When The Mask Begins To Slip – Part 10a©️ 

Simon Hall’s mask began to slip following the Zenith Windows burglary revelation and his guilt to his murder of Joan Albert, along with the lies and concoctions of those closest to him at the time he chose to commit murder, began to be exposed.

Simon Hall was transferred to an open prison just under a month after his lies about his movements in the early morning hours of Sunday the 16th December 2001 were made known to Stephanie (Hall).

Prior to his trial in February 2003, a forensic psychologist collated a pre-sentence report and concluded Simon Hall presented with a dissocial personality disorder.

But by early 2008, Simon duped another forensic psychologist into disagreeing with the original psychologists findings.

Then by early 2008 the original findings were seemingly all but cancelled out, with Simon Hall no longer having a personality disorder or any mental health issues.

This new clean bill of mental health aided Simon Hall to fabricate a Guittard application, assisted by a willing prison solicitor called David McCorkle.

Not long before the Zenith Windows burglary revelation, Simon Hall had applied for a downgrade in his prison status and an early move to open prison conditions, by-passing the parole board in the process.

Prison solicitor David McCorkle aided Simon Hall’s deception in completing the Guittard application, which Simon’s then wife had strongly objected to at the time.

David McCorkle and Simon Hall had indicated in their Guittard application, which was subsequently signed off by a representative for the then secretary of state for justice, that Simon had the support of his family.

But in reality Simon Hall had not seen his adoptive parents Lynne and Phil Hall and older brother Shaun Hall for several years by this point. And neither of them had been supportive during this time.

The successful but deceptive Guittard application allowed Simon Hall to be downgraded to a D-category status prisoner on the 1st of November 2012, 4 days before his then wife Stephanie (Hall) learned he and others had lied about the Zenith Windows burglary.

Simon Hall moved to an open prison on the 30th of November 2012, which was quicker than most other lifer prisoners, in part because the prison he was moving from, HMP Kingston was closing down.

Simon Hall’s prison move took 4 days due to there being no spaces available at HMP Hollesley Bay open prison until the 3rd of December 2012, so Simon was required to spend a couple of nights in HMP Chelmsford in between the move.

Simon Hall had originally received a life sentence for his murder of Joan Albert, which was eventually calculated to work out at 13 years, minus time spent on remand, although the 2011 Court of Appeal judgment wrongly stated;

The appellant was sentenced to a term of life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum period of 16 years

 [2011] EWCA Crim 4

Had Simon Hall been rightly convicted for the crimes he actually committed ie; a sexually motivated murder, it is likely his starting sentence would have been set at a minimum of 20 years or more.

Throughout the time the Hall family and Stephanie Bon publicly campaigned on Simon Hall’s behalf, they all claimed Simon had never committed a burglary before.

Scott Lomax, who refers to himself as a ’campaigner and true crime author’, and who also promoted other guilty killers innocence fraud, wrote and published a blog on Simon Hall’s false protestations of innocence stating;

Why would someone with no history of burglary suddenly decide to take a detour on his way home to commit a burglary or murder? 

Excerpt from Scott Lomax’s public blog reproduced here
Scott Lomax

It is not known who Scott Lomax’s source was for this false claim, however following the publication of a blog on the 28th January 2013, written by Simon Hall, in which he gave his first public explanation for why he chose to not tell Suffolk police about the burglary, an orchestrated, malicious and ferocious smear campaign, focused on Simon Hall’s then wife, intensified.

The two main protagonists of this smear campaign were Simon Hall’s older brother Shaun Hall and Stephanie Bon, who were by this point boyfriend and girlfriend.

Shaun Hall and Stephanie Bon made numerous statements on internet forums, websites and social media and it was through their numerous statements where Simon Hall’s, the Hall family and Stephanie Bon’s lies and concoctions were exposed.

Stephanie Bon

Following the publication of Simon Hall’s blog on his (and Jamie Barker’s) burglary of Zenith Windows, Simon’s brother Shaun Hall made the following public statement aimed at h Stephanie (Hall), in relation to his (Shaun’s) deceptive girlfriend Stephanie Bon;

She’s just going to put her side to your story finally…

Just remember, it’s YOUR show, YOU made this happen because YOU love the attention so now you have attention from people who actually know what goes on behind closed doors.

Public statement by Shaun Hall made on the 28th January 2013
Shaun Hall

Shaun Hall also stated in relation to his girlfriend Stephanie (Steph/Steffie) Bon;

 I did indeed speak to Steph yesterday and she’s putting something together just for you so keep checking 

Statement made by Shaun Hall dated the 28th January 2013

Shaun Hall was referring to public statements Stephanie Bon was putting together to publish on her now defunct website called ‘Inside Doubt’,

Screen grab of Stephanie Bon’s ‘Inside Doubt’ website

some of which read as follows;

My only interest in Simon’s case is and always has been to see justice be done for Mrs Albert

I feel that malicious gossip and bad press did not help Simon when he was first arrested and to replicate it on a website to help free him just doesn’t make sense to me

It is a shame that J4S had to be taken down as it had a lot of supportive messages from people to Simon as well as a lot of good press showing support and progress and also the turnaround of people’s opinion back then, despite the allegations made by mrs h, it did help Simon and brought attention to his case

I am disappointed that Simon didn’t feel he could share his latest revelation with me at the time I started J4S or during my work campaigning as I would definitely have advised him to seek the best advise and own up to the appropriate people as opposed to being speculated and gossiped about until it got leaked on a public forum

Despite mrs h’s allegations, Simon did not disclose this information to me as he well knows

Some of the public statements made by Stephanie Bon in February 2013

When Stephanie Bon was interviewed by Suffolk police in September 2002, she chose to make no mention of the stolen CD players Simon Hall had taken to her house

Screen grab – Dated 4th February 2013

but in a private message (PM) to Stephanie (Hall), after her public statements where she claimed she did not know of the burglary revelations, Stephanie Bon stated;

If you ask your husband, he will tell you that he brought 2 cd players to my house when we were going out after he had disappeared for a weekend and noone knew where he was. He’d been nicked for the night but this was way before Joan was murdered, nothing to do with the case, so do you want to add another robbing to the list? maybe he’s lying to you? My brother was there and other people saw them, I went mental and threw them out! You stupid cow, are you going to announce another fuck up of his publicly? Shall i? unlike you, its not Simon i want to damage, its you! (sic)

Message from Stephanie Bon dated 4th February 2013

The weekend Stephanie Bon was referring to, where she claimed Simon Hall had ‘disappeared’ and ’been nicked for the night’ was the weekend of the 15th and 16th December 2001, the weekend Simon Hall had chosen to murder Joan Albert and the same weekend he had travelled to Lincolnshire with his adoptive parents Lynne and Phil Hall for a family Christmas meal.

Stephanie Bon’s brother Olivier Bon also made no mention to Suffolk police about ’being there’ when Simon Hall had taken the stolen Zenith Windows CD players to his sister Stephanie’s house in Colchester (the night after his murder of Joan Albert) and Olivier Bon also made no mention about his sister Stephanie Bon going ’mental’ on that night.

Link to Part 10b here

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