Killer Luke Mitchell: Charlatan & Fraudster Sandra Lean & Fantasist & Blagger Scott Forbes (Part 50)

During the 4th of September 2022 rant between liars; charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean and fantasist and blagger Scott Forbes, Scott Forbes stated (At approximately 12:00);

Some of this stuff genuinely, ugh, some of this stuff, ugh, been written by that Stephanie Hall, and by the way, in my opinion it comes feh feh deeper..

That’s Jane Hamilton and her talking and putting and see this and see the…(unintelligible)

Scott Forbes

At around the same time Scott Forbes stated the above, he appeared to raise his hand and arm slightly up (With an amateur dramatic performance), as if intimating Jane Hamilton and Stephanie (Hall) have/had been speaking on the telephone.

Stephanie (Hall) has never spoken to Jane Hamilton and does not know Jane Hamilton, and likewise, Jane Hamilton does not know Stephanie (Hall).

Although Stephanie (Hall) is aware of some of the blatant lies, smears, abuse and attacks Jane Hamilton has been, and continues to be, unnecessarily subjected too.

Sandra Lean then stated;

Ah ah I dunno, I dunno (cough) ‘scuse me, I don’t know if they, I don’t know if they know each other but..

Sandra Lean

Scott Forbes then stated,

They follow each other

Scott Forbes

Presumably Scott Forbes is referring to following someone on Twitter.

Following someone on Twitter is not an indication someone knows the person they are following per se.

Sandra Lean’s next statement was interesting however.

Sandra stated;

It wouldn’t surprise me ‘cos I have seen the same sorts of attacks, (cough) ‘scuse me over the years about ten, may maybe eleven years ago, there was threats to put pictures of my daughter and my home address and my phone number on the internet just to try and basically shut me up..

Sandra Lean

Does Sandra Lean have any evidence to back up her above assertion, and if so will she provide evidence for her latest allegations?

Because around twelve or thirteen years ago Stephanie (Hall) had photos of where she was then living, along with her address details put online (And still has the evidence of this) but does not recall any similar ‘threats’ or actions being made towards Sandra Lean, or her daughter.

The only ‘threats’ Stephanie (Hall) recalls towards Sandra Lean from around this time period, came from her then boyfriend Billy Middleton (Who is referred to in Part 17d here, Part 18b here and Part 18c here of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series) who Sandra Lean claimed her daughter witnessed, and an allegation of another male, who Sandra Lean claimed visited her at home and asked her to stop abusing him and his family.

Also there was no reference to these alleged ‘threats’ Sandra Lean has recently claimed were made towards her, in her 2012 dissertation?

Sandra Lean stated in a footnote (Number 90) of her February 2012 dissertation called Hidden in Plain View, under the header ‘Internet campaigns’;

90 In the course of this study, four people were arrested for online harassment and intimidation, direct physical threats were made to at least three individuals, including death threats, photographs of individuals’ homes and family members were posted online, and personal addresses and phone numbers were released. Police in England acted on complaints of online harassment and intimidation, whereas Scottish police refused repeatedly to do so.

Excerpt from pages 271 of Sandra Lean’s dissertation headed Hidden in Plain View

Link to Part 51 here

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