Killer Simon Hall: Shaun Hall: “It’s Family And It’s Personal”- Part 11©️ 

Shaun Hall older brother of Simon Hall

It is not known if Simon Hall confessed to his older brother Shaun Hall about his murder of Joan Albert back in 2001/02, or at any time thereafter, but Shaun Hall’s behaviour was suspicious and many of the public statements he chose to make were extremely telling.

The most telling of all Shaun Hall’s statements were those he made to his brother in a letter he wrote and sent to Simon in prison several months after his suicide attempt.

The content of Shaun Hall’s letter hinted he had known all along of his brothers guilt to his murder.

Shaun Hall made three sworn witness statements to Suffolk police.

One 6 page statement on the 25th July 2002. Which was the day the police carried out a dawn raid at Hill House Road, in Ipswich, where Shaun was living with his brother Simon and Simon’s girlfriend Phoebe Grant, then two further 1 page statements in August 2002.

The reason Shaun Hall was required to make further statements was because his bare faced lies in his first statement did not tally with the evidence given by the other Hall family members or that of his ex girlfriend Leigh Marshall.

Shaun Hall’s double binds must have set off alarm bells.

The opening 2 sentences of Shaun Hall’s first witness statement read;

I am the person stated above and I reside at the address shown overleaf together with Leigh Marshall and our fifteen month old son, X

I am presently in the process of moving out of that address to other accommodation which better suits our domestic needs. Leigh will remain with X at the current address

Excerpts from Shaun Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002 (X = son of Shaun Hall & Leigh)

However on page 2 of the same statement, Shaun Hall stated;

In May 2002, due to domestic circumstances, I moved into my brothers and his girlfriends address at 25 Hill House Road, Ipswich. Simons girlfriend is known to me as Phoebe Grant, although her first name is Hannah.

Whilst staying with them, I would pay for my keep in kind, paying for food and for some bills relating to the premises. I remained there with them until about 18th July 2002 when I moved to my present address, following a reconciliation with Leigh, my girlfriend

I would describe my relationship with my brother Simon as being a typical brother – brother relationship. However I recall being jealous of Simon when we were younger as he had more friends than me

I have never really ‘hung out’ with Simon or his friends, either when we were younger, or nowadays

There was only one key to 25 Hill House Road, Ipswich and I found it difficult living there with Simon and ‘Phoebe’ and there was a bit of friction between Phoebe, Simon and I, due to what I think is Phoebes controlling nature

Excerpts from Shaun Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002

Shaun Hall’s third police witness statement read;

I am the above named person living at the address detailed overleaf. Further to my previous statement I wish to confirm that I have been at this address since mid July 2002, but also regularly staying at my girlfriend, Leigh Marshall’s flat in Lindbergh Road

Between the beginning of June 2002 and up to the date I purchased this flat in mid July, I stayed at my brother’s Simon Hall, house at 25 Hill House Road in Ipswich. Prior to this I stayed at my parent’s address, at 8 Snowcroft in Capel St Mary, for just over a week, as Leigh and I had temporarily finished our relationship

Prior to the relationship breaking up, I lived with Leigh, our son X, and Leigh’s dad at *** Lindbergh Road, Ipswich, from around September 2000 until I moved out at the end of May 2002

Shaun Hall’s police witness statement dated 27th August 2002

On the 11th June 2002 Suffolk police carried out further searches of addresses and cars linked to Simon Hall, which Shaun Hall would have been aware of due to the fact he was living with his brother Simon, and Simon’s girlfriend Phoebe Grant at the time.

Shaun Hall’s first police witness statement detailed the previous girlfriends his brother Simon had had or lived with “since he left the family home in Capel St Mary”, as well as detailing the cars his brother had owned “since about June 2001”.

Shaun Hall stated;

When Simon was about eighteen (18) or nineteen years of age (19), he left the family home in Capel St Mary, and eventually lived at The YMCA, Norwich Road, Ipswich where he got into some trouble, which my parents and mother in particular, blames herself in part, in that she feels she let Simon down by not being there for him

Just like his adoptive parents, Lynne and Phil Hall, Shaun Hall also ghosted his brother Simon Hall’s girlfriend Stephanie Bon.

It is not known if conversations were had between Simon and Shaun Hall, and/or Lynne and Phil Hall, in relation to Simon’s jewellery but Simon’s silver neck chain, which he was wearing at the time he committed his murder of Joan Albert, was seized by police on the day of his arrest.

The silver neck chain was screened for the presence of blood and none was found.

However, according to both Shaun and Simon Hall, they swapped bracelets after the police had carried out forensic searches on the 11th June 2002.

Shaun Hall stated;

About three weeks ago, I swapped a bracelet with Simon, for another similar one

The bracelet in question I would describe as being silver metal, of a ’chunky’ design

I have today (Thursday 25th July 2002) handed this bracelet to WPc 997 Wells of the Suffolk Constabulary which she has seized as Police Exhibit TW/25

Excerpts from Shaun Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002

Shaun Hall’s witness statement did not say why he chose to swap bracelets, but given the fact Simon Hall was clearly under suspicion of murder by the police at this point, it’s not difficult to work out why this may have occurred.

It is not known if Simon or Shaun Hall initiated the idea of swapping bracelets.

The most blatant of Shaun Hall lies to Suffolk police was during his 1st statement given on the 25th July 2002 in relation to the family Christmas meal.

Shaun Hall stated;

During the weekend of the 15th, 16th December 2001 I recall working overtime at my place of employment from about 8am – 1pm on Saturday 15th December 2001

I further recall having an argument with my girlfriend Leigh when I got home, in relation to a planned family visit to Lincolnshire the next day. Leigh and X were due to travel with my parents, Simon and I for a family reunion with my mothers side of the family

However X was ill and Leigh was refusing to let him travel as a result of this

I was upset about this, as my mothers parents had not seen X before

I remained at home with Leigh and X for the rest of the day and overnight in to Sunday morning, 16th December 2001, when at about 9.30am my father collected me in his company car along with Simon

We three then returned to Capel St Mary to collect my mother, from where we then continued on to Lincolnshire

We all had lunch together with my maternal Grandparents, Raymond and Joyce *******, and my mothers brother Steve, and his wife and daughter, X and X *******. There were about eight (8) other persons present whose names I cannot recall

After lunch (at a pub, the name of which I do not recall), we went on to my Grandparents’ home, where we remained until about 5pm

My parents Simon and I then travelled back to Suffolk, where they dropped me off at home at about 7.30pm

I recall later that evening, my mother telephoning me on 01473 ****** and telling me that Joan Albert – a friend of hers from Capel St Mary – had been found dead

Joan was known to my mother as a friend, who she would help out. Joan lived close to my parents but I never met her nor visited her home

I do not recall anything unusual about Simon over that weekend, other than the usual, he had no money

Excerpts from Shaun Hall’s police witness statement dated 25th July 2002

Phil Hall had already told the police on the 20th December 2001, 4 days after his adoptive son Simon’s murder of Joan Albert, he had only been with one of his adopted sons that day. Phil Hall stated;

On Sunday 16th December 2001, my wife, son, and myself went out for the day, we arrived home late evening. I noticed the police ‘Closed’ sign along Boydlands and having listened to our answerphone messages discovered an incident had occurred with Mrs Albert

Excerpt from Phil Hall’s 20th December 2001 police witness statement

Shaun Hall’s on/off girlfriend Leigh Marshall also told police about a month after Shaun made his first police witness statement, that they had stayed at home to care for X, their 10 month old son. Leigh stated;

Further to my previous statement I wish to add that on Saturday the 15th of December 2001, I believe I remained at my parents address of (redacted) with my young son X who had been quite ill and only released from hospital on the previous Thursday. I can’t remember if my boyfriend Shaun Hall had been working that day, but in the evening he remained at the house with me and our son. At this time we were both living with my dad

On 16th December 2001, we were all meant to be attending a large family meal but, due to X being ill, Shaun and I remained at home

Excerpt’s from Leigh Marshall’s police witness statement dated 27th August 2002

Not unlike Simon Hall’s then girlfriend Stephanie Bon, Lynne and Phil Hall also ghosted their grandchild X from their narrative of events surrounding the weekend of Joan Albert’s murder.

Lynne and Phil Hall also made no mention to the police about Shaun and Leigh’s argument over not taking their 10 month old son X to the family Christmas meal, even though X had only been discharged from hospital on Thursday the 13th of December.

Shaun Hall also claimed in his 2nd police witness statement that he had asked his adoptive mother Lynne Hall to call him to let him know they were home safe.

Further to my original statement I wish to state that on Sunday the 16th of December 2001 I did not go, with my mum, dad and brother Simon to Stoke Rochford. This is an annual event, where my mums side of the family meet up for a meal

Initially I thought I had attended, but remember that my young son X had been quite ill, so I had remained at home with him and my girlfriend. My mum and dad were a bit annoyed as some of the family had not seen X

I cannot remember exactly what I did on the Sunday, but think I remained at the house with X and my girlfriend. I can confirm that I did receive a phone call from my mum around 9.30pm Sunday night. Originally I had asked her to call me, so I knew they were home safe but this is when she told me that Joan was dead

Shaun Hall’s 6th August 2002 police witness statement

Suffolk police call reports show no records of Lynne Hall telephoning Shaun Hall on Sunday the 16th December 2001.

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