Abuser Sandra Lean & Her Lies, Deliberate Manipulation, Smear Campaigns & Gaslighting – Part 18©️  

& The Rebranding Of Dangerous Predator’s Into Faux Victims & The Toxicity, Triangulation, Projection & Informal Fallacies Which Go Hand In Hand With Innocence Fraud

Diabolicals quite deliberately report inaccurate, misleading, unfair and outright dishonest information and tout it as “truth.”

Diabolicals defend their lies, half truths and inaccuracies, no matter how harmful, even when presented with factual evidence that their information is inaccurate (or worse).

Diabolicals appear to be incapable of separating fact from opinion and often offer personal opinions as fact.

Diabolicals don’t care about grief, distress or privacy. They will use the grief and distress of devastated families, very often on both sides of the justice debate, simply to further their own aims.

Diabolicals thrive on stirring up hatred and discrimination against their chosen subjects. They will quite deliberately connect pieces of unrelated information to smear chosen individuals.

Sandra Lean – 18th July 2022

There are different types of lies and liars including (but not limited to) white lies, barefaced lies, lies by omission, lies of exaggeration, lies of minimisation, lies of denial, lies of fabrications, lies of influence, duplicitous lies, character lies, lies of commission and lies by deception and there are compulsive liars, frequent liars, occasional liars, pathological liars, smooth liars, duplicitous liars, deceitful liars, delusional liars, narcissistic liars and habitual liars. 

Guilty innocence fraud killers, and their enablers (like con-artist Sandra Lean), use various types of lies in an attempt to dupe and deceive other people and can erode their targets reality in the process.

Simon Hall lied and used deliberate deflective and manipulative tactics from the point of his murder of Joan Albert, as did many other people throughout his fraudulent public relations campaign, which included Sandra Lean.

Sandra Lean has been mentioned in Part 17c here, Part 17d here, Part 17g here and is also mentioned in Part 9 of Hornswoggler Nick Wallis & His ‘Great Post Office Scandal’ here and throughout Toxic Abuser & Pretend Criminologist Sandra Lean’s 19 Year HOAX PR Campaign & The Innocence Fraud Phenomenon Gravy Train Scam of Psychopathic Killer Luke Mitchell ongoing blog series.

John M Collins stated (See here);

with the construction of a compelling innocence narrative.

the passage of time makes it far easier to sell the alternative story as being legitimate

Excerpt by John M Collins Jr from a 2014 article for the National District Attorney Association organisation headed, The Prosecutor with the byline, ’Innocence Fraud’ Demands Prosecutor Vigilance
Screenshot of front cover of Sandra Lean’s 1st discredited book ‘No Smoke

Sandra Lean’s discredited book No Smoke, which included a chapter on Joan Albert’s killer and six other guilty killers, should have been withdrawn from sale with immediate effect from the point Simon Hall’s actual, factual guilt was exposed 2013.

A copy of chapter 5 has been published to this website for study and educational purposes only and can be read by tapping on the link below;

Instead of revising or withdrawing her by then discredited 1st book Sandra Lean made the following statement around four years later alleging;

I spoke with many people (including others whose cases were mentioned or discussed) about the question of withdrawing the book. Not one of them wanted the book withdrawn. There were discussions about possible revisions which would, of necessity, have taken a great deal of time and effort – time and effort that I was not capable of devoting to the matter at that time.

Sandra Lean – 10th of January 2017 here

But by the following year con-artist Sandra Lean had found the ‘time and effort’ to write and publish a second book.

Sandra Lean’s above statement was extremely telling and was also telling in relation to the many people she claimed to have spoken with whose cases were also mentioned in the book.

It states here there are ‘two primary types of liesconcealing and falsifying;

Joan Albert’s killer’s falsified lies were evident by the fact he was factually guilty all along of having committed murder.

And his lies of concealment were evident by both his murder of Joan Albert and the Zenith Windows burglary, among numerous other lies, some of which have been referred to in previous parts of The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam ongoing blog series.

Many of Simon Hall’s enablers also chose to lie by falsifying and concealment, including about the Zenith Windows burglary and of the stolen items and many other events.

Their motivations to lie would have most probably varied, for example Jamie Barker may have chosen to lie because he may have regretted his criminal actions, or he may not have done. And Jamie Barker most likely didn’t want people to know what he had done in the early morning hours of Sunday the 16th of December 2001 while he was with Simon Hall, and possibly didn’t tell the police through fear of what the consequences may have been for him.

Sandra Lean knew about the Zenith Windows burglary by the 3rd of February 2013 because she confirmed this via an email she sent, which included the following;

While I appreciate that fighting a MOJ is an uphill struggle, and a steep learning curve, there are some “mistakes” which cannot be explained as ignorance, enthusiastic but misguided belief, or any of the other well trodden routes most people take on their journey towards justice. 

Sandra Lean – 3rd February 2013

This was another point in time when Sandra Lean, who refers to herself as a criminologist, might have considered withdrawing her book No Smoke to revise it, at the very least.

Instead Sandra Lean didn’t seem to care about the fact Joan Albert’s killer and the Hall family members and Stephanie Bon, had lied to her by falsifying and concealment about the Zenith Windows burglary and the stolen items and Sandra Lean was happy to let her deceptive and manipulated narrative (No Smoke*) remain as it was for over six/seven years.

*Note: As of 22nd November 2022 Sandra Lean’s 1st discredited book is still for sale.

In early October 2019 Sandra Lean announced here she had finally contacted her publisher to have No Smoke withdrawn because of what she called ‘one typo’.

Yet just a few pages in to the acknowledgment section of Sandra Lean’s book (Page ix read here) it states:

Perhaps the saddest realisation is that this book only exists as a result of tragedy. It arises from the suffering of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

Sandra Lean from No Smoke

Joan Albert’s killer could hardly be described as an ‘ordinary’ person ‘thrust into extraordinary circumstances’.

And during a podcast in 2020 with Sharon Indy Sunshine here (from approximately 30:20) where No Smoke was referred to, Sandra claimed again it had been withdrawn – even though it was still up for sale and people were still buying.

Read Parts 5 and 7 for som more on the ‘one typo’ lie by tapping on the links below;

To date Sandra Lean has never admitted publicly she was wrong in the case and campaign of Joan Albert’s killer Simon Hall. Read some more on this in Part 13 below;

Sandra Lean was one of the first people Stephanie (Hall) contacted after learning of Simon Hall’s suicide in February 2014. And although Sandra Lean gave the impression of concern for the situation, Sandra’s main concerns appeared to be for herself and the ‘ten years’ she claimed to have ‘wasted’, and to inform people on an internet forum here (Who in the main debated various killers and their cases and campaigns) that ‘Simon Hall was found dead’.

Screenshot of Sandra Lean’s 23rd of February 2014 forum post

It was also in the few weeks following this that Sandra Lean said she believed Jodi Jones’ killer Luke Mitchell had a similar type of ‘twisted reciprocal relationship’ with his mother Corinne Mitchell, to which Simon Hall and his adoptive mother Lynne Hall appeared to have had.

Sandra Lean was of the view around this time, that Luke Mitchell was factually guilty like Simon Hall turned out to be, and had conned her similar to how killer Simon Hall, his family and Stephanie Bon had done.

Conversations were had about the dysfunctional Hall family dynamics and some of their behaviours, which had been witnessed over the years, among other factors.

Sandra Lean also said she thought they were similar to the dysfunctional family dynamics and behaviours she had witnessed over the years between Jodi Jones’ killer Luke Mitchell and his mother Corinne Mitchell.

Link to Part 18b here

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