Allegations of Sexual Abuse & Incest – Part 13©️ 

Joan Albert’s Killer.
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst ’at large’ and ‘wanted’ by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

Following his suicide attempt in 2013 Simon Hall made allegations his older brother Shaun Hall had sexually abused him when Simon was around 10 years of age. Simon also alleged he and Shaun Hall had gone on to have an incestuous relationship

Simon Hall also made allegations of sexual abuse against his adoptive mother Lynne Hall.

A July 2013 reference from Simon Hall’s HMP Wayland December 2013 ‘Sentence Planning and Review Report’, which was made following Simon’s confession to his murder of Joan Albert read;

Mr Hall stated that he could not attend work as he was in the wrong frame of mind, stating he had too much going on as he had been abused by family members when he was young and had to make a statement

While talking to a member of staff Mr Hall stated that he had been abused by his mother and brother and that is why he felt he did not know what he was doing at the time of the murder

Excerpt from page 14 of HMP Wayland December 2013 ‘Sentence Planning and Review Report

These allegations were reported to Suffolk police in early 2013 and Simon Hall made a police witness statement from HMP Hollesley Bay. Suffolk police apparently interviewed Shaun Hall and Lynne Hall and the investigation was No Further Actioned.

Another reference from Simon Hall’s HMP Wayland December 2013 ’Sentence Planning and Review Report‘ read;

Intel suggests that Mr Hall informed his wife that he lied about Lynn raping him and having sex with him, and that he is craving attention

Excerpt from page 15 of HMP Wayland December 2013 ‘Sentence Planning and Review Report

Below are copies of parts of a letter written by Simon Hall dated 22nd September 2013;

Before Suffolk police interviewed Lynne and Shaun Hall they also requested Simon Hall’s then wife Stephanie (Hall) make a police witness statement, so she could relay to them what Simon Hall had disclosed to her regarding his allegations of sexual abuse. She relayed to Suffolk police that Simon Hall had referred to the alleged ’bird game’’, mentioned in the copy of the above part of the letter, as ‘the bird catches the worm’.

Simon Hall alleged Lynne Hall would use one of her hands to allegedly imitate a ’bird’ and Simon’s penis was allegedly the ‘worm’. The alleged ’bird game’ was allegedly carried out whilst Simon was in the bath.

Simon Hall also alleged when Lynne Hall was ’drying him down’ after a bath, she would allegedly ‘kiss him on his lips, his nipples and then his penis’. Simon Hall described these allegations as part of his bath time routine when he was a child.

Copies of parts of letters written by Simon Hall – Dated 22nd September 2013

On the 15th November 2013 Shaun Hall, using one of his numerous pseudonyms or ’false identities’ called Fannymoon, stated the following;

The original to the above screenshot can be found using the following link:,4548.msg201627.html#msg201627

Simon Hall had not made any appeal for a reduced sentence. The media had reported on Simon Hall’s confession in early August 2013 but nothing was reported on Simon’s allegations of sexual abuse, therefore it is not known why Shaun Hall chose to make the following public statement;

Did anything come of Mr Halls appeal for reduced sentence because of abuse he suffered by his adopted Mother and Brother?

Statement by Shaun Hall under the ‘false identity’ of Fannymoon

Shaun Hall’s 15th November 2013 statement appeared to support his brother Simon Hall’s allegations of sexual abuse as opposed to a denial of the allegations made.

Oddly Dr William Long, a senior forensic psychologist working for HMP Wayland, stated in his November 2013 report;

In relation to ’early maladjustment’ there is evidence from reports and interviews with Mr Hall that his childhood and early life were relatively problem-free. He has at time disclosed that his family life was problematic but has later withdrawn these comments, insisting that he had been lying. This item is regarded as ’absent’. There is no evidence of him being rejected, abused or mistreated in his childhood and early life; There is similarly no evidence and no disclosure of family or marital discord in the home to which he was witness

Paragraph 5.12, page 18 of 57 from Dr William Long’s November 2013 – Psychological risk assessment report

Simon Hall made further references to the allegations of sexual abuse regarding his brother Shaun Hall in a letter he wrote around three weeks before his suicide;

And in another letter around two weeks before Simon Hall’s suicide;

Simon Hall letter dated 9th February 2013

And further reference to Shaun Hall and ’parental relationships’, six days before Simon Hall’s suicide;

Excerpts from Simon Hall’s letter dated 17th February 2014

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