The Missing ‘Larey or Loud’ Top With ‘Red Splashes’ – Part 5 ©️ 

Joan Albert’s Killer.
Photograph of Simon Hall taken whilst ’at large’ and ‘wanted’ by Suffolk police for a sexually motivated murder

It is not known how Phil and Lynne Hall could seemingly forget about Simon Hall’s ‘larey or loud’ top with the ‘red in it’, as described by Simon Hall following his wealth of disclosures in 2013.

Much was made by all the Hall family members (and Stephanie Bon) about the black mole skin type trousers they falsely claimed Simon Hall had never owned, but nothing was ever said by any of them about the ’larey or loud’ top Simon Hall previously owned and wore on the night of Saturday the 15th/morning of the 16th of December 2001.

Simon Hall also went back to his adoptive parents house wearing the larey or loud top on the Sunday morning.

Although Phil Hall claimed to police;

I do not know what he was wearing that day at all

It’s difficult to believe Phil Hall walked around wearing blinkers, as was the impression he appeared to want to give Suffolk police throughout their investigation.

Nicola a friend of Laura T’s, another woman Simon Hall had met up with leading up to (and following) his murder of Joan Albert, and who was also mentioned during Simon’s police interviews over the 25th and 26th July 2002 told police;

I am employed by Ryan Air working as cabin crew from Stansted airport. I have held this position approx 1 year. I drive a BMW Mini

I can recall the following. I have met Simon on three occasions. According to my diary, that is in my possession, the first time was 8th December 2001 when my friend Laura T********* and I went to Liquids nightclub in Cardinal Park, in Ipswich. I have known Laura for approx three years

We would go clubbing up to three times a week mainly in Colchester or ’Kings’ at Copford

When she suggested going to ’Liquids’ nightclub on 8th December 2001 I agreed as I knew she might see ’Simon’ a lad she had met the previous week

Liquid on a Saturday night is smart dress, no jeans, no trainers, collars for the men and I believe it closes at 0200 hours. Laura drove that night her Suburu Impretza colour yellow to the parking area in front of the club and we got out of her car around 2130 hours wearing wigs. We had been to Lakeside shopping that day and bought them. Mine was a long red colour and Lauras a blonde/brown one longer than mine. We walked to the queue and Laura and Simon had to double take one another as he didn’t instantly recognise her wig and she had forgotten exactly what he looked like. We then queued with the lad I now know as Simon and his older friend. Simon I would describe as white, 5ft 8” with dark short hair, aged about twenty years. He was not skinny and wore smart clothing. He was very quiet. His friend was white, really tall about 6ft and skinny. He was older with short gingery hair. I wasn’t in too good a mood that night I recall and so not much conversation was had either in the queue or club, however I do recall laughing at Simons shirt which was black with red splashes over it. It was a ’bit larey’ or loud. He also wore black trousers but I cannot recall details of these or his footwear. Simon took the criticism in good humour. Once inside the club Laura and Simon did spend most of the night together but weren’t close like a couple

We left at around 0100 hours that night with Lauras attitude ”see if he rings”. I know she had trouble contacting Simon as she didn’t have a mobile number for him. He didn’t have one. I had to ring his house one day on her behalf to check if it was a true number he had given Laura and indeed the answer machine said ”you have reached Mr and Mrs Hall…”. This put Lauras mind at rest. I think the voice on the machine was male

On Saturday 8th Dec 2001 Laura took a photograph of me – and Simon Hall with his friend in the background. I have today handed this to PC 10

On Saturday 15th December 2001 Laura and I again went to Liquids, Ipswich

We spent most of this evening in the main dance floor area and Simon was standing out in there. He seemed pleased to see Laura

During the course of this night Laura and Simon did not spend an awful lot of time together, but when they did meet up they acted like a couple ’kissing and cuddling’. This was more towards the end of the night and they were in fact together when I exchanged phone numbers with my now current boyfriend

We left the club, (Laura and I) at 0200 hours with Laura urging Simon to get a mobile. Simon then went his way. On either occasion I did not see Simon drinking excessively, in fact I don’t really remember him drinking nor did I see any drugs but I would describe Simon as ’strange’. He often stood about, very quiet. He was subdued half the time, not with it, on another planet. He certainly wasn’t Laura’s type I felt

On Wednesday 19th December 2001 was the last occasion I met Simon. Laura had booked tickets for the first showing of Lord of the Rings at Festival Leisure Park at Basildon. We went on a double date. J***** collected me and we met Laura and Simon there. Laura was driving and the pair were late. Simon had apparently had car trouble and so by the time they arrived we had to go straight in. Laura and Simon were affectionate in the cinema, cuddling and kissing. Simon wore beige jumper and jeans I think. There was not much chance for conversation as we left immediately afterwards leaving Laura and Simon behind

I have not seen Simon Hall since that day

Excerpts from Laura T’s friend Nicola’s police witness statement dated 27th August 2002

Simon Hall didn’t purchase a mobile phone until Saturday the 15th December 2001. According to his Proof of evidence statement he went on to state;

I know now I did not go into work on that Saturday because I was in Ipswich buying a mobile telephone

I had been planning to get this particular mobile telephone since seeing a similar telephone in a shop in Colchester town centre the previous Friday the 14th December

According to my receipt for the purchase of the mobile telephone, I completed this purchase at 16.39

After buying the mobile telephone I went to the Old Rep Public House. I believed this would have been mid to late afternoon

Excerpts from pages 2 & 3 of Simon Hall’s proof of evidence statement

The top Nicola mentioned ‘laughing at’, which she described ‘was black with red splashes over it’ and apparently ’was a ’bit larey’ or loud’, was what Simon Hall described he wore on the night of Saturday the 15th and morning of Sunday the 16th of December 2001.

Donna (Not her real name) told police;

In August 2001 I was in Liquid Night Club in Ipswich. I was with my friends a large group as we had finished our A levels that Summer

I was driving, so I was sober. I saw Simon Hall and I walked up to him and introduced myself. Simon was wearing a short sleeve white shirt and beige trousers. I thought he was attractive, that’s why I approached him

Simon introduced himself but I did not hear his name but I did hear his say ”my friends calls me Teddy”. I gave him my home phone number and went home, after kissing him goodbye

Simon or Teddy as I knew him then, phoned a few days later, but we never met and I did not hear or see him again so I thought that was the end of that relationship

Then on Saturday the 8th December 2001 I went out on my Christmas works party at the Old Rep public house, Tower Street, Ipswich. I was working for ***** clothes shop on ****** Street, Ipswich at the time

I was sitting with my friend, when I noticed Simon working behind the bar. He was wearing a black jumper with a blue number on the front. I believe the number was forty something. As he was standing behind the bar, I could not see what he was wearing on the bottom half. He had grown a bit of a goatee

I approached him and asked him if he remembered me, he did remember, and I told him where I worked. I also informed him the Christmas party was going on to Pals night club and did he want to meet later, he told me he would be going to Liquids instead

Then on Thursday 13th of December 2001, I called into the Old Rep to see if Simon was working, he was and we arranged to meet for lunch on the Saturday the 15th of December 2001. Yet on Saturday the 15th of December 2001, Simon never turned up for lunch, he did call in to the shop later that day about 3pm to 4pm. He explained he had been sorting out a car in Felixstowe, and he was wearing a black leather jacket, blazer style, and a roll neck jumper pale in colour beige/cream. I do not remember if he was carrying anything or not

We arranged to meet for lunch another day. I am not sure what day this was but I remember it happened, Simon arrived for my lunch which was at 1pm. He was wearing a pale shirt, either striped or checked and dark navy jeans, and shoes either dark brown or black loafer type. Simon mainly wore smart shoes. He was carrying his mobile and wallet yet no coat which I thought strange as it was cold in December. We went to the Hogs Head in Lloyds avenue, Ipswich and had lunch. We spoke a lot, Simon seemed to remember a lot of our conversation in August which impressed me. He explained that his name was Simon and that people call him Teddy as he was cute and cuddly. The food arrived late so I ate and ran back to work

Then on Saturday the 22nd of December I went shopping with Simon, Simon collected me. He drove a white fiesta size car but I am unsure of the make and model. I know it was the 22nd of December as I was going out with my friends for a Christmas meal in Clowns in Colchester. We first went to Braintree Freeport, then on to Clacton Common. Simon was wearing blue jeans, smart shoes brown in colour, navy blue T-shirt, Lambretta design logo across the front of the T-shirt. Also a mushroom coloured fleece the chunky bobbly style rather than the smooth style

While at Braintree Simon bought new black shoes smart ones, a coats, jacket length colour dark charcol, and cosmetics for his Nan for Christmas. Then at Clacton Common Simon bought a Winnie the Pooh for his nephew of god daughter

Then Simon dropped me back at home so I could have a shower before going out with my friends

I met my friends in Greenlands Bar in St John Street, Colchester. I met Simon at this bar about 8pm to 9pm, my friends went on to O’Neills public house, Head Street, Colchester. I stayed in Greenlands for a little while then Simon dropped me off in O’Neills. He was driving the white Fiesta size car again. I believe he said it was a works car. On that evening Simon was wearing his new coat, the pale shirt he wore when we went out to lunch with the checks or stripes and I am not sure what shoes either the brown lofa style or the new black shoes. Simon did not come to O’Neills because he said he was going to a party in Cambridge

Then on Monday the 24th of December 2001 Simon turned up at the shop and we went out to lunch. This time he drove the white vehicle again and took me to a pub not far from the town centre we parked into the car park of the pub and walked in the door connected to the car park

This was a traditional sort of public house, the rooms were quite small. I remember the man who ran the pub, Simon knew very well. I would describe him as a bald male, white skin, who wore glasses and his manner was really camp. We ate at this pub then Simon dropped me back to work promising to meet me after work and before he had to start work

Simon never arrived to meet me so I phoned him he explained he was late as he was in Chelmsford with friends and will be late for work in the Old Rep if he met me. I asked him if he was going to liquids after work as I was going with a few of my friends, Simon stated he did not know if he was going to Liquids or Kartouche

I went to Liquids with my friends and Simon did turn up very late. He seemed really distant and did not look happy. I asked him what was wrong, he replied there are a lot of my ex girlfriends here tonight. I have hurt a lot of people but I am fun to be with. Simon’s mood never changed all night so before I left I told Simon as I was leaving not to add me to that list of people that he hurt

I received a phone call from Simon and a few text messages on Christmas and Boxing day. Then he explained he would be working a lot over the next two months so he would not be available. I received a few more text messages but did not see him again

Excerpts from Donna’s (Not her real name) police witness statement dated 9th October 2002

The shoes and jacket Simon Hall bought while he was in Braintree Freeport with Donna, were obviously to replace the shoes and jacket he had worn when he committed his murder of Joan Albert’s.. The ‘traditional sort of pub’ described by Donna was the Woolpack public house and the ’bald male’ was Scott Doughty, mentioned in Part 2.

Laura T was a woman Simon Hall had first met around the middle to end of October 2001, around the same time Stephanie Bon had told police her and Simon Hall had ‘become an item’.

Stephanie Bon told police;

Around October 2001, Simon and I became an item. He used to stay at my house in Colchester, regularly, as it was so much more convenient for work. Over time he left various items at my house, so he (sic) changes of clothes and wash things. I would describe our relationship as generally good, we did argue occasionally, but nothing significant. Simon was a kind and funny person and hated arguing

Excerpt from Stephanie Bon’s 4th September 2002 police witness statement

Stephanie Bon made no mention of Simon Hall’s ‘loud or Lary’ top with the ‘red in it’ to police although it is not known if Stephanie Bon ever saw Simon wearing this top. And it is unlikely Stephanie Bon would have been honest about this if she was asked.

Stephanie Bon she has not made any public statements about all the items of clothing she knew Simon Hall to wear when they were ‘an item’.

Laura T told police;

At some stage around the middle or towards the end of October 2001, I together with a friend T**** went to Kings Night Club in Copford, Essex, I believe it was either a Friday or Saturday night. About half way through the night, both myself and T**** noticed a nice bloke, T**** went up to him and sat him down next to where I was sitting. We started talking and I found out his name was Simon and he came from Ipswich. Simon was there that night with a mate of his who was French

During the night we talked and had a dance, I found Simon to be a nice lad, but very shy towards me. That night, I had my camera with me and between T**** and I, we took photographs of our night out. I can recall, Simon wore a white roll neck jumper, and dark trousers or jeans which may have been dark grey. He also wore shoes that might have been light in colour. Although he was shy, we got on well eland exchanged telephone numbers

Towards the end of the night Simon told me he was going away with his work for 2-3 weeks and he would call me upon his return. We had a goodnight kiss and T**** and I left around 1.00 -2.00 am

At some stage in the next few weeks, I believe T**** on my behalf telephoned Simon’s home address to see if he was there. T**** spoke to a women whom she believed was Simon’s mum. She said he was away for a few weeks

After around 3 weeks after we had met and indeed the first time we had spoken since we first met, Simon called me and he arranged to come over to my home in Chelmsford and take me out. He came over at some stage in the week and took me out, I believe he either drove an old Audi or a gold. I cannot recall the colour. On this occasion we went to a local pub and finished at a beefeater pub where we just talked. Again Simon appeared very shy towards me

At some stage towards the end of November 2001, I had arranged with Simon to meet him at Liquid night club in Ipswich. It was either a Friday or Saturday night. On this occasion, I drove to Ipswich with a friend Nicola ******. When we got there I met Simon and he was with a friend, I cannot recall his name, he was nice but didn’t say much. We both got on alright again (me + Simon) but he was still very shy towards me. I had already formed the opinion he wasn’t my type of bloke. He seemed reluctant to touch me or kiss me and seemed to do anything I asked, by that I mean he was the right kind of looks and personality, but I was more used to a more lively bloke. At the end of the night Nicola and I left and come (sic) home to Chelmsford

Around this time I recall Simon giving me his e-mail address which was **** During this time we used to text each other and also e-mail, my e-mail account is ****

The following weekend, Nicola and I went back to Liquid. I believe this may have been the first weekend in December. On this occasion Simon, I believe had, had a few drinks and was a lot more lively and tactile. Due to this we got (sic) better. I think on this occasion Nicola got introduced to a bloke called Justin

The following week which may have been the 2nd weekend in December, Nicola and I again went back to Liquid. I can recall again meeting Simon who seemed again as he had previously been, very shy towards me . I also recall Nicola getting the hump as Justin was their (sic) with his girlfriend. On this occasion I also met one of Simon’s friend (sic), I cannot recall his name, whoever, he was (sic) profoundly deaf but could lip read very well. I remember a conversation in which the deaf friend of Simon’s told me Simon thought a lot of me

After this time it reaffirmed to me, our relationship wasn’t going anywhere. He was a very nice bloke, but we just didn’t talk enough. I may have sent him a text later that week saying I wanted more of my own space to do my own thing. I believe he replied words to the effect that was ok

The following weekend, which may have been Saturday 15th December, Nicola and I had arranged to go to Liquid. I had been in touch with Simon that week either by e-mail or text. The reason for going that week, was part as Liquid was a good club, part to see Simon and part so as Nicola could see Justin. For whatever reason Nicola and I didn’t go to Liquid that night. I do recall I believe texting Simon to tell him that and I may have had some texts back from him

At some stage between then and Christmas Simon texted or e-mailed me, saying he would pop around with a Christmas present. I believe couple (sic) days before Christmas he turned up with a Jay-Z CD, he stayed about 15 minutes and then left. That was the last time I ever saw him

In the following months from Christmas we kept in touch again via texting + e-mail he sent me his new e-mail address which was **** I do recall around June time his e-mailing me

He still stated he missed me, which I thought was a little strange due to the time we had been apart

To sum up, I found him a really nice bloke, certainly good looking but a bit to (sic) quiet and shy for me. He was never nasty towards me and never appeared to drink to (sic) much

Excerpt from Laura T’s police witness statement dated 1st August 2002

Laura T made a further witness statement in September 2001;

Further to my previous statement I wish to add that in the early to mid November 2001, when I first met Simon Hall in ‘Kings’ Nightclub in Copford, Colchester I took some photographs of the night

The photographs included: Simon Hall who was wearing dark coloured pin striped trousers and a beige woollen roll neck jumper; a friend of Simon’s whose name I do not know, although I remember he was French, and he was wearing black collared T-shirt and black trousers. My friend T**** who wore black trousers and a black and white top and also myself and I was wearing a black cropped halterneck top and black trouser

At 1110 hours on Tuesday the 10th of September I handed these ’six photographs’ to Pc 997 Wells

Excerpts from Laura T’s police witness statement dated 10th September 2002

The French man referred to by Laura T was Stephanie Bon’s brother Olivier Bon, who told police;

I live at the address given overleaf in Colchester with my sister Stephanie, I have been living there since I moved from my home in France

I previously worked for a company called State Chemicals in Eastgate, Colchester where Stephanie was also employed. I started at State Chemicals in September of 2001 in the credit control department. It was while working at State Chemicals that I met Simon Hall. I believe he started working there after me and was employed in the financial department

I became quite good friends with Simon we used to talk a lot at work and on at least two occasions we went out for drinks after work. I remember on one of these occasions we went to the Playhouse pub and then went onto Kings nightclub

Simon also became good friends with my sister Stephanie through work, and they eventually started a relationship so Simon came to our home address quite a lot and stayed overnight

I would describe Simon as a friendly confident person who is good looking, I don’t recall seeing him lose his temper

With regards to Simons car I remember he had a VW Golf in fact I have been a passenger in it. He also had an Audi which I recall seeing parked outside our address. Simon also borrowed a white Citreon Saxo which belonged to State Chemicals, in fact Simon and I borrowed it when we took Stephanie to the airport when she flew to America. I don’t believe I ever went in the Audi as a passenger or drove it

I would describe Simon as a smart dresser, he took care in what he wore. I cannot recall any one particular item that he used to wear. I have never lent Simon any of my clothes and I have never borrowed any of his, and with regards to my clothes I do not own many pairs of trousers and I only have one black pair which I purchased two months ago as I did not have them when Simon was around

My employment with State Chemicals ended in February of this year, I stayed on longer that some people, we were originally told the company was closing in January but I was asked to stay on till the end which was in February, I believe Simon also stayed on until February as well

Excerpts from Olivier Bon’s police witness statement dated 4th September 2002

Simon Hall told police on the 25th July 2002, as is evidenced by the record of interview (Pages 6 – 8) relating to his 5th interview of the day, that he had borrowed clothes to wear off of Olivier Bon.

It is not known if Olivier Bon told his sister Stephanie Bon about Simon meeting Laura T at Kings Night Club in Copford, Essex in mid to end of October 2001, when Simon was in ‘a relationship’ with his sister.

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