The ‘Affair’, Ghosting & Reinvention of Stephanie Bon – Part 9b©️ 

Observations Of Behaviour

Stephanie Bon’s observations of Simon Hall’s behaviour appeared to be in stark contrast to Simon’s adoptive mother Lynne Hall.

Stephanie Bon stated to the police;

Simon was very close to his mum, and I think he was quite worried about how she would cope, as I believe she was on anti depressants prior to the murder. He talked about the incident, but mainly about concern for his mum

We began to visit his parents quite regularly, taking over flowers and chocolates and checking up on his mum. Simon was quite emotional person (sic) and seemed upset by the incident, which I would expect him to be

I didn’t notice any dramatic change in Simon after the murder. He was obviously upset, shocked and concerned for his mother but this did not seem out of the ordinary. He was still himself and there wasn’t any clothing that he suddenly stopped wearing. In fairness he did not have much clothing after Zoe had refused to give it back. Despite his lack of clothing, Simon was always well dressed and smartly turned out, wearing suits at work and usually jeans and nice shirts out of work

In January 2002, the company ’State Industrial Products’ started to struggle. They ended up making a large number of people redundant including Simon and my bother (sic) Olivier. I remained with the company until the end of February 2002, when I was also made redundant and the company went into liquidation

Following our redundancies Simon and my relationship began to fizzell out. We did not see each other regularly and began to lose contact. There were no hard feelings, as I think we both realised it was not working out. Simon was not ready to settle down completely and I understood that. He gradually collected all his belongings and we did not really have any more contact

I do remember I passed my driving test in May 2002 the first person I called was Simon, as he had taught me to drive. We had a short chat and got on fine

I thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with Simon. We laughed and got on well. I just think he was not ready at that time to settle down. Maybe if we had met five or ten years down the line, things would have been different

I think it was the end of 2001, Simon spoke to me about doing a parachute jump, myself, Simon and a couple of colleagues from State Industrial Products agreed to take part. It was a charity event and we had to raise a certain amount, before we could do the jump. Simon had decided he wanted to jump in favour of a girl who had died whilst they were at school together. I cannot remember the charity, but unfortunately we did not raise enough money to participate. Along with the company going into Liquidation, I think it all got forgotten about

Following the break up of our relationship Simon did collect all his belongings. The only item I still have is a blue and white long sleeved work shirt

During our relationship I never met the victim Joan, nor visited her house

Excerpts from final part of Stephanie Bon’s police witness statement dated 4th September 2002

It is not clear when exactly Simon Hall collected all his belongings from Stephanie Bon’s house in Colchester and if this happened when Simon had told Stephanie she could not attend the Hall family Christmas meal. But by the time of Simon Hall’s February 2003 trial, the relationship between Simon Hall and Stephanie Bon had been reduced to them being just ’friends’ as opposed to being ‘an item’ ie; boyfriend and girlfriend, which Stephanie Bon and Simon Hall had initially said they were.

An excerpt from page 36 of the Judges summing up read;

Between the end of Zoe, bonfire nightish 2001, and Christmas he did not sleep exclusively at Snowcroft, he split his time between that and the home of a friend, Stephanie Bonn (Sic), but by December 2001 his clothes would be predominantly at Snowcroft rather than at her home

It is also not known when Stephanie Bon chose to decide to go along with the lie about her relationship with Simon Hall, but Stephanie Bon also chose to claim publicly her and Simon Hall were just ‘close friends’ around the time Simon Hall murdered Joan Albert, as is evidenced by a 16th April 2007 article in the Colchester Gazette reported under the headline Stephanie fights to clear friends name;

A woman campaigning to clear a convicted killer’s name spoke of her battle to end what she claims is a huge miscarriage of justice.

Stephanie Bon became close friends with Simon Hall when they worked at a chemical company in Colchester’s East Hill.

He even taught her to drive, but they lost touch when the firm closed down.

Then, Hall was charged with the murder of pensioner Joan Albert at her home in Capel St Mary.

Stephanie attended the murder trial with Hall’s family, confident he would be cleared.

When the guilty verdict came in, we were absolutely devastated,” she said.

“It was like the floor opening up under you.

“I was the first person to speak to him after he was convicted. He was absolutely distraught.

“I said we’ll just have to fight. You can’t give up’.”

Stephanie’s brother designed the Justice4Simon website, which argued Hall’s case and started to attract media attention.

The campaign brought her into contact with other miscarriage of justice cases, including members of the Birmingham Six.

MPs – including Colchester’s Bob Russell – have also backed the campaign Hall is serving a life sentence in Swaleside Prison on the Isle of Sheppey. He refuses rehabilitation courses because he insists he is innocent.

But, denying guilt could delay any chance of parole.

On the outside, efforts continue to clear his name. He was featured on the BBC‘s Rough Justice programme last week.

Chris Wilkin for Colchester Gazette article dated 16th April 2007

The lie about Stephanie Bon and Simon Hall’s relationship was repeated in an October 2009 article, following the Criminal Cases Review Commission referral;

Stephanie Bon, from Colchester, who launched the Justice for Simon Campaign with Simon’s mum Lynne, who now runs it, still believes he is innocent. She became close friends with Hall when they work-ed (Sic) at a chemical company in East Hill, Colchester

Colchester Gazette 18th October 2009

Throughout Stephanie Bon’s public relations ‘innocence’ fraud campaign on behalf of Simon Hall, Stephanie Bon not only chose to lie about her relationship with Simon Hall prior to and following his murder of Joan Albert, she also chose to utilise a plethora of diversionary tactics and deceptions to cover up and obscure the truth; not dissimilar to Simon Hall and all the Hall family members.

And around the time Simon Hall’s then wife Stephanie (Hall) learned Simon Hall, and others, including Stephanie Bon, had lied to her, Suffolk police and the public about the Zenith burglary, Stephanie Bon was said to be living with Simon Hall’s older brother Shaun Hall and engaged to be married to him.

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