The deceased had received multiple stab wounds and a knife of the appropriate size/length was found on the kitchen carpet.

Amongst the injuries noted during the post mortem examination of the deceased were some knife cuts which appear to have been made some time after death

Excerpt from Operation Magdala police forensic document

During the initial stages of the crime scene examination, blood staining was observed in the hallway where the altercation appears to have taken place.

It was noted a yellow torch bore smeared blood and there was a single drop of blood on the hall table.

A knife, believed to be the murder weapon, was found on the kitchen floor, and although not obviously blood stained, it appears to have fatty smears on the blade.

An examination of the rear garden of the premises and the likely exit route over the fence of the adjourning property, 3 Vine Walk, revealed footwear impression.

These impressions appear to have been made by a plain soled shoe with a heel (the heel bearing a fine mesh pattern)

Excerpt from Operation Magdala police forensic document

Joan Albert’s body and clothing were tested for any evidence of direct sexual activity. None were reported to be found.

The long metal pole Simon Hall claimed he used to break the downstairs kitchen window was found by forensic officers in a neighbours garden.

It was labelled as exhibit AMB3 and Judith Cunnison, a forensic expert stated in her witness statement;

The fibres recovered from the metal pole (AMB3) differ from the constituent fibres of the dressing gown (MH8) and the flock fibres from 15 Boydlands

Excerpt from Judith Cunnison’s 12th of December 2002 police witness statement

Below are extracts taken from a 2013 forensic psychologists report;

..he was driving home in his newly acquired car in the early hours of the morning.

He stated that he became, and persisted in being, preoccupied with the ’idea of raping someone’.

This notion, he said, persisted and he drove directly to the house of the victim, with the intention of raping her in her house – he could give no coherent account as to why this elderly lady was the focus for his sexual or violent preoccupations

At around 6 a.m. he broke into her house via a kitchen window.

He was confronted by Mrs Albert who asked him what he was doing.

He took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her in the chest (he did not refer to stabbing her in the back).

The elderly lady fell to the floor (he maintained he attacked her in the kitchen, but her body was found by the neighbour in the hall at the foot of the stairs).

Excerpts from page 10 of William Long’s November 2013 psychology report

It is not known if killer Simon Hall confided in, or confessed to Joan Albert’s murder, in the early hours or days of the police investigations to any of his immediate family members, or others.

But it became clear they had their suspicions (Whether conscience or sub-conscience) based on their lies, deceptions, concoctions, smears and other telling and manipulative behaviours.

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