The Morphing Of Rapist & Passport Fraudster Andrew Malkinson’s Story – Beginning With The Claim His Rape “Never Happened” To Naming Someone Else (Part 3)

Convicted rapist & passport fraudster Andrew Malkinson

In 2016 convicted rapist Andrew Malkinson made the abhorrent claim, via Bob Woffinden, that his vicious attack and rape “never happened”.

Bob Woffinden was involved in the innocence fraud phenomenon of killer and rapist James Hanratty, among others innocence fraud campaigns, and wrote a book called “Hanratty: The Final Verdict” – which was published in October 1997.

In May 2002 it was reported that the court of appeal had ruled that there was evidence to show “beyond doubt” that killer and rapist James Hanratty had been guilty after all.

Valerie Storie & Michael Gregsten

In August 1961 Michael Gregsten (36) was shot dead in his car on the A6 at Deadman’s Hill near Clophill in Bedfordshire.

Valerie Storie, who was Michael Gregsten’s girlfriend had been raped and shot five times and left paralysed.

The three court of appeal judges (lord chief justice lord Woolf, lord justice Mantell and Mr justice Leveson) said in their 215 paragraph judgement here that the innocence fraud campaign had “failed”.

The 2002 court of appeal judgement stated of the DNA evidence;

His DNA was found on a piece of material from Valerie Storie’s knickers where it would be expected to be if he was guilty; it was also found on the handkerchief found with the gun

Excerpt from para 8 of grounds of appeal & dna evidence [2002] EWCA Crim 1141

Referring to the criminal cases review commission, the judges also stated at paragraph 215;

We do not consider it would be right to attempt to judge the Commission with the benefit of hindsight in relation to this case

We do however emphasise that there have to be exceptional circumstances to justify incurring the expenditure of resources on this scale, including those of this Court, on a case of this age.

Excerpts from para 215 [2002] EWCA Crim 1141

It was reported here that Bob Woffinden had found the news of killer and rapist James Hanratty’s guilt and his innocence fraud “distressing” and “shattering”.

Bob Woffinden went on to make the following ludicrous and abhorrent claims on behalf of rapist Andrew Malkinson regarding his victim;

Apart from her own story, there is no evidence whatever of an attack.

There is no scientific evidence on her of an attacker, and nor is there evidence of any sexual assault upon her.

What the judge termed the ‘findings of the doctor’ could have been otherwise explained:

she had recently had consensual intercourse with her partner;

and a small tear at her anus could have been the result of her tumble down the bank.

As she admitted,

‘I slid down on my bum’

Malkinson has been in prison for more than thirteen years for a crime that he certainly did not commit and a crime that, in all probability, never happened.

Excerpts by Bob Woffinden for the Justice Gap article headed ‘Forensically aware’: the Andy Malkinson case dated 24th May 2016

In March 2004 Bolton news reported on some of the victims injuries ;

She suffered a broken bone in her neck, a fractured cheekbone, severe cuts and bruising and a swollen eye.

Malkinson, who was born in Grimsby, had lived in Holland for 10 years.

He moved to Walkden just a few weeks before the attack after meeting the Hardmans on holiday.

They befriended him and shortly after they flew home, he told them he was flying to Tenerife to look for work.

He later called them to say he had been robbed and had no money.

He asked if he could stay with them.

He moved in and took a job as a security guard at the Ellesmere Shopping Centre, Walkden.

After a few weeks, he moved out to stay with a colleague in Aspinall Court, Atherton.

Shortly after attacking the woman, he told his friend he was returning to Holland.

His friend dropped him off at Manchester Airport, but he never left the country.

He was arrested in Grimsby on August 2, two weeks after the attack, and later charged.

Officers had followed a lead given to them by Little Hulton community officers PCs Christopher Baybutt and Gary Waite — whom the judge commended for their part in the conviction.

Excerpts from a Bolton news article headed Sentence on rapist slammed by couple dated 31st March 2004
Copy of photo of Emily Dugan taken from here

In December 2020 Innocence Fraud Watch asked Emily Dugan here;

If Andrew Malkinson is innocent and no crime occurred – as indicated by Bob Woffinden – were the victims injuries caused by her falling and not because ‘she was left for dead by a stranger’

Innocence Fraud Watch – 20th December 2020

In a now deleted tweet Emily Dugan bizarrely stated the following;

In response Innocence Fraud Watch stated here;

No Emily @emilydugan – Bob Woffinden intimated no crime occurred ie: the victim made it up

What do your have to say about that?

Innocence Fraud Watch – 25th April 2021

Innocence Fraud Watch again responded to Emily Dugan here stating;

Are you actually attempting to frame an innocent and alleged unknown male”?

Innocence Fraud Watch – 25th April 2021

On the 26th September 2021 Emily Dugan, writing for The Sunday Times, chose to name and publish a photograph of someone else she seemingly thought could be responsible for convicted rapist and passport fraudster Andrew Malkinson’s crimes.

The man named by Emily Dugan and The Sunday Times passed away in December 2004.

In January 2023 the criminal cases review commission stated here;

The new DNA evidence found by the CCRC does not prove that the man on the DNA database committed these or any offences. 

Link to Part 4 here

Will Dupe Eleanor Shaikh’s Tweets About Dangerous & Manipulative Killer Robin Garbutt Finally Raise Red Flags With The Horizon Post Office Inquiry (Part 11)

Diana Garbutt was murdered by her husband Robin Garbutt on Tuesday the 23rd of March 2010.

Diana was bludgeoned to death by her husband while she was sleeping.

More on guilty killer Robin Garbutt and his innocence fraud can be read in Parts 9 and 10 of this blog series by tapping on the links below;

According to a tweet made by Nick Wallis in November 2022, Eleanor Shaikh was a customer at Chirag Sidphura’s convenience store and post office franchise, called Simran’s, in Farncombe, Surrey.

Nick Wallis has described Eleanor Shaikh as a ‘campaigner’.

Eleanor Shaikh set up a petition on behalf of Chirag Sidphura after he was suspended by the post office when auditors found a “loss of over £57,000”.

Chirag Sidphura was suspended by the post office on the 10th of October 2017.

According to Chirag Sidphura, on the same day the auditors found the massive shortfall he “offered a cheque for the full value on the spot’ but this was rejected by the post office.

Photo of Chirag Sidphura (Originally published here)

In Nick Wallis’s 22nd April 2020 blog headed ‘Chirag’s storyhere Chirag Sidphura is quoted as stating;

I offered a cheque for the full value on the spot to allow me to continue trading while an investigation took place. This option was rejected by Ms Bravata.

Chirag Sidphura – published by Nick Wallis dated 22nd April 2020

According to Chirag Sidphura he claimed the post office gave him “two options; pay the money back immediately” or “be prosecuted and face the prospect of a 2 year prison sentence”.

Chirag Sidphura alleged his father-in-law bailed him out and on 12th October 2017 £57,543.92 “was paid over the phone via debit card to the Post Office”.

But why would Chirag Sidphura’s father-in-law need to bail him out if only two days before he was planning to pay the £57,543.92 back ‘on the spot’ with a cheque?

Dupe Eleanor Shaikh

Eleanor (El) Shaikh

Eleanor Shaikh now appears to be ‘campaigning’ on behalf of Diana Garbutt’s guilty, manipulative and fraudulent killer.

On the 28th March 2023 Eleanor Shaikh published the following series of unfounded tweets on twitter;

Unfortunately Jane Metcalfe appears to have been groomed, conned and exploited by guilty killer Robin Garbutt into doing his bidding, as previously referred to in Part 9 of this blog series;

In response to Eleanor Shaikh’s tweets Innocence Fraud Watch asked the following question;

Eleanor Shaikh appears to have ‘liked’ Innocence Fraud Watch’s retweet without giving any thought to the content of the retweet.

Eleanor then ‘followed’ Innocence Fraud Watch.

But seemingly after realising Innocence Fraud Watch wasn’t retweeting in support of the content of her tweets, dupe Eleanor Shaikh ‘blocked’ Innocence Fraud Watch.

It would be interesting to hear what Charig Sidphura thinks about Eleanor Sheik choosing to push the innocence fraud narrative of the dangerous and manipulative killer who pretended ‘robbers’ held him up at gunpoint in an attempt to evade facing the consequences of his murder.

Link To BBC’s Expert Witness: Murder At The Post Office On Dangerous Murderer Robin Garbutt

Part 12 ~ Dropping Soon

Killer Luke Mitchell: Con-Artist Sandra Lean Is The Joseph Goebbels Of Midlothian’s ‘Wrongful Conviction’ Movement (Part 135)

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

Joseph Goebbels

Actual, Factual, Guilty Killer Simon Hall (& Sandra Leans) Innocence Fraud Was Exposed In 2012/13

Con-artist Sandra Lean’s first book was published in 2007 and again in 2008.

It included seven chapters on seven guilty murderers and Sandra Lean weaved her tales using the seven murderers cases, two of which were guilty killers Luke Mitchell and Simon Hall.

Con-artist Sandra Lean’s misleading and fabricated narratives, pushing out the innocence fraud of killer Simon Hall has been copied and published on this website and can be read by tapping on the following link;

Twisted Troll Sandra Lean Is Lying To You & Attempting To Project Her Undesirable Character Traits Onto Others

Some of the actual FACTS of the case against killer Simon Hall and the very real innocence fraud phenomenon which followed his conviction can be read in The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam ongoing blog series.

Tap on the link below to start reading this blog series and to see with your own eyes some of the FACTS con-artist Sandra Lean left out of her 1st discredited book;

After killer Simon Hall’s actual, factual guilt was exposed Sandra Lean continued to troll online and pretended to anyone who would listen to her that actually, factually guilty killer Simon Hall’s numerous admissions (to numerous people) to his murderous crime(s) weren’t genuine.

On the 10th of January 2017, some 4 years after the innocence fraud of actually, factually guilty killer Simon Hall and his enablers (including charlatan Sandra Lean) innocence fraud was exposed, con-artist Sandra Lean published a brief summary of what she said her revision in her now discredited 1st book No Smoke would be.

Sandra Lean’s ‘revision’ read;

In August 2013, it was reported that Simon Hall had confessed to the murder, in what many considered questionable circumstances, after ten years of maintaining his innocence. Some observers (including Simon’s family) expressed concerns about Simon’s mental health immediately prior to, and at the time of, the confession (a suicide attempt in the months before, for example.) 

The confession and the circumstances in which it was made, have never been made public. There were other suicide attempts, the last being in February 2014, when he was found dead in his cell. The confession, whether reliable or not, does not alter the fact that the case on which the conviction was founded was extremely weak, and fell far below the standards most of us would expect when a life sentence is the potential outcome of proceedings. 

There can be no doubt that the confession shocked those fighting claimed cases of Miscarriage of Justice, and raised serious questions about whether those fights should continue. However, where the fight is based on the evidence of the case as used at trial and in subsequent appeal proceedings, and that evidence is not robust enough to justify the convictions obtained, then the fight must continue, in the name of true justice. 

We will never know if Simon Hall’s confession was genuine, or the confused utterings of a crumbling sanity. The decision about whether to take up, or continue to carry, the baton for claimed Miscarriages of Justice is a matter for the person deciding to do so, and their own conscience.

Sandra Lean – 10th January 2017

Con-artist Sandra Lean did not attend actually, factually guilty killer Simon Hall’s February 2003 trial and therefore did not hear all of the evidence presented. Nor did she attend killer Luke Mitchell’s trial.

Con-artist Sandra Lean was also not privy to the police investigation nor was she privy to legal arguments agreed on before and during Simon Hall’s trial and why these legal argument’s may have been made. The same applied with regards killer Luke Mitchell’s trial and legal arguments.

Con-artist Sandra Leans chapter 5 of her 1st discredited book relied mainly on even more lies and concoctions of actually, factually guilty killer Simon Hall and his deceitful family members. And a deceitful ex girlfriend called Stephanie Bon, who was Simon Hall’s girlfriend at the time of his murder.

Shane Mitchell hiding from cameras in 2005

All of these people colluded and conspired (to a greater or lesser degree) to cover up actually, factually guilty killer Simon Hall’s murderous crime(s) and to cover up his true character and behaviours. Very similar to the cruel and callous mother of guilty killer Luke Mitchell, liar Corinne Mitchell and his lying brother Shane Mitchell*.

*When will liar Shane Mitchell explain exactly what he was doing on the night of the 30th June 2003, where exactly he went that evening and why? And when will con-artist Sandra Lean tell the people she is duping what questions the police asked Shane Mitchell about his killer brothers other missing bike and what exactly Shane Mitchell told the police? More on the missing bike can be read in Part 127 by tapping the link below;

What Does Projection Mean

..projection refers to unconsciously taking unwanted emotions or traits you don’t like about yourself and attributing them to someone else. 

Like a lot of aspects of human behavior, projection comes down to self-defense. Koenig notes that projecting something you don’t like about yourself onto someone else protects you from having to acknowledge parts of yourself you don’t like.

Excerpt from article headed It’s Not Me, It’s You: Projection Explained in Human Terms updated on the 15th September 2018

It is believed con-artist Sandra Lean is aware of her numerous projections and conscious of the fact that she attempts to project her undesirable character traits onto others.

In the past week con-artist Sandra Lean has published the following to one of her social media accounts;

Malignant Narcissist Sandra Lean Cannot Admit She Was/Is Wrong

A few days previously con-artist Sandra Lean published the following projections;

A search of the internet will show that con-artist Sandra Lean has never admitted she got it wrong in the case of actually, factually guilty killer Simon Hall and con-artist Sandra Lean has never addressed how and why she got it all so wrong.

Part 13 of this blog series, which includes statements made by con-artist Sandra Lean about actually, factually guilty killer Simon Hall can be read by tapping on the link below;

Part 18 of The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam on con-artist Sandra Lean is also worth reading;

Link to Part 136 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: Naive Killer Cult-Like Follower Sharon Indy Sunshine’s Projections (Part 104)

2020: Sharon Indy Sunshine’s ‘Half A Brain Logic’

In November 2020 Sharon Indy Sunshine, who was mentioned in Part 89 (which can be read by tapping on the link below)

made some interesting statements on Twitter claiming “most of you need to wise up” and “you are media sheep unable to think for yourselves”.

The main stream media, and people like pretend criminologist Sandra Lean don’t write about innocence fraud, so Sharon (and others like her) cannot be blamed for not yet understanding this very real phenomenon.

Below are copies of some of the tweets exchanged in 2020;

October 2022: The MSM (& Others) ‘Innocence’ Myth

Neither Amanda Knox or Raphael Sollecito have proven their innocence!

Raffaele Sollecito recently made the following public statement;

Over the past 15 years the investigation’ hasn’t wanted to realise our innocence and it is very bitter that we are still talking about it in this way.”

Raffaele Sollecito (via Laura Connor and Kelly Jenkins for the Mirror 29th October 2022)

The following link includes a playlist by Roberta Glass from the True Crime Report on innocence fraudster Amanda Knox;

Killer Luke Mitchell: Threats Of Violence Being Made By Cult Member (Part 94)

Latest By Warped Minded Abuser & Fantasist Scott Forbes

Scott Forbes has left comments on the recent podcast headed “Luke Mitchell & Damian Echols: Killers Comrades?” which first aired on the 21st of October 2022.

You can listen to the podcast below;

One of Scott Forbes comments bizarrely stated “war and piece of nonsense” – whatever that means?

However today someone has made a threat to the ‘man on the podcast’ presumably referring to William Ramsey.

Below are excerpts from Govan,G51’s comment;

So , firstly never watched or heard of this Echols case ,

but fully aware of this

Child at the time Luke Mitchell, and Jodi Jones

As this podcast is extremely poor and 1 sided as it’s the same Bullshitt from the Media and Criminally Negligent police

so i will stop as I am Disgusted by these Narsistic money grabbers that have no shame but for there own egos and pocket ,

In short Pea brained podcast and Forensics investigation,

Also as being a Scot I understand being a man ok am a short arse , but if this so called man on this podcast was in front of me spewing this doctored case info I would break his jaw an watch him spit the only truth from his mouth an that would be his teeth , in short a spinless peabrain , (sic)

Excerpts by Govan,G51

Govan,G51 finished their comment stating;

Welcome to Scotland

By Govan,G51


Govan,G51 appears to have since deleted their threat but made the following comment seemingly praising Scott Forbes;

Interestingly, and possibly nothing more than a coincidence, ‘Govan’ was the name of the police station where Michael Neill and John Sallens once worked.

Micahel Neill and John Sallens were referred to in the podcast.

Russell Findlay wrote an article for the Daily Record headed Four detectives from elite anti-terrorist unit are facing corruption probe over claims of fraud which was published on the 9th June 2013.

Scott Forbes stated in August 2022 of Michael Neil and John Sallens (referred to in the podcast as ‘Tweedledee and Tweedledum’);

The producers of the documentary asked two former police officers, John Sallens, and Michael Neil, with a combined experience of over 50 years which included crime scene management, to examine the case and, in particular, the investigation into the murder of Jodi Jones.

John Sallens concluded it was not Luke Mitchell who murdered Jodi Jones. He expressed that Luke had “suffered a serious miscarriage of justice” and been let down terribly by the Scottish Legal System.

Scott C Forbes – August 2022

Sadistic and psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell and his enablers, Scott Forbes and Sandra Lean are committing innocence fraud.

And given the fact Michael Neill and John Sallens had a combined experience of ‘over 50 years’ in the police service it’s shocking, but not surprising, the pair of them did not recognise this.

There is the ‘miscarriage of justice’ phenomenon and then there’s the innocence fraud phenomenon.

Killer Simon Hall was wrongly convicted and his conviction could be (and was) referred to as a ‘miscarriage of justice’ – but he was always actually, factually guilty, just like sadistic killer Luke Mitchell.

Link to Part 95 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: Sandra Lean’s Deluded ‘Flying Monkey’ Sharon Indy Sunshine (Part 89)

You Will Never Be Able To Make Some Understand Or Accept Something..

You will never be able to make some people understand or accept something if they are too stubborn or unwilling to learn or notice

It is not known if Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young is one of these people who is ‘too stubborn’ but she is definitely one of these people who is ‘unwilling to learn or notice’.

Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young

Unwilling To Learn Or Notice

On the 24th of October 2022 Sharon Young made a statement on the cult-like Facebook group promoting the innocence fraud of sadistic and psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell, in response to a Facebook post made by Emma.

Emma posted the below;

I’m just starting Sandra’s book and I’ve got a few questions.

Has Jodi’s family said anything about this book or what others might consider this as theories? Putting myself in their shoes I’d be furious there was all of this (groups, books, podcasts,etc), I’d do everything in my power to shut them off and shame them for tormenting my family. I find it odd, this all goes on and they just sit back.

What’s Luke position now? If I’m getting my timing right, it must be soon he’s able to be released or up for parole?

I told someone I was reading the book and how I really don’t think Luke done it and explained why. But they said that there was evident of blood on the clothing items his mum burnt that night in the garden. I remember reading or watching about it, that the fire didn’t happen that night and the parka wasn’t burnt. Can someone clear that up for me please?

I signed the petition last year, did it gain enough signatures to be discussed or did it fall short and that’s why we need to write to MSPs and have a peaceful/silent protest?


In response to Emma, Sharon Young posted the following;

Hi, please continue to read the book by Dr Sandra Lean it is all based on the provable facts from the case files anyone else only has an opinion which is just that, an opinion based on things such as the media wrote.

Well, one way it has been received was with a serious death threat to Dr Sandra Lean at her home in front of witnesses by JoJ. Dr Lean writes about that in her book.

Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young – 24th October 2022

Sharon Young’s Delusion’s & Bare Faced Lies

Sharon Young’s above statement is a bare faced lie.

Emma’s question was ‘Has Jodi’s family said anything about this book’.

Sandra Lean’s 2nd book (‘this book’) was published in October 2018.

Referring to ‘this book’ Sharon Young stated ‘Well, one way it has been received was with a serious death threat to Dr Sandra Lean’.

The visit by the brother of Jodi Jones to ask Sandra Lean to end her innocence fraud campaign occurred in 2010, eight years before Sandra published her second book!

And there was no ‘death threat’ as Sharon Young falsely stated.

And Sharon Young’s serious and false allegation (published as a fact) has never been proven!

Sharon Young’s apparent lack of reasoning and logic is one of the reasons why someone like charlatan Sandra Lean, who is the main protagonist of this innocence fraud, would use Sharon as one of her ‘flying monkeys’’ – to do her bidding.

And Sharon Young may think it’s okay to be making serious, false and unproven allegations like this, but it will be someone like Sharon Young who will be ‘sued’ and made an example of.

Billy (William) Middleton

The Threat To Sandra Lean Was Billy Middleton

It is not known what story Sandra Lean has chosen to tell (either in her second book or behind the scenes) about the day Jodi Jones brother asked her to end her innocence fraud campaign.

But Sandra Lean apparently had her then boyfriend, un-convicted child killer, predator and sexual deviant Billy Middleton living with her and her youngest adult daughter Ellie at the time.

Both Sandra Lean and Billy Middleton are renowned for making things up to suit their agenda’s.

And Stephen Bennett and all those involved in the channel 5 TV Show “Murder In A Small Town” probably weren’t aware of all that had gone on before. Because a lot of websites linked to what went on before have since been removed from the WWW. And a lot of statements that were once public (for example by Colin Bowman) have also been removed from the WWW.

And unless you know the back story, prior to the airing of the TV show, you won’t be familiar with all the facts of this innocence fraud and of the various actors involved.

And it’s highly unlikely Sandra Lean would have written about the incident between her and Billy Middleton and her daughter Ellie in her second book.

You can read some background into Billy Middleton by tapping on each of the two links below;

Sandra Lean alleged back in 2010 that when Joe Jones knocked on her door to ask her to end her innocence fraud campaign, she claimed she had told him she wanted to go through the paperwork regarding the forensics with him.

IF Sandra Lean viewed Joe Jones an any kind of threat, as she would go on to claim, why would she offer to go through ‘the DNA results’ with him.

In 2012 Sandra Lean stated (here);

I have offered to meet with Judy, and I offered to show Joseph the DNA results the day he was at my door

Sandra Lean – 21st August 2012 here

What Sandra Lean, and Corinne Mitchell (and others) were claiming back in 2010 was that Stephen Kelly’s blood and semen “were on Jodi’s T-shirt” and that Stephen’s “description and clothing matched” that of a male seen “following Jodi”.

Of course none of this was true (other than the semen transference which was a red herring) but Sandra Lean wanted to speak to Joe Jones about what she thought she had figured out from the paperwork she had at the time. Excerpts from a 2010 article which picked up on and published these false allegations read;

But his mum recently posted on an internet forum that evidence points to someone else.

“X’s semen and blood were on Jodi’s T-shirt…his description and clothing matched a witness statement of a male ‘following Jodi’…he was known to the police.

Is it me or is anyone else adding things up here?

Description of man seen behind Jodi – grey hooded top.

Several days after the murder X hands his grey hooded top to the police saying it has been washed.

“At 5pm X’s alibi is Janine (Jodi’s sister).

“The police accepted that Janine said, ‘he was with me’ and from him ‘ I was with her’.”

And Sandra Lean, author and researcher on miscarriages of justice, added: “Our Mr X is emerging as more and more suspicious.

The info that’s coming our way is shocking, especially as the police should have been onto this stuff right from the beginning.”

Excerpts from Deadline news article by Cara Sulieman headed Mitchell’s mum points finger at another man for Jodi killing 20th June 2010

If Sandra Lean really thought Joe Jones was any threat to her, why would she claim to have been inviting him, and/or to come back another time to sit and go through forensic paperwork with her?

Did Sandra Lean write in her second book that in 2010 she and Corinne Mitchell were falsely accusing Stephen Kelly?

And did Sandra Lean explain in her second book that she attempted to tell Joe Jones, Stephen Kelly was to blame for sadistic, psychopathic Luke Mitchell’s murder of his sister?

Sandra Lean barefaced lied years later and claimed she had made ‘one typo’ in her first book about Stephen Kelly ‘following Jodi’.

Sandra Lean also claimed that when Joe Jones left, Billy Middleton was rigging up recording equipment so that if/when Joe Jones returned she/they could secretly record him.

It was not long after this that Sandra Lean’s daughter witnessed her mother being threatened by Billy Middleton, so much so she (Ellie) kicked him and his belongings out of their home. According to Sandra Lean (when she recounted this incident to a third party not long after) Billy Middleton had got up in Sandra’s face threatening her.

Sandra Lean’s exact words were that you couldn’t “fit a cigarette paper between“ her and Billy. It was then apparently some hours after Billy Middleton had been kicked out by her daughter Ellie that Billy contacted Sandra saying he didn’t know where he was.

According to Sandra Lean, her and her daughter then apparently drove around Edinburgh looking for Billy Middleton and apparently found him in a street “covered in blood”. Sandra also claimed she was concerned what Billy’s parents and sister would say about the “cuts and bruises” on his face when he returned to their home in the Shetland Isles.

What EXACTLY Was Said During The Trial About The Fires In The Mitchell’s Garden

Sharon Young also stated in her reply to Emma the following;

When you get to the section about the log burner you will see that zero forensic evidence of burned fabric was recovered or zips studs and rivets etc which normally people who burn things overlook in the disposal process. The wood burner only had remnants of organic materials in it.

Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young – 24th October 2022

Sharon Young did not attend sadistic killer Luke Mitchell’s trial and has no idea exactly what was said about the fires in the Mitchell’s back garden that night.

Corinne Mitchell stated that during the trial she could have been burning pampas grass”.

What else was said during the trial about the fires in the Mitchell’s back garden?

What else did Corinne Mitchell say she might have been burning?

What did Shane Mitchell say when he was asked about those fires Luke Mitchell had told the police Shane and his mother Corinne had in the garden that night?

The Mitchell’s Were Forensically Aware

And why didn’t Sandra Lean include the answers to these questions in her 2nd book which Sharon Young claimed to Emma was “all based on the provable facts from the case files”?

Sharon Young stated “normally people who burn things overlook in the disposal process”.

Why would the Mitchell’s leave zips, studs and rivets in the remnants of their small log burner to be found by the police? Or has Sharon Young based her statement on the fact dangerous killer (of humans and animals) and rapist Steven Avery overlooked Teresa Halbach’s bones and teeth in the “burn pit” and “burn barrel” he and Brendan Dassey used in their “disposal process” attempt? (Even ‘Pro Knox woman’ Michelle Moore’s husband gouger and innocence fraud promoter Steve Moore wasn’t prepared to back these two dangerous killers innocence fraud – See more here)

You can also read more about the Mitchell’s and their fires by tapping on each of the two links below;

Sharon Young also stated;

Luke did not own a parka before Jodi’s death it was purchased afterwards when the police took every stitch of clothing he had they even got the receipt for the parka. Many people said they saw MK wearing a parka around Dalkeith so not Luke.

Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young – 24th October 2022

Killer Luke Mitchell did own a parka before he and his mother Corinne Mitchell purchased a replacement parka.

Paragraph 19 of the court of appeal judgement clearly stated;

There was evidence that the appellant had owned and worn a parka-style jacket in the months prior to the murder

Excerpt from paragraph 19 of the court of appeal judgement

Wilfully Being Blinded By The Very Real Innocence Fraud Phenomenon

Sharon Young also went on to state;

I would say to people, take their grievances up with the fact we do not have FOIA in this country. It is not us hiding things from people or wilfully being blinded.

Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young

If sadistic killer Luke Mitchell were innocent (He’s not!) but if he was, he would have instructed his then legal team/Donald Findlay to obtain the transcripts of his mother Corinne and brother Shane’s evidence given during his trial.

It’s because of what sadistic killer and compulsive liar Luke Mitchell told police during his initial interviews and his mother and brothers police interviews/statements, and their evidence given during his trial, that helped prove his guilt.

The only way Luke Mitchell will ever get an appeal is if he (and gougers Sandra Lean and Scott Forbes) can prove his mother and brother weren’t lying!

Sharon Young is a renowned sympathiser for many dangerous, psychopathic killers and rapists and it’s doubtful Sharon is ‘wilfully being blinded’ in her support for these types of characters.

But there is no doubt Sharon Young is ‘wilfully being blinded’ by the innocence fraud phenomenon and by people like Sandra Lean and Scott Forbes.

Copy of original Facebook reply by Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young
Copy of part of Sharon Indy Sunshine Aka Sharon Young Facebook post

Link to Part 90 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: ‘Pro Knox Woman’ Michelle Moore Moderator For Cult-Like Sadistic & Psychopath Killer’s Facebook Group (Part 82)

A media article by Nick Pisa, headed Pro-Knox woman ‘told prosecutor he is evil’, was published in 2011 and stated some of the following;

A supporter of Amanda Knox has been questioned by police after shouting: “You are evil,” at one of the main prosecutors in the American student’s appeal case.

Michelle Moore sought out Giuliano Mignini during a break in court proceedings in Perugia, Italy, where Knox, 24, and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 25, are appealing against conviction for the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

Witnesses said Mrs Moore marched over to Mr Mignini and shouted: “You are evil, you have no conscience.” Others said she told him: “You have no heart.”

A shocked Mr Mignini asked police to identify her after the outburst. She was asked to show her US passport and provide officers with her details. She was then taken away but was not arrested.

A file on the case will now be sent to prosecutors who will decide if there is enough evidence to proceed to a full charge of offending an official of the court, which carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail.

It happened yesterday, the same day as a lawyer for bar owner Patrick Lumumba, wrongly identified by Knox as the killer, had described her as a 
“diabolical, demonic, Satanic, she Devil”.

Today Mrs Moore, one of the most vociferous pro-Knox campaigners, was not in court as the case resumed with Sollecito’s lawyers starting their summing up. However, her husband Steve, a former FBI agent said: “She didn’t mean to show 
any disrespect to the court.”

He said the outburst had come about because she was angry over pictures of Miss Kercher’s mutilated body during an earlier hearing. “We have a daughter the same age and someone tried to strangle my wife when she was 20, so it was a reaction to all that, she was just shocked,” he said.

“She thought it was Mignini who had shown the photographs – she just got a bit emotional.”

By Nick Pisa for the Evening Standard article headed Pro Knox woman ‘told prosecutor he is evil’ dated 27th September 2011

Michelle Moore Aka Michelle Celestial-Easterly Moore

List of moderators

The same Michelle Moore is one of the seven ‘moderators’ (since 9th May 2022) for the cult-like Facebook group promoting the innocence fraud of sadistic and psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell.

Michelle Moore’s Abuse & Evil Comments Persist

Michelle Moore appears to have listened to Roberta Glass’ recent podcast featuring William Ramsey (which can be listened to below) and chose to make a comment on the podcast.

It is not know how much of the podcast Michelle Moore listened to, if any, and if she has ever bothered to carry out any due diligence. But her published comment suggests Michelle Moore does not have a basic grasp of the facts of the case against the sadistic and psychopathic killer.

In reality the Marilyn Manson CD and bonus DVD (which Michelle Moore mentioned) was ‘not for sale to anyone under 15’ but was purchased by Luke Mitchell for £11.99 from a Sainsbury’s supermarket two days after his murder of Jodi Jones – when he was still 14 years of age!

What is ‘disturbing’ is it appears Michelle Moore is projecting and it is her ‘who cannot possibly care about truth’ by choosing to promote her deluded lies and nonsense.

Michelle Moore has previously stated (in relation to another innocence fraud campaign);

Because people like HIM, people on HIS team are weird stalker internet trolls, who literally hunt out any and every information in attempt to harm them or stop them om doing what they don’t want them to do (sic)

Michelle Moore

Link to Part 83 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: Ana Azaria Isn’t Carrying Out Due Diligence (Part 80)

Ana Azaria has recently stated on the cult-like innocence fraud Facebook group for sadistic and psychopathic killer Luke Mitchell;

Hi Scott, there is nothing to say that anyone other than her family saw or spoke to her after school – except the two independent witness sightings of her being followed by Stocky man just after 5pm along Easthouses road

Ana Azaria

Stephanie Watson

Ana Azaria did the independent witness give statements and correct descriptions and was their names taken?

Stephanie Watson

Ana Azaria

Stephanie Watson Both witnesses gave statements describing a stocky man in dark clothing walking closely behind Jodi. At least one of the witnesses mentioned a backpack. One of the witnesses later saw the same man again and was able to identify him – he was a close family member of Jodi’s who had recently been held under the mental health act for psychosis. He had a history of violence. Statements from family members said he hadn’t left the house all evening. The witnesses names were never released – but the police put out an appeal on July 17th 2003 asking for information on the Stocky man (before he was identified). They called it the first significant sighting of Jodi. Interestingly they said this after AB had already came forward to say she had seen two youths resembling Luke and Jodi at the Easthouses end of the path. At that point, they basically implied that the two independent witness sightings were of more significance. AB went on to become the prosecution’s key witness.

Ana Azaria

Ronnie Mothersole

Stocky man’s identity was never made public at the time and he did not appear to have been questioned, there were no statements in the case files from him.

Ronnie Mothersole

The Sighting(s) Of ‘Stocky Man’ Was Established To Be Related To Another Day

Ana Azaria then stated;

Ronnie Mothersole This is from news reports describing the sighting, it descibes him walking closely behind.

“Both witnesses saw the girl walking in Easthouses Road towards the entrance to the Roman Dyke pathway at around 5pm and both also noticed a man walking closely behind the girl.

Ana Azaria


Ronnie Mothersole You would think the fact that there were two independent witnesses who reported a very similar sighting, as well as being seemingly sure of who they saw (one apparently knew Jodi), would be more significant than one earlier uncorroborated sighting where the witness had only said the two youths ‘resembled’ Jodi and Luke and she hadn’t seen faces (AB’s).

Ana Azaria

The Police Weren’t The Morons Sandra Lean Wants You To Think They Were

If Ana Azaria, or any of the other cult-like supporters of dangerous killer Luke Mitchell, had carried out some due diligence she would have established the fact that the sighting of ‘stocky man’ was established by the police to be related to a different day to the 30th of June 2003.

The police sometimes use the media to help with their investigations, like they did with the pick up driver of the white flat bed truck someone reported into the investigation in Capel St Mary, Suffolk following Simon Hall’s murder of Joan Albert.

And Charlatan Sandra Lean’s Book Is NOT An ‘Academic’ Book Ana Azaria!

If Ana Azalia is referring to Claire McGourlay’s mention of Sandra Lean’s second book on her reading list for LAWS31062 2018-2019 – this is in no way an indication that this book is in anyway academic.

Claire McGourlay is mentioned in Part 17e of The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam. Tap on link below to read more;

Unethical Claire McGourlay’s failure to recognise and address the very real innocence fraud phenomenon (as opposed to the ‘miscarriage of justice’ phenomenon) continues to put her students at very real risk of exploitation, manipulation and brainwashing from dangerous and disordered individuals.

Part 115 is also worth reading;

Link to Part 81 here

Killer Luke Mitchell: Dangerous #InnocenceFraud Promoter Sandra Lean (Part 78)

In a recent series of Facebook posts on the innocence fraud cult-like group page dedicated to the teenage psychopathic and sadistic killer Luke Mitchell, the following posts were made;

Scott Burns

Hi I’ve got a question. Did anyone other than Jodi’s family see or speak to Jodi after she got home from school? Just as far as I can make out her arrangements to meet Luke was only a text message from Jodi’s mums phone and that might not have been Jodi sending it.

Scott Burns

Kerry Burns

Ian Mckinlay and the mum all of sudden lifting her grounding that evening too

Kerry Burns
Kerry Burns

Ian Mckinlay

Kerry Burns yip and the fact that she left with no dinner 🤷‍♂️

Ian McKinlay

Charlatan & Innocence Fraud Promoter Sandra Lean, Who Has Speculated & Pointed The Finger At Umpteen Innocent People Then Stated;

Ian Mckinlay Scott Burns Jodi was not grounded on June 30th – I’ll be putting out a new video very soon to clarify that.
We don’t allow speculation about who might have killed Jodi – to do that would be to do to that person what was done to Luke – it was wrong than and it is still wrong now.
We can, and should, question the investigation that has left all these questions unanswered all these years later, but please be mindful of potentially pointing fingers at people who have the absolute right to be presumed innocent.

Sandra Lean
Sandra Lean

Kerry Burns


Kerry Burns
Kerry Burns

Scott Burns

Ian Mckinlay could she have been killed before the text to Luke and it was all a ploy to put him in the frame

Scott Burns

Sadistic Psychopathic Luke Mitchell Was, & Still Is The Killer!

The Questions These People Should Be Asking Is What Roles Did Shane & Corinne Mitchell Play On That Night?

Killer Luke Mitchell: When The Mask Slips (Part 75)

Unmasking ‘A Cruel Killer’

Below are excerpts from a media article which was published following killer Luke Mitchell’s trial;

Police investigating the murder of Jodi Jones were shocked by the dark fascinations of her boyfriend. But can the work of musicians such as Marilyn Manson be blamed for inspiring brutality or does it reflect the turmoil of a disturbed mind
Police investigating the murder of the 14-year-old schoolgirl Jodi Jones had a prime suspect — her boyfriend Luke Mitchell. He was due to meet her the night she disappeared and had found her body in the darkness of a desolate Midlothian wood. But to the frustration of the police there was no forensic evidence linking him, or anybody else, to the crime.

To understand the way Mitchell’s mind worked, detectives immersed themselves in the youth cultures of goth, grunge, rap and nu-metal. For the mostly middle-aged officers it was a revelation. Given what they knew about how Jodi met her gruesome death, they became convinced that Mitchell’s musical taste betrayed the mind of a sadistic killer.

It was the suspect himself who sparked this line of inquiry. In the opening days of the investigation in the summer of 2003, as detectives went about their door-to-door inquiries in Dalkeith, Mitchell had spoken to officers in the street about music containing murderous themes. Displaying the arrogance he was to show throughout the case, he asked if the policeman knew the song Kim by the rapper Eminem.

Detectives discovered the song was about somebody murdering his wife. It was impossible to read the lyrics without a shiver of realisation that their chief suspect was a fan: “Don’t you get it bitch, no one can hear you?/Now shut the f*** up and get what’s comin’ to you./ You were supposed to love me./Now bleed, bitch, bleed!” Eminem was not Mitchell’s favourite musician. That honour went to Manson, the controversial American rock star. Mitchell was obsessive about Manson’s music, with its dark subject matter of suicide, violence, satanism and murder. When detectives dipped into the Manson repertoire it only heightened their concerns — and their suspicions. Especially songs such as King Kill 33:

“I will destroy you with one simple hole.

“The world that hates me has taken its toll but now I have finally taken control.

“You wanted so bad to make me this thing.

“And I want you now to just kill the king.

“And I am not sorry, and I am not sorry: this is what you deserve.”

There was more. Detectives discovered that two days after the killing, having already been questioned and forensically examined, Mitchell wound down by buying and watching a Manson DVD, The Golden Age of Grotesque.

It had a 15 certificate, and he bought it at his local Sainsbury’s along with some family shopping.

Amid darkened scenes illuminated by flickering torchlight, the DVD shows a girl’s naked body lying on the ground. In another part, two other girls are tied up and hooded.

More police research came across Manson’s paintings of the Black Dahlia victim Elizabeth Short, a Hollywood starlet whose murder in 1947 scandalised America. These stopped them in their tracks. The paintings showed injuries disturbingly similar to those inflicted on Jodi’s body — especially the large wounds on the side of the mouth stretching towards her ear, and an injury to the breast. 

Excerpts by Kenny Farquharson for the Sunday Times article headed The Murderous Art That Unmasked A Cruel Killer dated 27th June 2005

Did Corinne, Philip & Shane Mitchell Also have An Interest In The Occult?

During a podcast Corinne Mitchell chose to do with James English, which aired in May 2019, James stated early on in the podcast;

So obviously when Luke turned 14 that was when the nightmare began for you basically

James English

But in reality Luke Mitchell’s violent and sexually aggressive character was already a cause for concern a few years before, and should have been ringing alarms bells for Corinne and Philip Mitchell. Why didn’t it?

Further excerpts from Kenny Farquharson’s January 2005 article read;

Mitchell’s friends had long been aware of his fascination for knives and the damage they could inflict.

When he was 12, Mitchell had used a knife to threaten the daughter of a family who were guests in the Mitchell house. He had climbed onto her bed, held the knife to her throat and asked for a kiss.

At an army cadet corps he attended in Bonnyrigg, a lock knife with a six-inch blade that he was carrying was confiscated by Matthew Muraska, the company leader. Mitchell would often show the other boys weapons he had improvised from blades and sticks.

A former girlfriend, Kara Van Nuil, who dated Mitchell for a few months in 2003 after meeting him at the cadets, described how he once grabbed her from behind and held a Swiss Army knife to her throat with the warning: “Don’t move, or I’ll gut you.” Just a month later, Jodi was dead.

While many fans of Manson’s music were happy simply to ally themselves with his idiosyncratic fashion sense and musical posturing, Mitchell went further. Satanic references were scrawled all over his school jotters. One read: “I offer my flesh, blood and soul to the dark lord of hell.” Another jotter had the words “Satan lives” on the front, and the sentence: “I have tasted the devil’s green blood.” On another Mitchell had written: “Evil is the way”.

Occult beliefs also emerged in Mitchell’s school work, causing alarm among teaching staff at his Catholic high school, St David’s in Dalkeith. In an essay called Pain and Suffering, prepared for a third-year English class, Mitchell wrote: “People like you need Satanic people like me to keep the balance . . . Once you shake hands with the devil you then have truly experienced life.”

After the teacher referred him to guidance staff, Mitchell wrote in another essay: “Just because I am more violent than others and cut myself, does that justify some pompous git of a teacher to refer me to a psychiatrist? Just because I have chosen to follow the teachings of Satan doesn’t mean I need psychiatric help.”

There were curiosities about the way he lived at the Mitchell family home, which, according to the wooden sign next to the front door, went by the name of “Bedlam”.

When his scarlet-painted bedroom was searched by police they found 20 bottles of his own urine under his bed. Mitchell’s parents, Corinne and Philip, split up in 1999, and his mother indulged him, giving him money and letting his girlfriends sleep in his room. She knew all about his cannabis use.

Mitchell often harmed himself. Once he scored the satanic number 666 into his arm “for a dare”. A former classmate, Michelle Tierney, later told police Mitchell had stubbed a cigarette out on his hand in front of her. He had then told her he had imagined getting stoned and killing someone. It would be “funny”, he said.

According to specialists in the occult, Jodi’s death bore many of the hallmarks of a ritual killing.

“In 85% of murder cases the attacker knows the victim, the local geography and lives within a five-mile radius,” said Dobbie. “I knew I wanted to eliminate all of Jodi’s male family members and associates, all the males who used that path and all local rough sleepers. Luke Mitchell was part of that group. A teacher from his school quickly came forward and raised concerns about the alarming writings in his jotter. That was worthy of further exploration. Was he into satan or dabbling, looking for an alternative religion or just sticking it up to his teachers? We couldn’t draw huge conclusions but were already learning that he carried knives. Then there was the incredulous discovery of the body.”

By early July, Mitchell had started to emerge as the prime suspect but the investigation was thwarted by a lack of any forensic evidence and with Mitchell’s almost unnatural resilience in the face of intense police scrutiny. What fascinated and frustrated detectives in equal measure was how a 14-year-old could commit such a frenzied attack and yet cover his tracks so efficiently.

More unsettling was the casual, contemptuous way he chatted with police dog handlers about their animals and mocked officers for allowing the bins in the street to be emptied before the search for a possible murder weapon had begun.

“He was always a very resilient, defiant and lippy lad,” said Dobbie. “He was much more confident than you would have expected. He was challenging and he liked to taunt. It was almost as if he was saying, ‘You’ll never solve this’.”

Excerpts by Kenny Farquharson for the Sunday Times article headed The Murderous Art That Unmasked A Cruel Killer dated 27th June 2005

Callous Liar Corrine Mitchell

Corinne Mitchell

Also during Corinne Mitchell’s podcast with James English, James asked Corinne Mitchell why her son didn’t take the stand if he was innocent. Corinne Mitchell lied and instead of saying her son was 16 years of age she stated;

When you’re 15 you do not argue with Findlay

Corinne Mitchell

Also during the podcast, when referring to the Marilyn Manson DVD (The Golden Age of The Grotesque) her killer son had purchased from Sainsbury’s a couple of days after his murder of Jodi Jones. Corinne Mitchell stated to James English that she had remarked to her killer son, allegedly about one of the songs on the DVD;

He killed it

He murdered it

Corinne Mitchell

Why would Corinne Mitchell be making these types of statements to her 14 (almost 15) year old son a couple of days after Jodi Jones was discovered murdered?

Collusion Of The Mitchell’s

There is a wealth of information still being hidden from the public by Corinne and Shane Mitchell. Both Corinne and Shane know a lot more about the sadistic murder of Jodi Jones and what their killer son and brother Luke Mitchell did on the night of Monday the 30th of June 2003.

Where exactly were Corinne and Shane Mitchell on the night of the 30th of June 2003 and what were their exact movements?

What were Corinne and Shane Mitchell wearing that night? What happened to their clothes?

Who was driving the car?

How much petrol was purchased and what did the receipts from the garage say?

Shane Mitchell

Link to Part 76 here