Recent Jill Dando article written by Natalie Smith published in The Justice Gap run by Jon Robins

“A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes

In a recent series of email correspondence to Jon Robins who runs The Justice Gap, Stephanie Hall asked:

What Lessons, if any, have been Learned following Simon Hall’s Confession in 2013.

Below is an edited version of an email sent to Jon Robins on 7th May 2019

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Dear Jon,

I read with interest a recent article in the Justice Gap by Natalie Smith entitled, Jill Dando – How pressure to find a killer made the justice system reckless.

Natalie Smith clearly hasn’t considered the fact Barry George may have duped his way through the criminal justice process (Which I firmly believe he has) like Stephen Downing did and Simon Hall nearly did, instead she argues,

nearly everyone has been mislead about the strength of the firearms residue evidence.

Reckless could equally apply to Natalie Smith who apparently is a lawyer specialising in criminal litigation, she states in relation to Jill Dando,

the expert evidence provides a terrifying image of her last moments. The killer forced her head either onto or close to the front step of her home, then bending or crouching over her he pressed a gun to her head and shot her. It was an execution. It was violence aimed at a women and one of the most famous women in Britain at the time. 

These are Natalie Smith’s images and speculation. All any of us can do is speculate what Jill Dando was faced with that fateful day.

Natalie Smith then claims,

The pressure and determination to find the killer made the criminal justice system reckless .

There is no evidence of this.

She then goes on,

“The smallest of evidence took on too great a significance and those tasked with finding the killer ended up seeing what they wanted to in it. Logic became obscured.

It appears to me Natalie Smith is seeing what she wants to see, dismissing all other evidential evidence in the process and it’s her logic that has become obscured.

According to Ms Smiths website bio she has,

successfully defended in cases involving very serious criminal allegations, particularly those that are damaging to reputation.

And apparently currently works for Hodge, Jones and Allen who ironically you wrote about here:

I don’t suppose Ms Smith considered the police in the Barry George case had their reputations smeared, which in turn distorted the public’s perceptions of their investigation, which Barry George, his sister and his legal team have to date used to their advantage.

Although the campaign to clear Barry George was far bigger than Simon Hall’s, because of who Jill Dando was, the smoke and mirrors campaign is not dissimilar to what Simon Halls turned out to be. 

I’ve often wondered if you or others have ever recognised this and indeed in other claimed cases of wrongful conviction?  

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, in the meantime,

Best regards,

Stephanie Hall