Unconvicted Child Killer, Abuser & Predator Billy Middleton – Part 18b©️

Joan Albert’s Killer
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst at large and wanted by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

Abuser Sandra Lean & Her Lies, Deliberate Manipulation, Smear Campaigns & Gaslighting

& The Rebranding Of Dangerous Predator’s Into Faux Victims & The Toxicity, Triangulation, Projection & Informal Fallacies Which Go Hand In Hand With Innocence Fraud

Eight month old baby Annalise passed away on the 20th of September 2008 from smoke inhalation after her father Billy (William) Middleton is believed to have started two separate fires in the house he shared with his then wife Kareen and two other young children.

Billy (William) Alexander Middleton

Billy Middleton

Photo of 1 Burgadale, on the Moorfield Estate, Brae, Shetland Isles

The below is a reproduction of a note found on Billy Middleton’s computer by his then wife Kareen AFTER his trial for his murder of Annalise, attempted murder of two other children and for sexual assault of a pregnant woman.

A post was made by Marina Thomason, wife of ‘The Mussel Man’, using the alias Sunniva Gunn on a now defunct internet site called the Glasgow innocence forum (Which was thought to be one of three forums in Scotland at that time) on the 6th of January 2011. (Read more here);

Although not written on any official document, these are my last will and testimonies.  I hope in the event of my premature death,  should any court proceedings take place, that they be considered legally binding.  To ensure authenticity of this text, I provide certain information which could only be known by myself, that is to say that some parts may be known by some members of the following text, but none by all.

It seems prudent to stipulate these facts from the onset, thus eliminating any confusion or legal rambling of which I do not wish.


1.  No one will probably know the fact that I have even written this.  This file will be hidden in a location on the hard disk of this pc and on a physical copy, the location of which is known hopefully only by the medical professionals whom attend me, and any subsequent legal authority whom has interest in my death.  These details will be included on my person at all times.  In the event that I am taken from this world through some destructive force which renders my wallet unfindable, a second proof of authenticity can be found at C & A Thomasons Mussel shed, cullivoe pier, cullivoe, yell. These are by way of an exact copy of this testimont.  To be found above the 2nd H-beam in the depuration shed.  Though not immediately obvious, the location of this second duplicate document is known by anyone searching my known locations

Billy (William) Middleton – May 2007

It was reported by the Daily Record on the 6th of October 2008 under the header Fire Dad In Court that Billy Middleton had been arrested ‘two weeks ago’. The article read;

A father will appear in court today on charges connected to the death of his baby daughter in a fire at the family home. 

Police have arrested Billy Middleton, 32, over the blaze in Brae, Shetland, two weeks ago.

His eight-month-old daughter Annalise died when the house was extensively damaged.

Middleton will appear at Lerwick Sheriff’s court

Excerpts from a January 2009 article for The Herald Shetland man denies starting fire which killed baby daughter read:

A Shetland man accused of starting a fire which killed his baby daughter has denied a murder charge.

A Shetland man accused of starting a fire which killed his baby daughter has denied a murder charge.

William Middleton, 32, appeared briefly at the High Court in Edinburgh for legal debate ahead of his trial.

The murder charge alleges that Middleton knew that nine-month-old Annalise was in the house at 1 Burgadale Brae, Shetland, when he set light to clothes and bedding in the hallway and to curtains in a downstairs bedroom.

Middleton also denies attempting to murder two other youngsters, aged six and three who were also in the house at the time of the fire last September 20.

Excerpts from an article by the Scottish Daily Record headed I CARRIED BABY GIRL’S LIFELESS BODY FROM FIRE read;

A firefighter told yesterday how a baby showed “no signs of life” as he carried her out of a burning house. 

Peter Robertson said he found nine-month-old Annalise Middleton in a cot in her smoke-filled bedroom. 

The baby was motionless as Mr Robertson picked her up and carried her outside. 

He told a murder jury: “There was no movement. There was a lot of signs of smoke inhalation. 

“There was black round the mouth, nose and eyes.” 

Mr Robertson was giving evidence at the trial of William Middleton. 

He is accused of murdering his daughter Annalise and attempting to murder two other children by setting fire to his Shetland house last September. 

It is alleged that the smoke caused by the fire killed Annalise. 

Part-time fireman Mr Robertson, 21, told the High Court in Aberdeen that he was called out to the blaze at the house in Brae in the early hours of last September 20. 

Middleton is also accused of sexually assaulting a woman while she was pregnant between April and September 2008 at a different address on the island. 

And excerpts from a March 2009 article by the Shetland Times headed Man goes on trial accused of murdering baby daughter read;

Independent fire investigator Stuart Mortimore said an investigation found that two separate fires had been started “deliberately” in the hall and ground floor bedroom.

He said: “The hall had been subjected to a relatively sustained fire. The only evidence of fire damage was under the stairs.”

He ruled out the hall fire sparking the blaze in the bedroom. And he claimed the possibility of electrical items causing the fire was “extremely remote”.

He said the bottom of the bedroom curtains had been destroyed which was consistent with fire being ignited and set against the curtain.

His investigations also found that fire spreading from the hallway would have caused damage to the ceiling of the room.

However, the 55-year-old said: “Mr Middleton was reportedly found on the bed in the bedroom. Neither he nor his clothes exhibited heat damage.”

Mr Mortimore said that a dead cat was found in one of the upstairs bedrooms during the investigation.

He told the court the local authority owned house had suffered extensive fire damage, particularly on the ground floor.

He said: “When two fires are started at the same time, the only explanation is that the fires were started deliberately.

“These fires are separate and distinct. Deliberate ignition is the only likely cause for these fires.”

Advocate depute Jock Thomson asked: “Both fires in your conclusion were deliberately set?”

Mr Mortimore replied: “Yes.”

Billy Middleton was also referred to in Part 17d, which can be read by tapping on the link below.

It is not known exactly what month and year Sandra Lean first came into contact with Billy (William) Middleton.

Link to Part 18c here


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