Barry George’s Memory

“I’d underestimated Barry; he knew his Bible better than I’d realised. Of course, he had been studying the Bible in readiness to take his Believer’s Baptism at the time the police arrested him.”

According to Michelle Diskin Bates, in her book “Stand Against Injustice, her brother Barry George was capable of studying the bible in readiness to take his “Believers Baptism” before he was arrested and had retained that knowledge for 8 years, yet incapable of murdering Jill Dando?

Jurors heard that George had an IQ of 75 – in the lowest 5% of the population. In memory and other tests, he came in the bottom 1% of the population.

He scored even lower, in the bottom 1%, in memory and “executive” tests, Kopelman added. These were “measures of his ability to plan and organise himself and to carry out or execute various things”.

Who knows Barry George best?

Who is misleading who?

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