The Hoax PR Campaign of Psychopathic Teenage Killer Luke Mitchell (Part 1)

Scott Forbes

Questions 4 Warped Minded Abuser, Gaslighter, Con Artist & Hypocrite Scott Forbes

On the 14th of April 2020 Sonia Poulton tweeted here about abuser and con-artist Scott Forbes, and referred to him as a ‘lawyer’.

Yet Scott Forbes has never provided any proof he has ever been a practising lawyer and according to the Law Society he has never been entered with them, ever.

In a now deleted tweet, which was originally published here, Scott Forbes also made the following claim;

….. im actually laughing. Dr Lean can confirm I was lukes lawyer and part of a legal team for 5 years. Let them play there wee boys games if it amuses them #laugh#last#laugh#longest.

Reproduced tweet by Scott Forbes dated 3rd of April 2019

Below is a screenshot of Scott Forbes original tweet;

A 2010/11 online annual report for MOJO Scotland stated;

We also had a Trainee Lawyer, Scott Forbes, working with the Project 3 days per week. Scott was instrumental in investigating two cases, Mr I and Mr P, which resulted in Mr P’s case going back to the SCCRC for review. Mr I’s case is ongoing. The project was able to secure a 2 year supervised traineeship for Scott with Graham Mann Solicitors; Paul and Scott have been a huge asset to the Organisation and in taking the Projects aims and objectives forward.

Excerpts from pages 2 and 3 here

What the above annual report did not mention is that it was around the time Scott Forbes was apparently ‘working 3 days per week’ with MOJO or Graham Mann solicitors, when Sandra Lean (See Part 17d of The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam blog series here and Part 17f here, Part 18 here, Part 18a here, Part 18b here, Part 18c here, Part 18d here and Part 18e here) claimed she had obtained a ‘key’ to an ‘office’, where she was able to gain access to Jodi Jones killers case files, which she had not seen before.

And around the same time as the above, well over a decade ago, Scott Forbes contacted a confidential hotline number and spoke ‘at length’ to a former Royal Ulster Constabulary police officer.

Scott Forbes ‘threatened’ said former RUC officer with legal action, because apparently ‘as a prospective lawyer he didn’t want his name all over the Internet’ – See here.

Was the real reason Scott Forbes ‘didn’t want his name all over the Internet’ anything to do with him giving Sandra Lean access to sensitive and confidential case files which he wasn’t authorised to do?

The confidential hotline number was set up around the time Jodi Jones killer (And his enablers) innocence fraud was being exposed – See here.

Scott Forbes has chosen to continue to lie about his late ‘friend’ Mark Kane, and many others, in an attempt to shill for, and protect, the sadistic and psychopathic child killer of Jodi Jones.

Scott Forbes has also chosen to not publish copies of any, or all, of the witness statements he made to the police about Mark Kane or indeed Mark Kane’s police statement(s), which is a massive red flag!

Mark Kane passed away on the 16th of May 2018 so he cannot defend himself against Scott Forbes warped minded lies, which Scott has been adding too ever since he chose to involve himself in Jodi Jones killer’s fraudulent public relations campaign.

Scott Forbes knows that by publishing both his and Mark Kane’s police witness statements, the public will learn Scott has been adding to the story he originally told and making up further stories, seemingly from his warped imagination.

If Scott Forbes has nothing to hide he would publish all of his, and Mark Kane’s, police witness statements in full.

Mark Kane’s Truth

Scott Forbes has also recently claimed that Mark Kane posted on ‘blogs’ and ‘Facebook pages’, again without providing any evidence to support his false claims.

Norma, Mark Kane’s mother, spoke out here after her son Mark’s name was mentioned by Scott Forbes during a two part channel 5 TV show, which promoted Jodi Jones killer’s innocence fraud and propaganda.

Mark Kane

In reality, Mark Kane posted on a couple of internet forum websites in an attempt to defend himself from the lies being told about him by Scott Forbes and another abuser; charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean (Who was also briefly mentioned in Part 17a of the ongoing blog series on Joan Albert’s killer’s innocence fraud here).

Mark Kane posted on an internet website forum here in August 2014, which Scott Forbes was aware of and referred to it in a tweet years later, as the ‘Justice Forum’;

Mark chose to post using the name Mr.Rabbit because of the continued abuse, threats and harassment he had been on the receiving end of, in the main, by Sandra Lean and Scott Forbes.

Mark Kane’s post is reproduced in full below;

Sandra Lean is a bully as well as a liar. I was one of the so called accused, not a shred of evidence against me except a statement from a man who has a severe criminal record that has since came to light. I knew all about it from the start I knew it would eventually catch up with him and Sandra Lean. Anytime I contacted her on the ‘Luke Mitchell’ is innocent website she got right onto her cronies and I would receive death threats over the phone, be visited n public places by he man with the long and hash criminal record who would make threats against and my family. He even went to my mothers door, she is her Sixties and disabled  just to show me she could be got at! What type of human being does such a thing? He assaulted me in full view of half a dozen people after I had left a comment on Ms.Leans web pag. All of this I reported to the police. Just to set a couple of things straight I never had big cuts on my face the day after the murder I had a tiny scratch is all, he did not drive me to the police station the day after and he never said what amount of money we would get but he did say we would get money if we spoke to the press and get a wee holiday out of it. I never wanted anything to do with it it was sick, the man bullied me. He got a holiday out of it as the daily record accidentally used his name as the suspect he got just over a grand in damages. I have never received anything for the mental anguish myself and family have been through. I think he was merely a puppet in Sandra Leans games which have now came to a head but I’m still stuck with totally untrue accusations against me and haven’t even received a sorry let alone anything else. I knew about his criminal past but I never mentioned it, I never spoke to reporters, which he wanted me to. He used to make jokes about it and him and him only ever brought it up as you know it was nearly 4 years before he came forward after a falling out between us, the police didn’t take him serious and he gave a high court statement Han is all lies and I have many witness that can back that up. He bullied me after he had went to the police, trying to keep me in line and watch who I spoke to but I just didn’t want anything to do with it god I wasn’t even sure he was telling the truth about talking to the police cause like I said he used to make jokes about it. If they haughty they were right then how come whenever I questioned Sandra lean she would get right on to him to go and do her dirty work which was harass me. I have a load of witness to prove everything he said is a lie that’s why I was never worried. I just think it’s shocking that a man can take half truths, 3rd hand stories and just lies then go to the police with this rubbish and before you know it my name is on the 6 o’clock news, in newspapers giving totally false information about me and iv never received any type of closure or apology or anything from the people involved. Maybe karma has just taken it’s time he’s been exposed for the violent criminal who done jail for armed robbery and Sandra Lean, not for the first time, is wrong. I went through hell and back because of them but I’m not going to waste my life looking for revenge I knew in time it would all come out. Here’s to the innocent among us, don’t let the b……..s grind you down.

Sandra Lean is indeed a ‘bully and a liar’ and has been attempting to dupe anyone who will listen to her, for many years.

Sandra Lean also possess an inability to admit when she is wrong and will make up no end of excuses and nonsense in order to confuse anyone who isn’t aware of the deceptive and malicious psychological tactics she chooses to use.

Another of Sandra Lean’s Lackeys

The ‘Luke Mitchell is innocent’ website, referred to by Mark Kane, was run by unconvicted child killer and sexual deviant Billy Middleton (Referred to briefly in Part 17d of ongoing Quite A Hall Tale blog series here), who Sandra Lean went on to have a relationship with and went into partnership with.

To date, it is still not known what Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton do with the money and donations they received via their now defunct Scottish charity – See here.

And unfortunately it seems people are still buying charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean’s discredited book ‘No Smoke’, even though she lied (Again) and told all the people she is duping it is ‘currently unavailable’.

Sandra Lean claimed on the 4th October 2019;

…No Smoke was published more than 12 years ago, before I had access to all of the case papers and I haven’t read it/referenced it for many years. The book was based largely on court transcripts, which were all I had at the time. I’ve contacted the publisher today to ask for the book to be withdrawn.

Excerpts above taken from an internet forum here

There will be more on Sandra Lean and her discredited book, in future parts of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series (Which begins here) as Sandra Lean was also involved in Joan Albert’s killers fraudulent public relations campaign, and many other guilty killers frauds.

Instead of choosing to publish all of Jodi Jones killer’s police interview transcripts and witness statements, along with all of his mothers (Corinne Mitchell), and along with the lengthy Scottish criminal cases review commissions statement of reasons, both Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean continue to dupe anyone who will listen to them by only publishing out of context snippets from witnesses statements and titbits from some of the other case material which helped convict Jodi Jones killer.

And because Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean have only used snippets from witness statements and titbits from some of the other case material and news articles, they have been able to write and publish a ‘compelling innocence narrative’ (As referred to in Part 1 of Hornswoggler Nick Wallis & His Great Post Office Scandal here) for all of those unsuspecting people who are not familiar with innocence fraud or familiar with Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean’s history and previous behaviours and actions.

Scott Forbes & Sandra Lean Have No Shame

Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean’s behaviour and actions, especially since the pair of them were on a TV show in early 2021, has been, and continues to be abusive, malicious, cruel and deplorable.

Jodi Jones killer was already showing signs of disturbing and dangerous personality traits and behaviours, which were picked up on by the adults who were teaching him at school and spending time with him and witnessing his behaviour.

A close friend of Jodi Jones stated of Corrine Mitchell;

Jodi thought Luke’s mum was as mad as a hatter and said she knew Corinne was smoking a lot of cannabis.

Statement by a close friend of Jodi Jones here

If Corrine Mitchell really did not recognise the disturbing and dangerous signs her youngest son was displaying, was it because she was impaired through her own cannabis use, as referred to above?

And again, if Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean really thought Jodi Jones killer were innocent (He’s not), why haven’t they published copies of transcripts of all of his police interviews and witness statements, along with his mothers Corinne Mitchell’s?

And why won’t Scott and Sandra publish the criminal cases review commissions reasons for why they think Jodi Jones killer is guilty and was rightly convicted?

Mark Kane has not been the only target of Sandra Lean, and her new lackey Scott Forbes malicious, deceptive, cruel and deplorable orchestrated hate/smear campaigns.

Along with close family members of Jodi Jones and other innocent people, Jane Hamilton, who works for the Daily Record has been, and is being, subjected to another of Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean’s deceptive and malicious smear campaigns.

In February 2008 the Daily Record published an article about Scott Forbes headed ‘Luke Mitchell Witness Wanted £50K For His Story, Court Hears’.

The above article was not written by Jane Hamilton and some due diligence shows that Jane Hamilton’s last article on Jodi Jones killer was in 2005, and she did not write another article on Jodi’s killer, and his fraudulent public relations campaign, until after the TV show aired in early 2021.

Again, the article about Scott Forbes headed Luke Mitchell Witness Wanted £50K For His Story, Court Hears’ was written and published in 2008.

What the article does not mention is that according to Mark Kane, Scott Forbes ‘…got a holiday out of it as the daily record accidentally used his name as the suspect he got just over a grand in damages

Why haven’t con artists, abusers and gaslighters Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean addressed this?

And how much money did Scott Forbes allegedly receive from the Daily Record for apparently referring to him as a suspect, which Scott is now choosing to do with anyone who he has chosen to wrongly and maliciously target.

Where did Scott Forbes go on holiday after he ‘was awarded a 5 figure sum from a tabloid’?

The BBC also reported on Scott Forbes in 2008. Excerpts read;

But John Beckett QC, for the Crown, revealed that police investigations cast doubt on what Mr Forbes had told solicitors and a BBC Frontline Scotland programme in May last year

Mr Forbes had alleged that Mr Kane, a student at Newbattle Abbey College at the time of Jodi’s murder, had written an essay on “killing a girl in the woods”.

He also claimed that a teacher at the college could confirm this

Mr Beckett said: “When this came to light the Crown had police take a statement from the lecturer which confirmed Kane wrote no such essay at all.”

Mr Beckett also said Mr Forbes had told Mr Kane to co-operate “and we will get £50,000 from the newspapers”.

Excerpts from a 13th of February 2008 BBC article here

Click here for Part 2


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