Yet More Questions & Evidence Of Collusion – Part 19e©️

Joan Albert’s Killer.
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst at large and wanted by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

Bristol University’s ‘Post Conviction Activist’ Michael Naughton: Facilitating and ’Empowering’ Psychopathic Killers (Part 6)

Lynne Hall
Phil Hall

It is not known if Stephanie Bon spoke to and colluded with Simon Hall and/or Lynne, Phil or Shaun Hall (or Simon’s by then new girlfriend Phoebe Grant) prior to, or following, Simon’s 25th of July 2002 arrest for his murder of Joan Albert before she gave her evidence to the police via her September 2002 witness statement.

Security van taking convicted murderer Simon Hall to prison

But a media article stated that Stephanie Bon had attended Simon Hall’s trial in February 2003 and that Stephanie Bon was the first person to speak to Simon after he was convicted, as can be read in the below excerpts;

Stephanie Bon became close friends with Simon Hall when they worked at a chemical company in Colchester’s East Hill.

He even taught her to drive, but they lost touch when the firm closed down.

Then, Hall was charged with the murder of pensioner Joan Albert at her home in Capel St Mary.

Stephanie attended the murder trial with Hall’s family, confident he would be cleared.

“I was the first person to speak to him after he was convicted. He was absolutely distraught

Excerpts by Chris Wilkin for a Colchester Gazette article headed Colchester: Stephanie fights to clear friend’s name dated the 16th of April 2007

According to judge Anne Rafferty’s summing up at the end of Simon Hall’s trial (Read the judges summing up in full here), Stephanie Bon was also portrayed as a friend, as opposed to Simon Hall’s girlfriend.

Stephanie Bon told the police she was Simon Hall’s girlfriend at the time of his murder of Joan Albert not merely a friend of Simon’s.

And again, Simon told the police during his first interview (following his arrest) that Stephanie Bon had been his girlfriend prior to Phoebe Grant (Read more on page 30 here);

Again below are a few statements Stephanie Bon made to the police six weeks after Simon Hall’s arrest;

Around October 2001, Simon and I became an item. He used to stay at my house in Colchester, regularly, as it was so much more convenient for work. Over time he left various items at my house, so he (sic) changes of clothes and wash things.

After a few weeks of being together, Simon introduced me to his parents Lynn and Phil. Lynn was really friendly, and it was obvious she thought highly of Simon. Phil always chatted to me too, I think they saw something quite serious in me and we all got on so well

Excerpts from Stephanie Bon’s police witness statement dated 4th September 2002

Although Stephanie Bon appeared to think Lynne and Phil Hall saw something quite serious in her and because they all got on so well, the evidence tells a different story.

Why Did Lynne, Phil & Shaun Hall Pretend Stephanie Bon Did Not Exist?

As already pointed out in previous Parts of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series, all of the Hall family members (Simon, Lynne, Phil and Shaun) withheld evidence from the police relating to Stephanie Bon.

Lynne, Phil and Shaun Hall all pretended in their evidence to the police that Stephanie Bon did not exist. Again Lynne, Phil and Shaun Hall were all asked by the police about previous girlfriends Simon Hall had had, but Stephanie Bon’s name did not appear in any of their statements at all.

And although Simon, Lynne, Phil and Shaun Hall attempted to give the impression in their evidence that home for Simon Hall in December 2001 was his adoptive parents house at 8 Snowcroft, Capel St Mary, the evidence also tells a different story.

How Did Stephanie Bon Feel Knowing The Hall’s Had Pretended She Did Not Exist?

When Simon Hall went for his first interview with State Chemicals in Colchester in (July/August 2002) whereby he was unsuccessful on that occasion, he was in a relationship with a woman called Zoe.

Simon then had another interview with the same company, in which he was offered a position as a purchase ledger clerk and started working for State Chemicals on the 24th of September 2001.

Excerpts from Simon Hall’s line managers evidence read;

About a month after Simon started working there he started seeing the Managing Director’s PA Stephanie Bonn, (sic) I don’t know exactly when their relationship became more than friends but it did become apparent that it was so after a while

…Simon was made redundant and he left the company in January 2002

His relationship with Stephanie Bonn (sic) I think was very on/off

Looking back his work did start to suffer in November/December 2001 when his relationship with Stephanie Bonn started to break up

I did see some of the E-mails they were sending each other on the company systems which were really only the sort of romantic boyfriend/girlfriend type messages

Excerpts from police witness statement of Simon Hall’s line manager from State Chemicals dated 13th September 2002

Simon Hall told the police (following his arrest) he met Stephanie Bon when he was interviewed for the job at State Chemicals, which would have been September 2001. Simon also indicated to the police that he had just split up with Zoe by the time he met Stephanie Bon.

Obscuring & Embellishing The Truth

By the time Simon Hall eventually started working at State Chemicals in Colchester, it appeared that he had already moved back to his adoptive parents Lynne and Phil’s home in Capel St Mary, because his previous girlfriend had booted him out of her home.

Stephanie Bon, who was not called to give evidence during Simon Hall’s February 2003 trial, told police;

Around the end of September 2001, Simon informed me that Zoe and him, had broken up.

Simon then moved back to his parents house in Snowcroft, Capel St Mary. We were still really good friends at this time.

Excerpts from Stephanie Bon’s police witness statement dated 4th September 2002

And Lynne Hall told the police:

Simon did stay last year between October and the end of December when I say stay I mean had a key to our house, it was often the case he would stay at friends houses

Excerpt from Phil Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002

It is not known why Lynne Hall chose to also lie to the police by pretending her adoptive son Simon was still in a relationship with Zoe up until just before Christmas 2001. Because by October 2001, Simon was already in a new relationship with Stephanie Bon. Referring to Zoe, Lynne Hall told police;

That relationship began in March or April 2001

That relationship lasted until just before Christmas 2001, I had even bought presents for Zoe and X

Excerpts from Lynne Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002

Judge Anne Rafferty also appears to have been under the impression (during Simon Hall’s February 2003 trial) that Simon’s relationship with Zoe had ended by bonfire nightish 2001. But again the evidence strongly suggests Simon was living with Stephanie Bon regularly by this time.

In reality, while Stephanie Bon was being introduced to Simon Hall’s adoptive parents Lynne and Phil Hall, and thinking Lynne and Phil saw something quite serious in her because they all got on so well, Zoe and Stephanie Bon were being abused by Simon, enabled by Lynne and Phil Hall.

In early November 2001, while in a new relationship with Stephanie Bon and apparently living with her regularly in Colchester, Simon met up with his ex girlfriend Zoe for a bonfire night in the village of Capel St Mary.

Lynne Hall stated;

As far as Zoe is concerned I remember they had one particularly bad argument on the Saturday night last year when the village celebrated bonfire night. In fact just prior to that Saturday night last year they had argued and split up and Simon was living back home. They went to the village bonfire night with me to attempt a reconciliation, the night went well and everything was OK

Simon ended up taking Zoe home and coming back by himself to our house. After that he went round to a friends house, I can’t remember where or to who, he did get home late. Zoe rang the following morning and because Simon was late up she got very angry about his lack of commitment

Excerpts from Lynne Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002

The one particularly bad argument referred to by Lynne Hall occurred in September when Simon and Zoe split up, not on the bonfire night.

And Lynne Hall would have no doubt known the friends house was Stephanie Bon’s. But Lynne Hall lied once again to both Zoe and the police when she stated Simon had been home late and was late up.

In reality, Simon did not go back to Capel St Mary and enabler Lynne Hall would not have known what time he got up the next day. Because Simon was with his girlfriend Stephanie Bon in Colchester. Simon Hall told the police about the night;

  • Simon And when trying to reconcile, everything was great, she said ”OK we’ll give it a go” and then that was Fireworks Night, she came down to the little Fireworks in Capel
  • Dc 1023 Yes
  • Simon With X her son, and everything was great and then she went home and she, her mate was with her, and her mate felt a bit ill. So I, I felt a little bit ill so I decided to go home and then on the way I felt a little bit better, so I just thought I’d go out and see my mates in Colchester
  • Dc 1023 Ah OK. Right. Sorry to hear that. OK. When, just to go on a stage further from there really, I’m just trying to, I just want to sum up. Stephanie BON wasn’t a serious relationship, it was just what they call an ’off and on relationship’ but Zoe was almost a permanent relationship
  • Simon Mmm
  • Dc 1023 Etc and the relationship was terminated due to the fact you went off to Colchester etc and you said that you were ill and you went home, but you didn’t go home you went to Colchester, so it was..
  • Simon She was very paranoid

Zoe was not paranoid. Zoe was in a toxic relationship with an abusive man, Simon Hall, who had an enmeshed relationship with his toxic and abusive adoptive mother Lynne Hall.

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