Charlatan & Fraudster Sandra Lean – Part 17g©️

Joan Albert’s Killer.
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst at large and wanted by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

The Illusory Truth Effect, Coercive Persuasion & Gaslighting of ’Innocence’ Fraud Killers & Their Enablers (Part 8)

Since the exposure of Simon Hall’s factual guilt to his murder of Joan Albert (Which he chose to commit on the 16th of December 2001) and the exposure of his fraudulent public relations campaign, most of the people and organisations who were once involved with the case and campaign (With the exception of Simon Hall’s then wife) have never publicly held their hands up and said they were wrong.

These people and organisations have never acknowledged or addressed the innocence fraud phenomenon, as opposed to the ‘miscarriage of justice’ phenomenon, which Simon Hall’s claims of innocence and fraudulent public relations campaign turned out to be.

Simon Hall married at the end of 2008, coincidentally to another woman named Stephanie, who he had worked with in 2002. Stephanie (Hall) was naive to psychopathic personality disordered people, which made her an easy target for someone like Simon Hall to groom, con and exploit. Stephanie was also taken in by a lot of the propaganda related to the ‘miscarriage of justice’ phenomenon, and she wasn’t aware of just how many people were prepared to lie, deceive and grift on behalf of a factually guilty killer like Simon Hall, in an attempt to make him appear innocent.

It is not known who Sandra Lean* was allegedly ‘compelled to help’ in 2002 but the ‘About’ page of Sandra’s online bio, for her 2008 ‘miscarriage of justice’ website here, was written by a P. Hughes.

*Sandra Lean is referred to in Part 17c here and Part 17d here of the Quite A Hall Tale blog series, Part 9 of Hornswoggler Nick Wallis & His ‘Great Post Office Scandal’ here and throughout each part of The #InnocenceFraud Scam of Jodi Jones🌻 Sadistic & Psychopathic Schoolboy Killer & His Abusive Enablers blog series here.

P Hughes stated of Sandra Lean;

Since 2002 Sandra has felt compelled to help innocent victims who have suffered a major injustice. Without payment, she has spent thousands of hours going through evidence and trial transcripts with a fine toothed comb, helping the legal teams out with her time and expertise. She does this because she is passionate about helping these falsely accused and wrongfully convicted people in any way she can, and because she is appalled that the British Judicial system is as flawed as it is, letting so many people down.

P. Hughes

P. Hughes’s comment about Sandra Lean was liked by two ‘bloggers’, one JCW below;

and by Roy Catchpole, who stated here he was ‘ from the dockside slum to a corporation housing estate in Ipswich. It was on this estate that I was to live a semi-rural life until the end of my teenage years. At ten years old, which was also the age of criminal responsibility, I had joined the ranks of young runaways early. Sandra Lean spoke to Roy Catchpole in 2020 here.

Excerpts from an article by the Bournemouth Daily Echo headed Retired vicar accused of assault tells court: “I don’t recognise woman who spoke… it seemed like two different people to me”, referring to allegations of sexual assault made against Roy Catchpole read;

Retired Roy Catchpole, formerly of St Paul’s Church in Sherborne, said he didn’t understand why the victim made the accusations which have led to him facing three counts of sexual assault and one of exposure on a series of occasions between August 2013 and June 2014.

Jurors were told about the collapse of his first marriage in 1994 which was reported at the time in the national press.

Catchpole told the hearing yesterday he and his then wife became estranged over how to treat their schizophrenic son before he left the family home and started seeing another woman – a then member of his congregation – and his second wife of 17 years.

By Lauren Howard for the Bournemouth Daily Echo headed Retired vicar accused of assault tells court: “I don’t recognise woman who spoke… it seemed like two different people to me” dated the 13th October 2015

P Hughes went on to state here on the home page of Sandra Lean’s website;

When a person suffers a false allegation or a wrongful conviction, it is not just the victim who suffers. Their whole families also become innocent victims, and relationships are pushed to their limits.

When a person suffers a false allegation or a wrongful conviction, it is not just the victim who suffers. Their whole families also become innocent victims, and relationships are pushed to their limits.

P Hughes

Simon Hall was neverfalsely accused’, he was always guilty as charged!

And Simon Hall’s family, and others, chose to lie and concoct stories in an attempt to pervert the course of justice, and all of them appear to have committed perjury.

Cover of Sandra Lean’s book ’No Smoke’ published in 2007 by Diggory press

It is not known exactly how Sandra Lean came to be involved in Simon Hall’s fraudulent public relations campaign, or all the people who Sandra spoke to in order to put together a chapter in a book she wrote and had published.

Sandra Lean’s book was/is called ‘No Smoke: The Shocking Truth About British Justice, originally published in 2007 by Diggory press, see here and here, and again in 2008 by Stephen T Manning.

Cover of Sandra Lean’s book ’No Smoke’ published in 2008 by Stephen T Manning/Checkpoint press

Sandra Lean claimed in her 2008 book, on page xiii in her introduction (Read here):

Until two years ago, I had no idea that anything was broken. I believed in the justice system, although I knew it had its faults. A chance meeting with someone who believed that a family member was a victim of a miscarriage of justice was to change all that.

Excerpt from page xiii of Introduction of Sandra Lean’s 2008 book No Smoke

Which suggests, P. Hughes claim in Sandra’s About section of her website where they stated, ‘Since 2002 Sandra has felt compelled to help innocent victims’, could well be an exaggeration, made up, or related to something else as opposed to ‘miscarriages of justice’. Read here for more on Sandra Lean’s ‘until two years ago comment’.

It is thought Stephanie Bon may have met Sandra Lean via the contacts she had made via her fraudulent public relations campaigning, or vice verse.

Stephanie Bon is referred to in Part 2 of Quite A Hall Tale here, Part 4 here, Part 5 here, Part 7 here, Part 9 here, Part 9a here, Part 9b here and Part 10a here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 12a here, Part 14 here, Part 16 here, Part 17c here, Part 17d here, Part 17e here, Part 17f here, at page 52 of the criminal cases review commission’s statement of reasons here and Part 3 of the ongoing Warped Minded Abuser, Gaslighter, Con Artist & Hypocrite Scott Forbes & His Blatant Lies blog series here.

Stephanie Bon

It is not known if Stephanie Bon ever told Sandra Lean about the stolen items from the Zenith Windows burglary, or if Stephanie Bon ever spoke to Sandra Lean about her relationship with Simon Hall, and of any, or all of the details regarding the Christmas family meal in Lincolnshire, which Stephanie Bon didn’t end up attending; on the day her boyfriend committed his murder of Joan Albert.

In 2007 Private Eye Magazine published an article headed Diggory Pockery (Edition 1202), which referred to Sandra Lean and Stephen T Manning (Who was referred to here as ‘the evil liar’). ‘Would-be author’ and fraudster Stephen T Manning was named in the article by one of his many pseudonym’s, Jack Havana;

Stephen T Manning stated of Sandra’s book, he published in 2008;

Sandra Lean’s NO SMOKE offers a vitally-important contribution to British social awareness. Already the subject of much debate within the judicial system, this book reviews seven specific real-life cases and in doing so exposes some truly shocking practices within the UK justice system. The cases are exhaustively researched and documented in an easy-to-read contemporary style, and the conclusions presented in an articulate and professional format. Review copies have been highly praised, and the book has already been recommended by sitting judiciary as an insightful (if rather disturbing) guide to the inner workings of British justice.

Stephen T Manning here

Sandra Lean’s book wasn’t ‘exhaustively researched’ as Stephen Manning claimed, because Sandra never had access to all the case files, she didn’t attend every day of Simon Hall’s trial, and appears to have instead relied on the media and the word of people like Stephanie Bon and the Hall family – all of whom lied.

Also there is no evidence anywhere that Sandra Lean’s book was ‘recommended by sitting judiciary’, this was a gross misrepresentation.

Jodi Jones killer’s mother also attempted to suggest something similar in April 2010 (See here for original forum post), reproduced in part below;

It also comes recommended by the c.c.r.c.!.

Sandra received an e~mail from a female saying the c.c.r.c. had recommended her book and could she get a copy.

Corinne Mitchell – 9th of April 2009

Someone contacted the CCRC (criminal cases review commission) around the same time to ask if Sandra Lean’s book had been recommended by them and their reply (Which can be read here) is reproduced in part below:

I asked: “Could you please tell me if CCRC recommends a book named No Smoke by Sandra Lean to its clients?”

The answer to your question is no, the Commission does not recommend this book to its applicants.

Justin Hawkins

Stephanie Bon commented underneath Stephen T Manning, stating in part;

Justice 4 Simon, Justice for all,
Miscarriages of justice are happening all around us, everyday, it’s fact!!
Sandra Lean eloquently explores various areas of the legal system and details a few cases amongst so many others.
The current British legal system does not allow people to maintain their innocence without paying the price:- bullying and abuse, “psychological reports” claiming an “in denial” attitude and refusal to admit guilt therefore take responsibility for their actions ending ultimately with no chances of parole.

DON’T make the mistake of thinking that you can rely on the system to put things right, you will be waiting a very long time. Thank you Sandra for your hard work (sic)

Stephanie Bon
Stephen T Manning

In 2017 Mayo News reported here that Stephen T Manning ‘..was jailed for a breach of Section 6 of the Public Order Act – which is for the offence of threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour in a public place’. The incident occurred in 2015.

As stated in Part 17 here, manipulative killers who falsely claim to be innocent and who choose to launch fraudulent public relations campaigns, utilise a plethora of psychological tactics like coercive persuasion, the illusory truth effect and gaslighting to help promote their propaganda, as do many of their enablers.

It was not only the ruthless lies and deception of Joan Albert’s killer Simon Hall that allowed his innocence fraud to begin, and continue on for as long as it did, it was also because he was enabled by many other deceptive people, including charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean.

Link to Quite A Hall Tale – Part 18©️here

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