Murderer Robin Garbutt & MP’s Jump On Nick Wallis’s ‘Great Post Office Scandal’ Bandwagon (Part 9)

Nick Wallis

Diana Garbutt’s killer jumped on Hornswoggler Nick Wallis’s ‘Great Post Office Scandal’ bandwagon at some point.

Diana Garbutt was murdered by her psychopathic husband Robin Garbutt in the early hours of Tuesday the 23rd of March 2010.

While Diana Garbutt was sleeping, Robin hit her over the head three times with an iron bar.

Photo of the front aspect of the Melsonby village shop and post office, following Diana Garbutt’s murder at the hands of her husband

As part of his premeditated murder of Diana and his plan to attempt to cover his tracks, Robin went on to serve around 60 customers in the Melsonby post office and shop, his wife Diana and he had owned and ran.

Robin then decided to phone 999 and attempted to pretend he had been held up by non existent armed robbers. He also pretended his make believe armed robbers had stolen £10,000.00. A brief extract of Robin Garbutt’s 999 call to the emergency service’s can be heard here.

It was reported in April 2011 here by the Daily Mail that the judge believed Robin Garbutt’s murder of his wife Diana was motivated by ‘fear of being exposed for stealing from the Post Office’ and the judge was also reported to have stated, ‘there was no struggle, she never awoke’.

Bizarrely the same article also stated, ‘Robin Garbutt tried to cover his tracks from the moment he dialled 999’.

Killer & Psychopath Robin Garbutt

Detective superintendent Lewis Raw, was reported to have stated;

It is satisfying that we have been able to secure justice for Diana Garbutt and her family in this most tragic and distressing of cases

I hope the murder conviction of her husband Robin Garbutt will provide a measure of comfort and closure, allowing her family to start rebuilding their lives after a very traumatic year

The murder of Diana – and the subsequent arrest and charge of Robin Garbutt – has also caused a great deal of upset and distress to the residents of Melsonby

The murder of Diana – and the subsequent arrest and charge of Robin Garbutt – has also caused a great deal of upset and distress to the residents of Melsonby

In particular the original circumstances that she was killed during an armed robbery which turned out to be a bogus scenario made up by Garbutt to cover his tracks

I would again like to reiterate North Yorkshire Police’s sincere thanks to local residents who have supported the police throughout the investigation

As for Robin Garbutt, he has shown himself to be a calculating and deceptive individual who attempted an elaborate cover-up after he violently ended his wife’s life as she lay asleep in bed

His actions that morning not only killed Diana, they also devastated the lives of Diana’s family and plunged a small, close-knit community into fear.

That he did not have the decency to admit his guilt from the outset and therefore spare Diana’s family the pain of reliving the tragic events in full during a trial, demonstrates the type of selfish and deluded individual that Robin Garbutt really is

Excerpts from a York Press article headed Post Office murder: Killer was “calculating and deceptive” say police dated the 19th April 2011

And Xanthe Tait, the then deputy chief crown prosecutor for North Yorkshire and Humberside, was reported to have stated;

Diana Garbutt’s life was cut brutally and tragically short. Her family is left to forever mourn her loss

She was violently bludgeoned to death by her husband as she lay sleeping. It was a callous crime motivated by the basest of human characteristics

Robin Garbutt went to great lengths in creating a cover story involving a robber with a gun, bludgeoning his wife to death: a story which he maintained throughout the trial – lying about his finances, lying about his relationship with his wife and lying about the robbery – to conceal his appalling crimes

We have worked closely with North Yorkshire Police to build a robust prosecution case and secure justice for Diana. Our thoughts are with her family and we hope that today’s conviction will bring them some measure of comfort and peace

Excerpts from a Telegraph & Argus article headed Statements from Xanthe Tait, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for North Yorkshire and Humberside and Detective Superintendent Lewis Raw dated the 19th of April 2011

Killer & His Enablers Fraudulent Public Relations (PR) Campaign

Some of killer Robin Garbutt’s family members, including his mother Joyce Brook, his sister Sallie Wood and her partner Mark Stilborn, once headed up Robin’s fraudulent public relations campaign.

However at some point Jane Metcalfe, who had apparently been a friend of Sarah Bradley, a defence witness at Robin Garbutt’s murder trial, and one of his previous girlfriends, now heads up the fraudulent PR campaign.

Sadly Jane Metcalfe has been (And is being) conned, groomed and exploited by psychopathic killer Robin Garbutt, and many other people.

One of the people who appears to have chosen to exploit Jane, is charlatan and fraudster Sandra Lean, who is briefly referred to in Part 17c of The Truth Behind Killer Simon Hall & His Enablers #InnocenceFraud Phenomenon Scam blog series, Part 17d here, Part 17h here and through out the The Fraudulent Public Relations Campaign & #InnocenceFraud of Psychopathic (Then Schoolboy) Killer Luke Mitchell His Toxic & Abusive Enablers blog series, which begins here.

Sandra Lean

On the 6th of June 2020 Sandra Lean published a YouTube video here in which she stated;

Hi I’m Sandra Lean and this is the truth seeker project

Imagine being accused, publicly named and shamed for a terrible crime that you didn’t commit

Imagine being locked up for the rest of your life for a terrible crime that you didn’t commit

Nobody’s listening nobody believes you nobody cares

I’ve been working with people in exactly those circumstances since 2003

Ordinary people just like you just like me going about their ordinary lives until this nightmare engulfed them

I’ve launched the truth seeker project to try to highlight and raise awareness of just how easily a wrongful accusation or conviction could happen to anyone of us

Every Sunday round about three O’clock I’ll be broadcasting interviews with families battling wrongful accusations and convictions, exonerees, media personnel, legal experts to show how many threads weave together to create the circumstances that make it possible for wrongful accusations and convictions to happen

I also want to show how difficult it is to stop the runaway train that is a wrongful accusation or conviction once those fields are in motion and the enormous battle people caught in that nightmare face

You’ll be hearing from families of school boys to men of the church, from single mums, to nurses to postmasters because wrongful accusations and convictions don’t just happen to one type of person they could happen to anybody and that includes you

There is a website with much more information about the people you’re going to be hearing from in the coming weeks with the links below it’s W W W dot the truth seeker project dot org and there’s also a patron page if you would like to help support this work so that it can continue, the links also are below

Unfortunately due to a glitch with YouTube which I’m trying to get sorted out the live interviews can’t be streamed directly to the truth seeker project channel

So the live steams will be shown here on my doctor Sandra Lean account and then will be uploaded for anyone that missed the live stream to watch on the truth seeker project channel

We’ll be kicking off on Sunday 7th June at 3pm with Jane Metcalfe whose going to be telling us all about the case of Robin Garbutt

So I look forward to seeing you there thanks for listening

Sandra Lean

It is not known who the alleged ‘postmasters’ Sandra Lean claimed her podcast audience would be hearing from, however Sandra published another video eight days later (Link here) which she called ‘How you can support the TruthSeeker Project’.

This video differed slightly from Sandra’s first video to launch her new YouTube channel, and was shorter. Sandra Lean stated;

Hi I’m doctor Sandra Lean and this is the truth seeker project

Imagine being accused, publicly named and shamed for something that you didn’t do

Imagine being locked up for the rest of your life for something that you didn’t do

Nobody’s listening nobody believes you nobody cares

Since 2003 I’ve been working with people in exactly those circumstances, ordinary people, just like you, just like me going about their ordinary lives until a wrongful accusation or conviction plunged them into a living nightmare

I’ve launched the truth seeker project to try to raise awareness of what happens when the justice system gets it wrong and how difficult it is to put it right

The project aims to give a platform and a voice to those already caught in this nightmare

Every week I’ll be uploading new video interviews with those people to allow them to tell their stories in their own words so that the truth can be shared and I’ll also be campaigning for change so that innocent people can no longer be railroaded into wrongful convictions

I need your support to allow me to continue to do this work

There are so many people who need help and so few people to help them

I know that some people are wary of the way patreon is set up to take recurring monthly payments so on each tear I’ve given an explanation of how to cancel if you only want to make a one off donation and I’ve also said if you leave me an email address I will send you a reminder to do that and if all else fails and a second payment or another payment is taken out – drop me an email and I will refund it (laugh)

You can also follow the progress of the project at our website W W W dot the truth seeker project dot com

Thanks for your support

Sandra Lean

Nick Wallis “Wanted To Cover Robin’s Case”

On Sunday the 7th of June 2020 Jane Metcalfe appeared alongside Sandra Lean on her Truth Seeker Project podcast but by the 19th of July 2020 Sandra’s project appeared to have run it’s course.

However Neil Wilby had Sandra Lean’s interview with Jane Metcalfe transcribed, which can be read in full under Neil’s blog headed Dr Truthseeker loses her moral compass.

Sandra Lean stated during her video with Jane, which can be viewed and listened to here (Extracts below begin at approx 48:28);

One other thing that I wanted to bring in, the Post Office – so, there’s been this big case about all these people that were accused, some of them convicted for stealing from the Post Office

It was actually the Post Office’s own software that had introduced that was miscalculating and making it look like there was money missing when it wasn’t, and they’ve had quite a success in the courts, the Postmasters that took that case that case to court.  So, just to clarify, was that the system

That was in place in Robin and Diana’s Post Office?

Sandra Lean

Jane Metcalfe responded by stating the following;

Yeah. Yeah, exactly the same system.  And at appeal we were able to prove there was no – at appeal we were able to talk about that. But the Post Office Horizon case is massive.  I don’t want to say too much about it really because it’s kind of ongoing.  Because Robin had – Robin’s team – Robin has – another application has gone into the CCRC, the Criminal Case Review Commission, with lots of new evidence in it.  And hopefully this time the CCRC will see that this man is innocent and even though they’ve had previous applications, this one’s got more clarity in it.  The lawyers are as we speak, preparing an addendum, which is in addition to the CCRC application because Robin’s application went in in December and the judgment didn’t come through for the Post Office Horizon until after the application had gone in.  So there’s another being prepared now.  But the CCRC have referred loads of cases, which is fantastic.  Loads of Post Office Masters – and as you say, some of them went to prison.  Their lives were ruined by – and the most troubling thing of all is the Post Office knew, the Post Office knew for ten years what the – and they used to tell individual Postmasters.  They’ve had a massive programme on Radio 4, anyone can find it now, it’s out there.  It’s called The Great British – The Great Post Office something or other, it’s been on Radio 4 everyday.  Nick Wallis is one of the investigators who worked on it, a journalist, I’m not sure if he’s a journalist but, anyway, he’s a documentary maker.  He’s a great guy.  I think there’s a programme coming in the next few nights on television about it.  In fact, he wanted to cover Robin’s case.  He contacted me and said ‘How come we’ve never known about this case of Robin Garbutt? I can’t believe I don’t know about this case.’  And there’s hope that sometime we’ll do something on the case.  He’s just been so wrapped up in what they’re doing now with the Post Office Horizon – that at some point there’s a chance that he will do a piece on Robin’s case as well, because it all ties in.

Jane Metcalfe

It is not known exactly on what date in 2020 Nick Wallis ‘contacted’ Jane Metcalfe about Diana Garbutt’s psychopathic killers fraudulent public relations campaign, and although Jane has been/and is sadly being duped, conned and exploited – she was right when she claimed to Sandra ‘…it all ties in’..

Dupe ~ Lord McNicol of West Kilbride (Lab) Aka Iain McNicol

Iain McNicol

On the 25th of February 2020, Iain McNicol had raised Diana Garbutt’s psychopathic killers name during a House of Lords debate (Transcript here), an excerpt reads;

There were other cases influenced by Horizon’s problems. Its records were used as evidence against Robin Garbutt, who was accused of stealing money and murdering his wife.

Iain McNicol

Part 10 ~ Dropping Soon..


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